A social media content creator is not an influencer in all fields

I've been wanting to talk about this but I haven't been daring enough to do so.
It's quite controversial and it's not something that most can relate to or agree on.
It's my POV as an individual, it is not intended to offend anybody.
I have to put a disclaimer out first.

I've been on the internet for about 14years now.
Not sure if blog was social media but I started blogging 14years ago.
Used to write bunch of meaningless crap and share pictures, almost everyday.
Internet was my best friend because I was lonely as a teen going through family issues.
I got entertainment, I got music, I got everything on it.
After that, I got started with blogging for a small agency, tapped into the blogging trend very early,
subsequently worked with Nuffnang -the pioneer in SEA.
I watched the whole 'social media' change.
Everything evolves, social media evolved, Facebook boomed, Twitter and Instagram came up.
I'm now a beauty content creator and music content creator online.
Our attention span gets shorter and shorter as an internet user.
Most people don't read blogs/articles anymore, not even captions.
They move on to videos but videos can be a lot for them too, hence Instagram story.
People don't even read captions anymore, they ask the same questions with answers in the captions.
All they do is send personal message stating "PM", pm what?

I honestly think that most of y'all got the influencer title wrong.
I'll focus on the scene in Malaysia only cuz I'm not international.

-Mostly signed with a company
-Big part of social life is controlled/restricted
-Earning is meh and at least a 40% cut will be given to company
-Usually has makeup artist and hairstylist for styling
-Usually has an assistant/manager ( maybe not for the Malaysian models )
-Filming is really really really not easy, it's tiring and draining
I think the perk here is that not much creativity/pitching work needed to be done themselves.

Blogger (almost non existent today)
-Plan/pitch what/how to write for a client
-Must have a lot of shit to talk about
-Must brainstorm ideas
-Take pictures
-Edit pictures, make the content more interesting
-Take videos
-Edit videos, make it more helpful
-Write, submit draft, amend draft
-Social life isn't controlled/restricted
-Earning can be good but a cut usually goes to agency
-One man show, usually doesn't have an assistant/manager
-Usually annoying to other half/friends cuz their assistance is crucial like
helping to get the right pic and all
-Do make up and hair themselves

Social Media Content Creator (includes Youtubers and Tiktokers)
-Plan/pitch projects
-A lot of creativity needed to excel
-Take pictures
-Edit pictures, make the content more interesting
-Take videos
-Edit videos, make it more helpful
-Social life isn't controlled/restricted
-Earning can be good but a cut usually goes to agency
-One man show, usually doesn't have an assistant/manager
-Usually annoying to other half/friends cuz their assistance is crucial like
helping to get the right pic and all
-Some hire part time photographer/videographer/video editor which can be costly
-Do make up and hair themselves

The one common thing that all above^ have is that they all show the good side of life.
The glamorous side of it all, don't be fooled thinking that glamour is all, it's not.

-Bill Gates
-Greta Thunberg

What inspired me to write this post:
-I saw Gal Gadot's clip of famous celebrities singing "Imagine" together.
She got slammed real bad cuz people think she's not doing enough for the covid-19 fiasco.
-A friend who unfollowed me (no hard feelings btw) as she wrote an article about not seeing a point supporting "influencers".
I did tell her that I read prejudice and she told me that I should write about my POV someday.
-I watched Jenn interviewing Jane just now, saw a comment saying
"hi Jenn, what are influencers doing for covid19 other that doing live videos"
The question was more sarcastic than this, I forgot the exact words.
Fucking stupid, really, LOL.
Then what are you doing for covid19 sitting here and watching this live video?

Coming back to my trigger points, lol.
Gal Gadot isn't even an influencer to begin with, she is a movie star, a celebrity.
She might have a profession/career other than what she's known for, a movie star but
all I know of her is for she's an entertainer.
She acts as Wonder Woman in my fav DC movies.
So what do you expect her to do?
Her main priority, I think, is to provide entertainment for us, that's what she excels at.
Yes, I do get that celebrities get to quarantine in their mansion with pool and gym+
What do you want them to do? Sell the house and feed other people?
Will you do that if you were Gal Gadot?
I wish I'm Gal Gadot and I live in a mansion too but...hopefully next life, haha.

Then, about a photographer whom I consider a friend.
She once helped me on a watch campaign shoot, that's how I got to know her.
I offered to pay her for her service but she refused to accept, I'm grateful for her art and help.
(In the end, I didn't get paid for this campaign as the European agency that engaged me,
filed for something like bankruptcy, they refused to pay influencers for the past year
but will pay influencers for the following year, the company is still in business
and they got away without paying bla bla bla.
I didn't pursue.
Cuz how? Hire a lawyer?
Cuz why? To popular misjudgment that I'm just an influencer who posted two pictures.)
Anyway, just to tell you one of the struggles I faced, I ended up not getting paid .
Lucky enough, my cost wasn't high for this one as my photographer didn't charge me.
So yeh, she wrote an article about how influencers are toxic, how much they get paid+
(I reckon) based on working with an "influencer" who I also know.
I meant, no doubt, there are people who do easy work but if a client is willing to invest
without understanding how the whole thing works.
She is not the one to be blamed, she's not at fault, she just got lucky.

Sidenote: If you ask me do pretty girls get lucky?
I personally think some do, I meant, everything is possible in this world.
Sometimes I look at Kendall Jenner, I be like fuck how can she be so perfect.
I'm so envious but I'm not jealous.
I'm envious cuz I wish I'm pretty in my own way.
Jealous is like thinking that she doesn't deserve a pretty face, fame, wonderful treatment.
That's jealousy, jealousy is the toxin, "influencers" are not the toxin.
She's a model to begin with, I follow her for her pretty face and body.
I don't follow her for her views on global warming.

She talked about how clients/influencers are selling lipsticks like
"I wear this colour, I feel bold"
IMO, why not?
Like, really, why not?
We are all about feminism nowadays, equality, confidence.
Yes, it is oversold but if a girl feels bold wearing a red lipstick, you go girl.
Cuz I genuinely feel that putting ono a lip colour is going to make me feel better.
Bare lips seem pale to me, I put on some lip colour to look better for myself.
Maybe I'm just shallow but I'm not doing anything bad to anyone.

It is just a lipstick...

Yet, if you don't think a lipstick can fix anything, get off beauty content medium
which she did, she unfollowed all the Malaysian influencers.
I sincerely feel good for her that she's bold enough to walk away from what seems toxic to her.
Everyone is just different, I'm not going to force her, she can have her own opinion.
Whereas for me, I don't think I'll walk away from social media,
I love beauty content and it's not toxic to me :)

Social media content creators are PAID to create content for clients.
Yep, a guideline/a brief is given.
Basically, marketing.
The question about honest or dishonest review, it is unnecessary for debate.
Say one day, a client went for an advertising company to shoot a fine video about a car.
They sure as hell made the car look damn good, they're paid to do so.
Is it dishonest?
Say one day, a client went for social media content creators to shoot a fine video about a car.
They sure as hell made the car look damn good, they're paid to do so.
Is it dishonest?
Paid social media content is merely marketing.
We, as customer, can decide what to buy and what not to buy.

Choose your medium, the things you want to see/learn/look/read online.

I heard craps like these "influencers" feeding audience toxin.
One said her mind convinced herself that
following a hot girl who has nice body on Instagram makes her think that she will have that body
and she subconsciously hopes for the hot body without herself even knowing
and it is damaging to her confidence+

Wait what? If you want a hot body, you work for it, hit the gym.
Even if you think you want that body but it's actually not what you want.
Then, tell yourself you don't need that body.
Yeh, this sounds confusing but it's a lot of self-work and self-communication.
What do you really want? What do you want to achieve?

A responsible "influencer" will put out content she deems fit.
( I get that there are the irresponsible ones, oh well )
An audience gets to pick what they wanna see/learn/look/read.
You can turn away from content you don't want to see.
If you're looking for deeper, intellectual content, get off Instagram and Facebook.
People don't go on Instagram and Facebook to check the weather.
"Influencers" are not made to provide ALL the useful and right information.
Even Google and Wikipedia get it wrong sometimes.
Instagram and Facebook are becoming more informative but..
they are still social media apps = entertainment.

Expectation is sky high for "influencers" when they're not even real influencers.
A real influencer is like Obama, he's smart and more experienced than most of the people
in the world to begin with.
I know there are many more world leaders like Bill Gates+, Obama is an easy example.
Even with Bill Gates, real influencer and philanthropist, still getting resented by people everyday.
The heck, you want to go to Gal Gadot and ask her to solve world poverty problem?
Social media isn't for you then, go on netflix (not sponsored lol), watch the Bill Gates documentary.
How he funded and helped the poor to build toilets.
I think he also funded scientists and found a cure for polio.
He was already looking for a universal vaccine for flu before this pandemic happened.
Quit Instagram and Facebook, subscribe to Netflix maybe,
the media you want is on Netflix in this case.

Some people seem to think that "influencers" MUST do more for EVERYONE.
For audience, for clients, for businesses, for ah gong, for ah ma, for kampung, everyone.
So many businesses have approached me to do free advertising.
I did help some but I didn't help some because who is going to help me? - I'm not asking for help,
I'm not doing ok but I'm ok :) and I'm grateful, I pray for everything to go back on track.
4 months worth of campaigns have been cancelled, I don't live on a fixed payroll.
No basics with my car loan, house loan, living expenses still on going,
got tax to pay just like everyone.
I'm not complaining because I have a roof over my head, I have food, 
I have time to go on app and sing karaoke.
I'm extremely grateful for comfort but I worked/work for it too.
Everyone works for their own comfort.
Everyone is affected.
I'm happy and thankful with our government helping people in need.
I also feel sorry for people who don't get enough help but please hang in there.
I have a friend who owns an event company, zero project since January and
he pays for 44staffs, but car loan, house loan, living expenses still on going,
got tax to pay just like everyone.
I also have another friend, he pays for 300 staffs and he's not collecting rent from his tenants for a month but car loan, house loan, living expenses still on going, got tax to pay just like everyone.
He's doing better in life but it doesn't mean he's not affected.
What he could do to give back is to feed 300 staffs and not collecting rent for a month.
Did he do enough tho? Did he not do enough just cuz he's richer?
I have a friend this, I have a friend that.
Everyone is affected, it's cliche but we are all in this together.
With or without the pandemic, life is already not easy.
Why so much negativity on social media?
Instead of blaming others for not doing well enough,
perhaps we can be better ourselves/for ourselves/for the world.
Do our best, try our best.
Do not disregard other people's pain just because theirs are not as bad as yours.

I said in a podcast before, I'm scared of the term "influencer" because it is widely misused.
Maybe we can start labelling the "influencers" as social media content creators
to avoid misconception and to manage expectation.
Social media started off as an entertainment.
People go on to kill time, to have a laugh, to be entertained.
Why are some people expecting social media to become Google or Wikipedia?

"hi Jenn, what are influencers doing for covid19 other that doing live videos"
She's doing exactly what she has to do at the moment, live videos, videos, pictures, content.
Are you sick of covid19 content on social media? Too much?
It means "influencers" are doing the right thing, doing their job, spreading the word.
Making related content in creative ways to make you realize something you didn't realize before or
to entertain you, so you'll be good staying at home.
The whole social media is flooded with covid19 content.
Still not good enough?
Then, complain, want to see something other than covid19 related stuff.
Then, ok, start making other content.
Then, get slammed for carrying on normal life and not giving a shit about covid19, lol lol lol.

If I'm a beauty influencer, of course I'm going to influence on beauty products, right?
You sure you want me to share about my political view? You sure?
If I am a famous, handsome barista on Instagram, I got huge following,
must I come out with the solution for mask shortage and sanitizer shortage?
If one really cares about the community/youth, follow Syed Saddiq on Instagram then,
why follow handsome barista?
I can assure you that you do not want people who don't know shit to
start talking about important things.
This world will be chaotic with that.
Heard what Vanessa Hudgens said about covid19?
I'm not saying that "influencers" get a "ignorant" pass for not talking about important stuff.
A social media content creator who has a high number of following=has influence.
I get it, I hear you but let me tell you why I get defensive whenever  I hear
"use your influence wisely, use your influence somewhere useful".
I'm sure all the influential people do talk about important issues.
For example : Australian bushfire, being more eco friendly, covid19 awareness++
Chris Hemsworth (Thor) donated more money to bushfire than billionaire Jeff Bezos did.
Then, Jeff Bezos got slammed for not donating enough, LOL.
What is enough? Chris Hemsworth is Australian and he lives in Australia.
Of course, this affected him more as it's closer to heart right?
It's great to me that both donated.
Some models got slammed for being more affected with the Notre Dame fire.
They got love for Paris because I think many models got their big break at Paris Fashion Week.
As long as "influencers" are responsible enough to share social message.
Please don't have anything bad to say because even if they don't share, it doesn't mean they're wrong.
Ethics and obligations are two different things.
Everyone is a hypocrite, you're giving shit to influencers who use straws.
Are you totally plastic free? Plastic use is inevitable in this century but
what we can do is that everyone cuts down on the usage on plastic everyday.
That influencer might have used a straw today but she didn't use any plastic bags today.
It's also useless if just ONE influencer goes plastic free, one can only do that much.
We need everyone to work together.

Young content creators usually have young audience.
Saw a content creator who's also a medical staff smiling and doing tiktok dance about covid19 deaths.
I meant, I personally think that it was insensitive and I'm older, I don't belong to her young audience category, I can't really relate but it doesn't mean I'm 100% right.
I meant when i say young, it's like below 18 young.
Her young audience didn't find it insensitive.
For me, I'm like -this shit insensitive tho, no hate, but I'm outa here.
See, you can choose what you want to see/learn/look/read.
She got slammed quite bad and she removed the video really quickly.
Don't be so harsh, a reminder is welcomed but condemnation is unnecessary.
Yes, we do need to take care of the youngsters' mind and not pollute them but
everyone has to work together to achieve that goal.
-"Influencers" are responsible to create somewhat appropriate content.
-Parents need to watch their kids.
-App ops/policies should be more strict.
Cuz the below 18s aren't gonna be interested to read my blog post you know, hahaha.
I'm pretty sure I would love tiktok if I was 16.

There are many other platforms for different purposes.
Social media platforms are popular but it doesn't mean they're the only platform.
Choose your medium wisely.

Social media did take its toll on me.
I don't remember myself being an unconfident person before internet world.
Before internet, I wore specs, I dressed boyish, make up free, I still thought I was pretty, lol lol.
I used to share a lot on social media without limits.
Then, I learnt to not have too many opinions cuz whatever you do online, it stays on forever.

It's scary how everything can be offensive to someone.

Literally everything can be offensive.

I'm better, I'm quite confident nowadays haha but I don't blame social media at all.
I love social media, it's a big part of my life :)

Most people become more sensible as they grow.
My audience has grown with me too.
Please be most people, please be sensible.
This world will be a better place.
Humanity will be better.

It's a great time to rethink and reflect.
Don't get drifted away.
I know that more media content creators will feel and relate more to this blog post.
Some will not understand and misunderstand what I said.
All I'm trying to say that we are always encouraging positivity.
I hope we attract more positivity, it's time for negativity to go.

Please read it with an open mind, I'm not saying I'm all right.
Thank you for reading this with an open mind.
That's the nicest thing you can do for me.


  1. hello Daphne! I'm 16 and I'm reading this at almost 5AM cuz I couldn't sleep lol thank you for this blog, it shows me a new and clearer perspective in my life. really support everthing you say in this blog.stay safe, stay healthy, stay home <3

  2. Good read. Thanks for sharing .

  3. i know where this post coming from, also know the people mentioned here. disappointed to say daphne you have paint 'that photographer friend' unfair when you keep taking her words out of the context. for ppl who want to see the original trigger post, here you go https://medium.com/@9hoursofsenses/why-i-unfollow-famous-influencers-on-ig-49c68c180307 go ahead and read and really think

    1. The trigger post just seems so much more logical. I feel like as a person who knows that he/she can reach to a large audience, he/she holds the responsibility to convey wisdom or even advertisements properly. I remember vividly that one of her clique members actually said: “ oh this product is good bc Hailey Bieber uses it”. Where’s the responsibility in this statement? If you know that you are capable of influencing a mass audience, then you should be able to elaborate on what’s so good about it instead of shoving stuff like this to your followers. Consequently? People will just buy it bc they wanna be like you/Hailey Bieber. Whatever it is. If you want to defend yourself, go ahead but from my point of view even though u deem yourself as a content creator, you hold the power too in social media. So let’s not push the responsibility away saying that you’re not part of this eh?

  4. Never really knew that some ppl can have this kind of misjudgement for quite some time already. I’m glad I came across this. Shoutout to everyone to be a wise audience. Pls don’t stop writing! Love reading ur blog :))))

  5. There r literally people dying now and people are actually ranting about how they should be called content creators but not influencers :D

    1. There are literally people dying now and you are sitting/eating at home :D

    2. I’m pretty sure we all have to be at home right now because of the MCO? Why is Daphne talking as if she’s doing humanity a favor with this blogpost? Unfortunately for ‘normal’ people like us, we don’t have a large platform/following like you do. AND it’s currently the weekdays. You probably don’t know this but we still need to work or study. Sorry for not having the luxury or time to post pictures of myself in sport bras or videos of myself working out or publishing a blogpost explaining why I’m not an influencer when I’m clearly a SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER. Your blogpost really shows how ignorant you are towards major issues like COVID-19. No one is asking you to donate thousands or hundred thousands ringgit. I think all we want is some “wokeness” from you.

  6. First of all, I do agree on the part where you mentioned that the word (influencer) is often misused as I personally do think that way as well. But I think it’s very unnecessary when you get defensive when people say “use your influence wisely, use you influence somewhere useful.”. in my opinion, this basically means that do what you REALLY think it’s right instead for the sake of money or fame. Let me just use your example again by using this sentence, if a beauty content creator knows brand A is not effective, he or she should not choose to advertise the product because that individual itself knows it is a bad product/overpriced. The thing is, most of us are not agreeing on people who have a lot of followers on social media should be called as influencers, I’ve personally just unfollowed a Malaysia girl because of her complaining about her husband for not treating her well when it is just a small issue. (not gonna say who it is, if you know you know). Hence, this is why people say use your influence well. You have a lot of followers, I’m not asking you to donate your house, I’m not asking you to be extremely positive every single day, i’m asking you to just be civilized, to be a human. It’s alright to be emo or sad but not every single fucking day. It’s alright to ask people to #stayathome but not every single day. One more thing Daphne, if you choose to be yourself, understand that there will be naysayers no matter what. When you choose to write something that will trigger people, understand that there will be people not agreeing, defending their points, or even unfollow you. Please don’t get me wrong, there are a few points that I definitely agree on what you are saying, but please, it’s not just influencers that are receiving all these shit. People like us, office workers to students are receiving shits as well, the only difference is that yours come from comments, ours come straight from people’s mouth. And you know why does that happen? Listen to Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life. Kudos to you for being brave on writing this blog. I hope you do not get me wrong, what you wrote was quite right, but I just wanna let you understand why people are being like this.

  7. Read the whole thing. Well written. It's impossible to satisfy everyone so just be yourself:) I like your contents and your personality, jiayou!

  8. Simple explanation here to people who don't get her point in this post. Daphne and her group of friends are beauty content creator. I follow their IG because I like to see them wearing nice clothes/shoes/accessories (branded or not) and sharing beauty tips on make up/skin care/fitness etc.. If I spot on something nice, then I will go to do more research on that product on my own, whether the ingredient suits me or not etc.. Their job is "selling" a product. They are like the TV except with more personality and they showcase more on their private life like their family and friends. But still, know their job first.

    You don't go to McDonald's advertisement company and be like "Oi, people dying here why you still sell burger and ayam goreng.." Right? Or go to TVB "Hello, Covid 19 lehhh why you still air drama or travel shows?" Because you already get used to these platforms, understand their job so you don't make a fuss. But you don't know is TV commercial and content creator are the same. It's marketing and selling product. If they make their follower wanting to buy the product, then their job is done. Simple.

    For those who questioned what content creator are doing to contribute during this difficult time, my answer as a follower is their daily posts and lives! I believe there are followers like me, I am working at home, my 8am - 7pm is packed with conference call, meetings and financial plans to save our business after this pandemic, trust me I have heard enough of Covid-19 and the last thing I want to see on my IG is this damn Rona. I feel so sad to see such comment on Jenn's post. I follow her because of her craziness and I love it. You have not imagine how relieve or stress free it is for me when I watch her live because that one hour is when Rona can leave me alone and I can laugh for a bit. Same goes to Daphne, Jane or Bellakuan. These people are putting effort on putting up content for people like us who appreciate a platform that able to let us escape from Rona for a short time. If you feel that they don't do enough, maybe you should be a responsible follower and get to know who you are following and expect the right things from them. You guys are acting like the person who suspect herself pregnant who goes to the dentist but then blame the dentist for not doing any checking on her. So please, if you want to see more of Covid 19, IG is the dentist, go to your Gynae which is Bernama/CNN/BBC instead.

  9. One thing for sure. While extending from own interest/hobby as a blogger, social media content creator has the absolute opportunity to grab the ability to influence the public at the same time, compare to non-social media content creator. If not, the advertising agencies look for them for what? But out of all the bad n good things that the audience see in these influencers, the main obstacle of the content creators is the amount of effort that they need to put to pull their audience back to focus on the positivity that they try to create out from their work. This is the real homework of a social media content creator. Something more than just the content and the pretty photos.

    Ga yao la. While it’s a norm for office ppl to get scolded by bosses on the work they think they did right, it seems like this is the same norm for social media content creators. Office ppl may only need to face the hard comments from less than 5 bosses, but social media content creators need to face from thousands of social media users.

  10. I don't even know, Daphne. I've been following since Wretch days, i am same age as you, and you and Jane were popular already in high school. From blogger days to IG, a lot have changed. Honestly, there are times when I really wish to unfollow you too because it's always unboxing this and that, or about certain products. It's all very materialistic, but of course I know it was materialistic in the beginning even back in high school with all the japanese trends but just not as severe as revcent years. I know I have the right to choose what to consume and just walk away from your content if I don't like it, but after so many years...there is this connection, friendship and loyalty there. But seeing what you really think in this post, it hurts how I see you. You put in clear perspective that you are a social media content creator not an influencer with social responsibility. Don't you think that is too shallow and not very mature? I mean, we do grow up together in a way but for me any many people my age...we grow to care about what we can bring to the society. Especially you have a huge following, you have that influence truly, tho you don't want it or think so. It is not just about these label, what are you as a human in this world? like Jane, she is more than a social media creator/influence, she sees herself an entrepreneur too. From learning about her work on Chuck's, i also feel inspired to grow into something. Like if an engineer believes that he should only do enginerring work and care about nothing else, there will be less good contribution to the world. Even worse when he's a well reputable engineer (like you with good following), if he's not using it right, so wasteful right? I think it's time for me to move on from following you too, since I have to be responsible to what i want to see online too. You have your trigger here, and I have mine. I found out about the photographer's ig from your post, and she posted something on this topic awhile ago. I guess you must be talking about her, and i wish to just include her writing here and her IG but from reading her content, i know she wouldn't like this kind of drama. All i have to say is, if you really understand her perspective in the post and also her common sharing, you will not be like this offended by her. She is not bashing influencers as toxic, she is bashing the influencers who do not bring integrity to followers. It's not that you have to talk about global warming like she does, but the live shows you mentioned are all very informatial and good for followers to absorp too. It's from Bellakuan that i am motivated to cook more and be nice for myself, from yipingteo that i am motivated to push my body, from jane that i am motivated to never stop a day from exercising, from jenn for everything because she really cares about her followers and what we can see, learn and also enjoy from her crazy creativity. Social media content creator is not just working for marketing and business, we followers are why you get paid in the first place. Think of us too is all I can say.

    1. I'm sorry that I've hurt your feelings but I did not mean that famous people on internet have no social responsibility, I'm trying to use my influence to tell people that we ALL have shared social responsibility (including famous people on instagram). I didn't name names or was I offended, I'm triggered to explain a pov most dont see. The long winded post had you misunderstood the point, that a famous engineer( your example ) has the social responsibility to share about covid19 awareness but he/she won't be able to give medical advice because it's not his field of expertise. So what is expected of him/her to do other than carrying on with his/her normal life? About my social media content, I'm open and willing to learn more of what my audience would like to see in the future, thanks for the constructive feedback.

    2. Thanks for taking your time to reply me, really appreciate it after all these years of support and as a fan. But I want to clarify that my engineer example is like this: if the engineer is super good... smart (like the same good like you have big following), if he only do what brings him money and fame, what a waste right? He is only really good if he also care about the world, and find some solutions to make the world better for real. Covid is not the only problem we have in this world and keep bringing it to discuss is not gonna helpful to think the life after covid. My point is about social media influencer or creator or whatever you want to label, is just a human behind. What make a good human? How to become and also influence other to be good human?

  11. i think it’s only fair that i re-share thé article that Daphne was referring to


    read this and then you may proceed to read Daphne’s post for a second time.

    Daphne, you’ve completely missed the point of what the author of this article was trying to articulate.

    a side by side comparison of both articles is needed i reckon but in my honest opinion the article on Medium makes more sense and is well thought out with valid supporting facts/points to back up her arguments. very good read, i meant the article on Medium lol.

  12. I don’t understand why so many ppl who reads this post can’t get the point, strange. Could be the norm in social media now, ppl just read until the line that didnt suit their opinion and immediately skip the rest of the article/paragraph and do whatever interpretation they want, either that OR, the command of language is perhaps low?

    Anyway, well said and just do whatever you deem suitable and right.

    1. Can't get the point or her point is wrong to get in the first place? You think this long rant has good command of language, so high until people couldn't get it? What a joke, it is so low and easily understand but the thought conclusion is just fucked up, thats the problem with this long ass rant

  13. Hello your post definitely draws an union amongst content creators and influencers which is how i came across your post really. I believe and in agreement with ur thoughts on how both terms have been socially misunderstood but either way we name it i also believe theres a level of “influence “ in particular those who have significant amt of followers such as u and jane or jenn. Tobacco or alcohol brands are banned from advertising in Msia bcoz of what country refers as “responsible marketing” and i believe all forms of marketing as u call urs, should more or less contain some sort of responsibility. Yes people dont nit to hear about politics from a beauty guru ,your passion on singing or creating contents is smth people choose to like or unfollow, but how you worded about the photographer and companies not paying u seem quite contradictory to what u mention these group of profession is very much misunderstood. Every job has its risks but you made your point by justifying so strongly on that. Also Not pin pointing but i happened to be in the livechat that u mentioned on the comment you so oppose (jenn is my fav) and to be honestly fair having been in that chat, it wasnt as sarcastic or offensive as u may have worded it. Its even more surprising that noone including jenn or jane felt the intensity or level of offense of that question u referred to. Vaguely remembering bcoz i feel its relevant, If i were to really interpret the question it was something along the lines of “apart from live stories what are influencers doin for those in need?” Which tbh i would be interested to know what are the things which their followers are not aware U are doing and not doing live story about? Also with the mco when everything is so confined I believe the person was merely asking for ideas and not intentionally barging to livechat for attack. It would be stupid knowing fans of jenn or jane (they hav massive fanbase) will be in there to re-attack when attack is sensed no? Which is y i think we shd give benefit of doubt to him/her.
    I respect your blogpost but it coils down to my initial point that everyone has their own social responsibility, and in particular for one like yourself even celebrities or companies are binded by CSR or “inclined to do more” . It is not a fair world and every profession has its pros n cons. This is no exception. If an influencers hates being one or if social content creator hates being labelled as influencers, then either ignore or just suck it up and prove it

  14. Just testing as i Posted smth but its not in the comment.

  15. Man I wanted to get your point but your English was so bad I had to stop reading

  16. Writing is not up to professional standard but grammar is fine at least. It’s my first time coming across malaysian influencer who writes. I can’t relate but it’s good to see the other side. Read and go.

  17. The only things I've learned from this article are contradiction, passive aggressiveness and self entitlement. Stop trying so hard to defend yourself and act like you're all about 'oh its just IMO read it with an open mind yada yada' & when there's one slightly negative comment, u immediately retaliate sarcasm :) I mean, what are you trying to prove here?

    If you do not want to hold any sort of responsibility, don't even be socially active online. Simple as that. Stop being so sore about every little thing.

  18. There was once time u were asking your followers about their assumptions of you. I commented that you gained popularity because of Jane Chuck(clearly an example of an assumption). You replied me with a sarcastic remark and restricted my profile from commenting. And now you write this post tryna be sound righteous and all. Says alot about u huh.

  19. 长气 可是还好

  20. Tbh many influencers almost everyone I follow repost this and agree. I read it becos Dennis yin posted. I think maybe they got their struggle lah and cannot say publicly. Don’t see it as complain lah.

  21. Resending the comment because it didn’t go through or she didn’t approve it (you want to have your opinion? We can have ours, be fair if can’t be smart lol)

    My gf who WAS a fan sent me this. lol the followers/readers can think...write better than the blogger. Another point to why we shouldn’t even follow these good for nothing influencers!! Beauty can only go this far! There are too many point in this article are just so illogical and wtf. Like Obama is the real influencer? Bill Gates is the real influencer? Everyone is nowadays, halo? Obama was the POTUS, he never set out to be an influencer just like you. He just so happened to be very good in his job, and also do more than his job which gain people’s respect and admiration. Bill Gates too, he’s a coder but believe he has more to offer to this world once he gained the power through being rich and successful. So don’t go all self righteous and think that you are not influencer once you label you are not. Trash this label to a bin and start to think of value for yourself as ___whatever you want to call lah har.

    And stop calling people to leave Insta plz? It’s a place for normal people like us (even without much following) to connect with friends too, meet new people, and see what kind of inspirations we can get. You think we really stupid to look for ‘intellectual’ news like they weather’ (like you put it) on Insta? Like many pointed out in the comments, we sure don’t expect sharing knowledge or this and that. At least be good in your own skin that is useful to everyone. And also don’t see it as if when followers asked what contributions you making as influencers, us followers are just attacking and doing nothing to help. So arrogance and shallow in mind, just wth. The person who asked that might’ve donated money too, he/she might just curious why you are ok to buy Gucci this and that but when many people are suffering in M’sia during MCO, nth? isn’t it good that ur followers at least expect smth good out of you? Dont be so negative and irresponsible lol

  22. I dont see the point in most comments here. 黑人问号 Yea then anyone with many followers/ supporters can be influencers too. Including those KOLs too? I mean come on ppl! -.- This way, ur Instagram following list is just made up of influencers (other than friends and family) and non-influencers (friends and family). And this makes sense?

    1. Lol this comment is trying so hard to defend her but so irrelevant. The thing is, anyone who gives good influence(despite the labels and whatnot) is enough. Everybody holds some sort of responsibilty when u decided to show it to the online world. So pls think, before u blindly defend this 'content creator' that u worship.

  23. Ya actually she’s not saying influencers don’t have social responsibilities. She is urging everyone to have social responsibilities. I see some people with 300000k followers but do weird videos n recently the popular mugshot challenge. I don’t understand but if we don’t watch it as entertainment, famous then can be influencer, then what they try to teach young’s people. Do bad thing n do mug shot? There is grey area. It is contradicting because she explain as someone with followings and also an internet user.


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