My fitness journey

Look at the way I stand, I put all weight on my right leg (mirrored).

Let's talk fitness today.
I actually made a video about it.
Ya'll didn't watch right? Cuz ya'll think it's ads right? LOL.
It's actually a summary of my fitness journey but of course,
the video production is sponsored by my gym.
It's sponsored but it's not an ads, lol watch it :

Here I go, an elaborated history, lol.
I'll repeat again, I had never passed 40kg before Fit Kingdom fitness (my gym).

Before 23 years old, before fitness, I was just extremely skinny.
I think I maintain 18kg throughout primary school, lol.
My primary school is on top of a hill, I'm not kidding, it's legit on a hill.
It's not walkable, you need a car to travel up to the school.
Cars could only stop at the main hall, 300flights of stairs below school ground area.
300flights of stairs to school ground, then another 3 floors to reach my class.
I was that kinda teacher's pet, I used to bring 3 big, full dictionaries (Malay, English, Mandarin).
Screw that shit, we couldn't leave our dictionaries in school because
we had to share desks with afternoon class.
Bla bla, Chinese school was tough man.
Those trolley school bags never worked for me cuz I had to climb stairs.
I looked back and dayum, I weighed 18kg and I carried bag and books heavier than me.

People always tell me I have a hunch back since primary school.
I didn't care. When you're small/young, you really don't care about consequences.
The thing is I WASN'T IN ANY PAIN, I guess it's just not here yet.
My back and waist get tired easily, so I slouch a lot to make myself comfortable.
My muscles also do their thing to make me comfortable,
so I developed imbalance/uneven muscles all over my body.
Years went by, I developed a S-shape scoliosis.
It's not normal scoliosis, my spine is internally rotated.
Not sure if you understood but it's supposed to cause me pain.
Wild enough, I don't feel shit yet, maybe cuz I'm still young huhu.
My muscles got used to my daily habits and postures that they
self adjusted out of proportion, like how I put all my weight on my right leg whenever I stand.
I have a slanted shoulder and a slanted pelvic.
My left shoulder is higher than right shoulder while
my right pelvic is higher than right pelvic.

23 years old+
I started working out at home, following fitness influencers on YouTube.
The exercises worked cuz I only wanted obvious abs, a nice waistline (very shallow lol).
I knew nothing about toning, muscles ++
I dirty bulk all my life, I tried few types of weight gainers.
They ALL taste like shit.
I meant, they don't taste like shit but it's very hard to drink.

Then, I signed up with Fit Kingdom's personal training programme.
I wanted to challenge myself for 3 months-until Jane's destination wedding in Mykonos.

I drank this shake for more than three months.
It's not hard to drink but it's bland.
It's easy, so I made sure I got enough calories in the morning to build muscle.

Moment of truth of 3 months of hard work.
My period came the day before, my stomach was actually very bloated.
My friends were worried cuz my stomach was hella big, lol.
Juwei took like 1000 pictures here for me just to find those abs.
They be cheering : suck it in Daph, harder! Harder!
This is what happens when your friends work out and have perfect body, smh.
After this, I was like I'm done with eating clean(er).

I pushed myself a lot in the gym, I lifted very heavy for my weight.
My personal trainer, Shawn was very worried about my back.
He bugged me to consult a physiotherapist.
He asked me to do it since day one but I thought I didn't need it.
Then, I did, I did xray, I saw chiropractor and physiotherapist to fix my problem.
Spent quite a fair bit cuz they are very expensive.
I'm still doing physio almost every week.

1. Don't slouch, when your mama tells you to sit right, you sit right and sit straight.

2. Try to stand with two legs, exert pressure on both legs instead of just one.
It sounds silly right, what do I mean by standing with two legs, everyone does.
Look in the mirror, you'll know if you're standing right.
(Refer to my first picture of this blog post.)

3. Learn how to engage your core.

This is what I didn't know, I just blindly follow youtube videos without knowing which
muscle to activate.
When you start engaging your core, every exercise is more effective with engaged core.

4. Hire a private trainer to teach you the basics.
If long-term private lessons are too expensive for you, invest in one package.
One package probably gives you 10 sessions.
When you have a private trainer, tell them what you want to achieve.
They will design a workout plan for you to target different muscles.
Whenever they teach you a new workout, you note it down.
Don't even think that you'll remember, you won't, note down the movement, it'll be helpful.
Whenever they teach you a new workout, ask them what muscles you're working on.

5. Know your muscles.

How to get abs?
I think it's 70% clean diet 30% workout.
You can never lose the lower belly without eating clean.
That's what I think la, you can try.
I only have upper abs, it's almost impossible for me to get lower abs cuz
I can't give up fatty food :(
However, I cut down a lot on fatty food, adequate fat is good.
I don't want to forget to enjoy life by restricting myself on my diet.
Remember to work out for better health and to keep fit but
not starving yourself to achieve the body you see on Instagram.
Instagram pictures are deceiving, lol.

It's getting a lil too long.
So if you have any questions, you can ask me in the comment section.
Leave your email maybe, so you'll get a notification on my reply.
Hope you enjoyed my long-ass-blog post.

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