Eyelashes Care

My fringe is getting so long now.
Guess it's good for now, can cover my short lashes, haha.
I'm doing this eyelash-extension-"detox" thingy for now, lol.

So, yeh, I want to share about eyelashes care today.
I have pretty thick lashes *touchwood* but I realized that my newly grown ones are short :(
That's why I'm restraining myself from doing eyelash extension until
I start doing proper eyelash care, I'm a lil late but I think it's better than never.

Anyway, the first time I did eyelash extensions was about 10years back.
For fun, at Times Square, it was so bad, lol.
It was done unprofessionally with poor quality lash and glue.
Until 3 years ago, I started going to 176avenue's Lash and Polish to get my nails done.
The lash guru, Peggy convinced me to try eyelash extension again.
I was reluctant at first but I got addicted after the first try, lol.
I think I've been getting eyelash extension almost every other month for three years now.
Eyelash extension makes life really really easy, especially for girls who wear makeup everyday.
I used to wear makeup a lot, until 2019 I got so sick of it haha.
Thank goodness for the natural look trend, I hardly wear makeup now.
I don't even do my eyeliner when I got my eyelash extension done.
I only go for Camellia eyelash extension cuz it's light and natural.
They also last longer.

Do your eyelashes fall off with eyelash extension done?
Our eyelashes fall regardlessly and they will grow again. 

How do you remove your eye makeup?
I switch between Bobbi Brown, Kiehl's, and Biore.
I think we're not supposed to use oil-based make up remover but I don't really care about 
my extensions falling, I care more about hygiene and cleanliness.
I make sure that I get all the makeup off my face.

I last got my eyelash extension done before CNY for my Switzerland trip.
I decided to take a rest, like a long rest, I hope I can make it lah.
I took my extensions off and tried eyelash treatment at 176avenue.

My real lashes with mascara on, not too bad.

This is actually a pre-eyelash extension treatment.
People do this treatment before having their extensions off.
It's RM168 per session but they are doing a promo now - RM99, ya'll can try it out.
It was my first time trying, I was a little nervous, lol.
They roll serum on your eyelashes with a ball-like pen attached to a machine.
I was told that the serum is imported and expensive.
The eyelashes get stimulated for better serum absorption.
The rolling went on for 10minutes each eye.
The timer goes off and it's done.

Earlier that day, I bought Talika's Lipocils Expert from Ken's Apothecary.
Can you feel my determination on eyelash care? Lol.
This product is a eyelash serum for growth, pigmentation and curviness.
It's recommended by a friend, I'm supposed to use it day and night for 30days to see result. 
It's RM209 at Ken's but they're doing this Lovely Lashes pack for RM239.

It comes with a lash conditioning cleanser for eyes.
It soothes and softens, also removes mascara.
So, I just bought this pack cuz it's RM30 more only.

3 days after with mascara.
Bottom lashes are fine but the upper lashes are short and non-curvy :(

Anyway, I can't wait to get back to eyelash extension cuz
I think I look prettier with long eyelash extensions T_T
Make sure to care for your natural eyelashes!
You can actually still use eyelash serum with extensions on.
I'm sure that there are many other brands that make eyelash serum.
Don't be lazy to find an effective one! :D

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