2020 - I wanna be positivity

Rambling thoughts every night when I try to sleep.
It's exhausting.
I don't know how I made it through years without blogging, without expressing my babbles.
I lost my motivation because I feel words are not being appreciated anymore.
Everything is so "instant", people don't even read captions, moreover, a blog post?
I hope I get a hang of tiktok soon you know, it seems fun but still a lil too vain for me.
I tried vlogging but nah, I can't talk to the camera but I'll still do videos for travel++
Blogging is still the thing for me.
I wish I can bring blogging back, like making it a trend again.
Words are compelling, words have depths.
Pictures speak a million words but words have more depths than pictures.
 Blog-reading should be a trend again.
Missinggggggggg the blog era, reading blog was actually "trendy".

It's a little too late for resolution but I'll start with that because 
this is my first post of 2020

Used to list out more materialistic goals I wanted like
get my own car, get my own house, go to this country/that country++
To be fair, maybe I've achieved more things as I grow,
there's literally no material things I chase after for now.
I meant, maybe upgrading my car? Sounds nice, lol but nah...
I hope my fashion accessories brand, Aivy will launch its new collection asap.
Everything has been delayed because of festive months before and then, the coronavirus.
Let us all pray for world peace, hope this goes away asap and everything can resume to normal.

2020 Resolution
I want to be positivity.
I don't want to just be positive.
I want to be positivity.
I want people to see me and instantly feel great and pumped about themselves.
I want to be that energy.

I've always given people the emotional/depression/blue/sentimental/negative impression.
I was always timid, I meant I still am, I am timid, hesitant, unconfident.
I don't wanna be timid anymore, it's annoying how unconfident I am sometimes.
There are so many "what if" in my head, all the time.
That explains my sleeping problems, lol.

What's yours?
What do you wish to read on blog? HMU!


  1. I love to read your blog! Plz do it more often ❤️

  2. I love to read your blog! your words; the way your express! Plz do it more and more! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Can’t wait for more blog posts from you, you are so amazing and beautiful. 😍

  4. Love reading your blog ❤️ You actually inspired me

  5. I am actually inspired by your words�� tbh I am actually very timid too I hope I can be brave and more confident on doing everything.

  6. Please do blogging more, always loving and waiting for your wordings.

  7. Please do it more! I enjoy reading your blog <3


  9. Hi Daphne, love to read your blog. Is so hard to have such genuine blog post nowadays. Do blog more. You had inspired me to update my blog again.


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