Si Xin Ta Di 死心塌地

Shout out to Ashley Lau for the dope cover art!

I've disappeared for quite some time.
I didn't even write about my music release, I don't know why.
I think I have been taking Instagram as the sole media platform to do everything.
It has been a month since I released my first ever original track - Si Xin Ta Di 死心塌地.
I guess if you're my blog reader, you'd have already known through Instagram.

I've pretty much explained the whole process on Instagram stories (if you read).
I hardly write Chinese songs, I've written a few English songs that never see the day.
They are amateur work, not good enough haha.
Kang Er has been persistent on persuading me to release original music.
So, the other day, I listened to a bunch of demos, more than 20.
The song "你" by Faye An got my attention with the line "死心塌地 卻不死心"
which I decided that, it is the essence of the song.
I took this song, kept this line and re-wrote the lyrics for the song
to make it more relevant and more personal to me.
Then, Kang Er gave me lotsa freedom and let me decide on the genre, the rhythm, the beat.
He's a great producer, a brilliant executor for my ideas.
I have lotsa crazy ideas and I know what I want but I'm a bad executor.
I told him what to do, what beat to use, what instruments to use.
He spent a lot of time in the studio editing instruments and all to achieve the sound I want.
I'm one picky, particular person ( as described by Kang Er, lol)

Here are some popular questions:

What's the inspiration behind this song?
: I just want to write songs that are relatable to people who might have experienced
the same thing, I want to let them know that they're not alone.

Was this song about someone?
Quoting John Mayer- 
"When 'Paper Doll' came out, 100-percent of the people believed it was about somebody...But the song was not about that person and I could never tell anybody, 'That's not true,' because then I would be breaking my rule that songwriters don't say who the songs are about or not about."
: I've never dated anyone for more than 2years in the past, lol.

How does your boyfriend feel about this song?
: He's extremely supportive of my music career, so glad that he's so proud of me.

When will you release new music?
: I want to wrap Si Xin Ta Di up before I start on the second song.
So, I'm producing a music video to wrap it up.
I've written the lyrics for the second song.

How do you do it without a record label?
: I invested in myself, mostly on the music video, one of the biggest thing I've ever done.
Also with a lot of help and then sharing profit (if any) with Kang Er and Faye.
Lotsa support from my friends and social media (all of you).
I wish I could get more support on radios as it's important but it's ok, go with the flow(不強求).

Will you be interested to sign with a record label?
: I'm interested because without money/investment, it's really hard to do things.
It's hard to achieve what I want but as long as I persevere, nothing is impossible.
Who knows, I might make my own record label.

Why did it take so long to release your music video?
: TBH, I didn't expect such a good result from my song release.
I was just doing it cuz I only know I need to keep moving.
All my life, I just keep going, keep moving on.
I often just do it for the sake of doing it.
My low self-confidence doesn't help as I always delay doing things I want to do.
Thank you all for the support and confidence, I really need them.
Then, I decided that I had to make a proper music video to have something to look back
at when I'm old, an achievement.
It's a little slow but best believed I'm trying my best.

I can't wait to reveal the whole team.
I can't wait to give credits.
I can't wait to thank my friends, casts, sponsors involved.
I can't wait for y'all to see it.
I can only blog about it after, please stay tuned.

Music video of Si Xin Ta Di 死心塌地 dropping

15 August 2019


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  1. Hello Daphne! Would you be releasing the English translation for your song?


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