Jane's engaged!

I was thinking if I should blog about my India trip first or about my bestie getting proposed first.
I know that most of you want to read about what I want to say.
Jane just blogged about it and asked me to proofread before publishing, lol.
She always seems to be so chilled out but she cares a lot deep down.
She likes to keep it short and simple while I'm the essay writer.
So, I guess I'll give you a longer version of the marriage proposal.
I'm not gonna lay it too detailed because I want to save it for my MOH speech, haha!

First things first,
I knew he was gonna do it this year but I thought he would do it in London end of this year.
England is the first country they traveled to together.
It really caught me off guard, caught 個屁, 人家被求婚, 還是我被求婚啊 哈哈
I asked Hanpin why not London and he told me London would be too predictable.
He just really wanted to surprise Jane cuz Jane is smart af.
They said girls have "sixth sense", Jane probably has like "seventh sense", lol.

Hanpin, Leng and Brian planned this India trip knowing that
Jane and I both really wanted to see Taj Mahal.
I woke up one day, I was put into a Jaipur group chat.
They just bought my ticket, I didn't really have a say.
Me being me, I don't like to plan trips because
I don't like to be blamed when things go wrong, lol.
I was just like, ok, y'all settle it, I'll pay.
I also gave up a job for this trip, I was contemplating, thank goodness I didn't ditch this trip.

Ok, fast forward to the dinner.
Y'all saw my instastories of Mandy and me dancing in the bathroom right?
I had a glass of gin and tonic, Mandy had wine, then we had 3 full/big whisky shots each.
Mandy and I were having too much fun, we actually told the rest to goto dinner first.
We were late to THAT dinner, lol.
Smudged make up, messy hair, we were dressed down.
Dinner was done and I asked Hanpin to get the bill cuz Mandy and I couldn't wait to drink more, lol.
The waiters started putting spoons on our table, I was like huh did we order dessert?
Brian was like, yeh they're complimentary.
Then, I saw Jane's seat had an extra knife.
I wondered why but I didn't ask, lol.

Then, it came the platter with dessert on it, followed by a platter with a ring box on it.
I saw the second platter coming before Jane noticed it.
I covered my mouth, I was like "ho shit, hohhhhhh shit, oh my God..." (very softly)
At this point, the dessert had all Jane's attention, lol, this fei mui zai.
I took my phone up and slowly moved away ( I was sitting next to her ) 慢慢飄走 in shock
Jane was still trying to read that "will you marry me" on her dessert.
She was very puzzled, then she saw the ring, she started crying.
Ahhh, that's it, when I saw her crying, I ugly-cried.
Even typing this down, my eyes get wet, lol.
I don't know why Jane got proposed to but all our friends are more interested in my reaction.
I was actually a little offended that I knew nothing about this.
I was like what if I missed this India trip..?
These people only cared about my hysterical reaction and poke fun at me =,=

I think that's about it.
I'm not gonna go all mushy, I want to save it for her wedding.
I am very very very happy for Jane and Hanpin.
I'm extremely excited and I'm glad that I've watched them grow since day one.
How they started, how they fight through odds...
Ok, enough, or I'm gonna write my whole MOH speech here, lol.
I can't wait for the hen's night, the ROM, the wedding.
After the wedding and all, I can't wait for them to start making a mini Ma or a mini Jane.

I wish for your happiness forever, J. and HP, lol.

28.09.2018 Hanpin & Jane engaged


  1. Reading thru the post I can definetly feel how important Jane is to you. This is definetely a #friendshipgoals hehe I knw ur turn wouldn’t be that soon but I really can’t wait when it’s ur turn one day. 💓

  2. This is so sweet! & your friendship is really a goal

  3. Jane有你这闺蜜 什么都值了 还有很快也会到你辛福的����

  4. I teared immediately after reading T_T

  5. Even so this was so last year but , What a friendship GOALS more like FAMILY Goals dy T_T Okay I really cried reading this but belated congrats


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