Got a purpose like JB?

I finally got back from New York.
It was tiring, I thought I'd knock out as soon as I got home.
Maybe I just feel a little lonely now, or just stressed out thinking about my schedule.
The following week is pretty jam packed before another trip.
Well, it's a great thing but it still lacks a "purpose" to me.
Why are we so busy?
What are we busy for?
Is there anything or anyone to come home to?
Ya, car loan, house loan, mortgage, lol lol.
Ok it's not that sad for me but I kinda missed my nephew.
I came back to an empty house cuz my mum and my nephew are out shopping, lol.
I was flipping through videos on the plane to realize that I 
have so many videos of my loved ones, of people I treasure dearly.
I record a lot because I think I'm afraid of losing.
I want to have all these good memories saved up, so I won't forget.
I have a video of my nephew showing me how he had learn to brush his teeth 
right after I came home from a work trip, he was tiny *aunty cry*
I watched the movie "Goodbye Christopher Robin" on the plane.
I thought it was a jolly movie but unexpectedly, it made me weep like a......
That movie is giving me all that "feels" now.
Guess this is just a reminder for y'all to always remember to look around you.
Don't get caught up in doing things you're "supposed" to do and
forget about the "purpose" your doing it for.
Once you lose something/someone through losing time, you won't get it back
because you just can't turn back time.

Just need to emphasise that it's very lucky to have someone to come home to,
To have someone who'd miss you, who'd caress you, who'd buy you fries etc.
I'm craving for fries now, preferably with hot gravy.
I can't wait for the day when someone feels that way about me too, to come home to me.
At that time, I'll be waiting to give him the warmest hug, like I always do :)

Anyway, I wanted to do an album review cuz
I struck up a conversation with an immigration officer at the airport.
He was like "you into rap? hip hop? watchu think about kamikaze?"
It was an interesting chat but I'm kinda sleepy now.
Too much emotions used up there lol^^^
Till next time!

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