Nova is home

Everyone is very curious about what happened to my dog, Nova.

One Monday morning, my boyfriend found her in the bathroom.
She refused to come out of the bathroom to eat.
Then, he realized that she couldn't really walk.
Her back legs were weak, she was dragging her back legs when she walked.
(I was flying back from Guangzhou.)
My boyfriend brought her to her vet.
Vet said she had limb paralysis.
It could be her running too fast, hitting on something/she slipped and sprained her legs.
I looked up online and I find that limb paralysis isn't uncommon.
From what we understood, it wasn't very serious, it could be just a temporary paralysis. 
Acupuncture and physiotherapy can help.
The vet advised to bring her home to rest for 3days.
Come back to do acupuncture if she's still not well in 3 days.

10pm, I reached home and we kept her in the room that whole day
as we wanted to confine her in a smaller space.
She didn't sleep all night, she couldn't sleep.
I didn't sleep all night, woke up a few times to put her to sleep.
She also peed in five puddles and pooped twice, I woke up to clean. 
Note: She peed and pooped on her own.

5am, I decided to carry her back to her usual spot (downstairs), 
hoping she would at least get some sleep.
She peed herself when I carried her.
She refused to eat her dog food for the whole day.
I cooked chicken breast and hand-fed her, she only had some.
I called her vet and asked if I could bring her back for a x-ray.
The clinic isn't equipped with a x-ray machine.
The nurse said "but doctor advised to bring her back tomorrow".
Ok, my boyfriend and I tried to stay patient because we're not doctors.

We couldn't stand it anymore.
I sent her to the hospital.
When I carried her into my car, she peed herself again.
The pet owners called her cute for her sitting this way.
She was actually in pain, she couldn't sit right.

The doctor checked her reflexes and all.
I told him everything, everything that happened from day one,
what meds and antibiotics she was on++
She peed herself again when doctor was checking on her reflexes.
Then, she did x-ray.
They don't see any fractures or cracks, spine looks fine.
I was told that the joints, the gaps look normal too.
Doctor pointed out that she had a huge bladder and
they should help her to release her bladder first.
I was told to admit her and give them time to observe. 
He did mention about a MRI but he didn't think it was necessary.
Ok, cool, then I left the hospital to work.

I was told that they helped to release her bladder and she was on drip.
My boyfriend then went to the hospital after I left.
We took turn to see her.

Nova is usually very very very active, she's an American Bully.
She was born strong and energetic.
She lost it all that day, she was the worst on Thursday.
She wasn't excited to see me, she didn't want to look at me.
She just sat there, in a weird way, sad.

I didn't know what to do, I got so anxious.
She was on drip. No improvement on her legs,
they told me they were going to ask a neurologist to have a look.
I was asking my boyfriend if we should change to another hospital.
I had never been to a pet hospital before this.
It's very busy, they seemed understaffed, the first day I sent Nova in.
I waited 90 minutes to see the doctor (it's normal at a busy hospital).
I sent Nova to the hospital because there are people to watch her 24/7.
The hospital is also well equipped.
We were doubting that Nova was getting the best treatment at that time. 
Yet, I guess the options are pretty limited in Malaysia.
This is a very famous(the best, I heard) pet hospital in KL.
I asked the doctor for answers.
He told me he doesn't do magic, he needed more time.
Well, it was understandable that I only sent her there for a day, so I budged.
I left, my boyfriend came after me to check on her.

7am, I got a text from the doctor, saying this

So, we got another doctor, a female doctor at this stage.
1pm, my boyfriend went to the hospital.
He told the doctor to do a blood test immediately.

Guess what guys?
I sent my dog in for leg problem but she got a ruptured bladder.

My boyfriend had to leave for a meeting.
2pm, the doctor called me and said Nova got a ruptured bladder,
she needed surgery and asked for my consent.
The blood test showed that there was urine in her body =
bladder ruptured, urine leaked into abdomen.
Fluid built up in her abdomen.
They had to do surgery to drain fluid out and repair her bladder.
The rain was heavy and I was stuck in traffic jam.
I told her to do the surgery over the phone because Nova needed the surgery immediately.
She said that I should come to see her first because
the risk was high to put her under anaesthesia as her body was already very weak.
My boyfriend rushed back after meeting.
We touched her and told her she would feel better after surgery.
There she went, 3-hour surgery, closing up+cleaning up took another hour.
We waited for more than four hours.
When nova came out, she was shaking, she was shivering, reawlly badly
I couldn't hold my tears, shit, what just happened to my poor little girl.
She didn't make a sound, she was just shaking.
They put blankets over her and used hairdryer to blow hot air at her.

There were 2 tubes inside of her now.
Bladder was repaired but doctor did say something like
it wasn't a healthy bladder, the rupturing might have happened even before Wednesday.
I was thinking no? When I sent her in on Wednesday, there was no ruptured bladder?
A blood test should be done or it was done everyday to make sure she was ok.
The bladder probably ruptured on Friday morning.
I expected her to be monitored closely?
We received a call from the first doctor at 9pm, explaining
every medical step they took to examine her, explaining that this was a complication.
I don't even know.
I'm not saying that it was the hospital's negligence.
It is a complication but I do wonder if it could have been prevented/avoided.

I can't even remember the whole thing anymore.
There was bad news everyday.
Suspecting her bladder leaking again because there was still fluid inside of her.
Suspecting that she couldn't pee on her own.
Tests after tests, scans after scans, frustration everyday.
I lost track on the days.
Then, they found that nova had bacterial infection.
Her abdomen was having a bad inflammation because the urine 
that leaked into the abdomen had bacteria in it.
They had to do a culture test.
The test takes at least five days to find out what bacteria it is and
to prescribe the right antibiotic to TRY to kill the bacteria.
If the antibiotic fails to kill the bacteria, they have to go in and "wash" her abdomen =
another surgery.

My boyfriend was outstation for four days.
We had to do video call, lol.

I was there when she had her fluid tube removed.
It must have been painful, she was crying.
I had to hide in a corner so she wouldn't cry for me :(

We waited and waited, one step at a time.
Whatever she needed, we gave it to her.
Day five after the test was sent, result still wasn't out which means that
the bacteria is quite potent, it needed more than 5 days to be incubated, to be grown.
Thank goodness, day six, it came back.
There were two types of bacteria found in her.
One is sensitive to the antibiotic they had been feeding her.
One is a potent that even the hospital doesn't have the antibiotic.
The antibiotic costs RM115 per shot and she needed 10shots.
It can't be fed orally, she needed it through nerve/infusion.
(I don't know what is the right medical term.)
So, she had to stay for another 10 days to complete the antibiotic infusion.

Day by day, she got stronger.
I started to see my girl's soul again.

About 18days later, we finally brought her home.
Her walk is still not as steady as before.
I still don't know what happened to her legs.
It was most probably a spine stroke that caused the temporary paralysis.
This complication caused us mental stress, physical stress and financial strain.

I want to thank the doctors and nurses who helped save my dog's life.
I'll not disclose hospital's name or doctor's name.
If you follow me close enough on instagram, you should know which hospital
because I've tagged the hospital a few times on insta stories.
I do not blame any doctor or the hospital.
Their negligence or this is genuinely a rare complication, I don't care anymore.
We're happy that it's over, she's home and healthy again.

All and all, I was very sad that this happened to Nova
because she's only 18 months old.
She's a puppy. I'm sad and sorry that this happened to her.

Advice I want to give?
Do not get a pet if you can't be financially responsible for it/him/her.
Do not get a pet if you're not going to go the distance for it/him/her.
Your pet can't tell you what's happening/what happened to them.
To find out, you need to go the distance.
I'll add on when I think of something else, lol.

My brain is fried now.
I need to sleep. Good night.


  1. luckily Nova is alright now! Thanks God. She's lucky enough to have you as her family :)

  2. Almost cried :'( God bless nova, everything will be alright :)

  3. Nova is a brave dog,everything will be okay. Appreciate every moment that you spend with nova.Stay strong nova and rest well daphne! The amount of love you gave towards nova have show social an example of a responsible dog owner,god bless you always!

  4. I actually teared up when I was reading this. I can literally feel you when you mentioned you were anxious. My dog had an operation too last year. She became very active all of a sudden and everything seemed abnormal. We were really worried when we saw yellow discharge from her vagina. We sent her to the hospital, the doctor did some tests and told us she had bacterial infection in her womb. Her womb had to be removed for her to survive. She did the operation on that day itself and stayed at the hospital for just one night. It was already long enough to make me worried, not to mention about Nova's situation. Nova is a strong girl! You are too. I'm glad she home now. Get well soon, Nova. :)

  5. Hi Daphne, I have been following your stories to keep track on how’s Nova doing. I sent my dog to the same hospital two years ago when he diagnosed with a genetic disease to have excessive water in his brain that affect his neurons and then eyesight. Unfortunate thing was I’m not from KL so I have been sending my dog to vets in my neighbourhood and they couldn’t give me any answers until I sent my dog there for MRI. He was only 2.5yo that time and he didn’t survive at last but we never regret of sending her to the hospital. The only regret thing is we should have found the hospital earlier and hopefully we can save his live. You’re really lucky to have Nova back to home now, and I wish Nova speedy recovery and get well soon.

  6. It's so hard for me to see these photos because I've also been there 3 years ago - the anxiety, the fear, the tears, the sleepless nights and countless prayers. We sent him to this hospital for a third opinion on his condition as the first two gave us conflicting views. He eventually left us at 13 y.o and like the above commenter, we never regretted sending him there. One of the doctors is my ex-classmate so she made the whole experience a little easier on us up to the day when we decided to let him go (although it is never easy losing a pet who is more like family after all these years). So, so relieved to hear Nova is back home and doing well. Nova is blessed to have you as family.

  7. You can go to gasing vet next time. It’s a well equipped vet.

  8. This post made me cry. Thank you for writing this blogpost. I can totally feel how sad and terrified you and your boyfriend were. thank god she's all fine now .


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