Eternal Love

I'm not a mother but I feel like I've been parenting my nephew
because we have a close relationship, we live together as his parents work away from home.
I used to live freely and need not to worry about domestic chores because
my mother sorts everything out for me.
I didn't understand the importance of a good mattress until
my mum started complaining that she got a backache from her sleep.
The older I grow, the more involved I get with domestic chores/matters.
I have come to the age/stage where I get worried if my mother is sleeping good
or if my nephew is getting the "right" sleep for healthy growth.
My nephew sleeps late for a 6-year-old and it makes me worried that
he doesn't get enough sleep.

Recently I’m looking for new mattress and finally I tried the new
Goodnite Statfree® Love Series – Eternal Love
I've never thought that I would crave good sleep that badly until
life happened, age happened, adulthood happened.
More responsibilities, more wearies, less sleep.
I have slept on different hotel beds while I travel and work in different countries.
Nothing beats the Goodnite mattress I have at home.
Now it's even better with another new Goodnite mattress.

The mattress that I picked out of the Statfree®  Love Series Mattress is called 
Eternal Love.
 What a sweet name.
My first impression of Eternal Love -
I don't think I'd ever seen such a thick and solid mattress before this.
It looks solid but it's actually moderately soft to sleep on.
I always go for the medium soft range.
Yet, it's not too soft with its poised firmness that's great for spinal care.
 Eternal Love is furnished with top quality memory foam that contours to our body
for stress relieving comfort.
Heard of the Princess and the Pea story?
I think I won't be able to feel the pea with Eternal Love laid on top of it.

We can relax and enjoy the precision and control that flex to
our unique shape to help provide personalized back support.
Its ultimate 5 Zone Encased Coil System do helps to
minimize partner disturbance to ensure a good night sleep.

My mum and I often read my nephew bedtime stories (:

Delightful sleep with accurate pressure point relief.

Let's talk about the anti-static sleep system.
It sounds very geeky but I read up about it.
Eternal Love is woven with carbon thread which is as thin as hair to discharge body static.
It's scientifically proven to extract electron and eliminate body static effectively.
This Belgium technology draws harmful static electricity and neutralizes them into the air.
Long lasting, reduce voltage difference and bring you sweet sleep.

Sometimes when you're over exhausted and you don't get your quality sleep.
Now, Goodnite's Statfree® Love Series will help you to say goodbye to static shocks.
Can't wait to enjoy all the parks that Eternal Love is to offer.
Free from static, headache, sleeping problems and bounce back from fatigue quickly.
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