Stomach problem?

I have bad eating habits.
My meal times are irregular and
I chow down food without proper biting when I'm hungry.
Lucky and unlucky, I've only experienced gastric pain once but
I do often experience heartburn.
I also like to take supper and go right to bed.
That's another bad habit and it causes acid reflux.
The chest pain makes it hard for me to go to sleep and I'm worried
that my oesophagus will be hurt.

My manager knows I have heartburn problem so she asked if
I want to try NuvaPine A.
After understanding that NuvaPine A is a proven natural healing agent for the tummy,
I decided to give it a try.

NuvaPine A contains the active ingredient Bioeffective® A.
This pine needle extract has been in used since before world war LL starting in Russia.
Today NuvaPineA is made in Australian.
A very well researched product, NuvaPineA is proven natural healing
substance for troubled tummies including gastritis,
acid reflux, GERD, H.pylori infection and stomach ulcers.
Nature is awesome huh?
I take two capsules (160mg) each time before meals.
3 times a day.

You can also try a double dosage -320mg with double strength.

Bioeffective® A has been shown to be a powerful tummy healing agent.
This is what I understand what the product does.
Bioeffective A helps to heal areas in the stomach damaged by gastritis,
neutralise gas build-up and helps repair the tummy lining
so acid stays in the tummy as it should.
None of these reflux problems then.
I've been more health conscious ever since cancer killed my father.
I've learnt to not take my body for granted.

It's sensitive to write about supplement.
Not every product suits everyone in the world but if you have
gastric problem or heartburn problem, you can try NuvaPine A.
Consult a pharmacist/doctor at Guardian or Caring Pharmacy.

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