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I was delighted to be invited to MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Daily Fruit Goodness roadshow
in Johor Bahru as I missed the previous ones in Ipoh and Cheras
because I wasn't in Malaysia.
Thank goodness that I made it to the last roadshow of the year. 
It was only a day trip but I enjoyed it to the fullest.
Got to meet the ambassador of MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH, Lisa Surihani.
Played interesting games like the Stacking Game, Mini Golf, Xbox Fruit Ninja, Balance The Scale+
It was also great to learn more about the importance of consuming fruits and fruit juices
 as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Cute little red apple tent for mini golf.

My record was 8 bottles out of 12, lol.

MARIGOLD is relevant to my life and I'm a long-time consumer of MARIGOLD.
I often get questions about keeping fit.
My diet isn't "clean" but I still try hard to achieve a healthier diet.
I take oats every morning, I never miss oats.
After oats, I'll take juice, I do not have time to blend fresh fruit juice.
I also do not have time to cut fruits up to be eaten.
I mean, I do have time but to be honest, I'm just lazy.
I won't take the effort to do that, I like things fast and convenient.
So, I opt for MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH juices.
Other than juices, I take Vitagen quite often and 
I mix MARIGOLD milk with my protein shake after gym.
These are my tiny efforts to a healthier diet everyday.

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH is Malaysia’s No.1 Pasteurized Fruit Juice brand.
All MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH juices are fortified with Vitamins A,C, E and antioxidants.
The range comes in 9 flavours:
Orange, Apple, Tropical Mango, Guava, Pink Guava,
Mixed Carrot Fruits, Mixed Apple Aloe Vera, Mixed White Grape Aloe Vera, 
and Mixed Blackcurrant Cranberry. 
There is also a MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH No Sugar Added range with 6 flavours:
Orange, Apple, Mixed Kale & Veggie, Mixed Powerberries, Mixed Powerveggies & Fruit,
and Mixed Fruit & Mangosteen.  

Come and pick your favourite.


  My favorites are Mixed Apple Aloe Vera and Mixed White Grape Aloe Vera.
My mum loves Mixed Carrot Fruits and she always tries to make me take more carrot.
My mum always says carrot is good for my eyes, lol.
I'm pretty sure your mum tells you the same thing too.
To be very honest with you, I'm not a huge fan of vegetable.
I'm extra picky when it comes to vegetable.
I never touched anything with celery or kale but it all changed after the roadshow.
I was educated to find that we need 2 servings of fruits everyday.
I was like "I don't even take fruits, everyday, lol"
Good that I take juice everyday, so I just have to keep that up and increase my juice intake.
Juices, fruits and vegetables are crucial for a balanced diet.
They come right after grains on the food pyramid.
We learn that at home, from parents, in school but most of us neglect the importance of it.

I was introduced to MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH’s newest flavour - 
Mixed Kale & Veggie
Yes, I know what you're thinking...
-No sugar added.
-Made from 100% juice
-With 17 veggies and fruits
-Ready-to-drink, ready-to-go, convenient

I uncapped it and I saw the green juice.
I was a little skeptical but it smelled good.
I took a sip, it tastes better than I expected.
It also has the sweetness from the fruits, it doesn't taste bland.
I flipped over the bottle and saw it containing kale, wheatgrass, celery, green pepper, gherkin,
lime, apple, orange, pineapple, beetroot, mango, guava, carrot, apricot, passionfruit, banana
and sauerkraut (I googled this, it's finely cut cabbage).

Healthy level +99, lol.
You know how parents tend to prettify and glamourizing bland food to
improve kids' appetite.
I'm also that kid who doesn't like vege but getting fed vege by drinking MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH No Sugar Added Mixed Kale & Veggie.
Healthy but fancy.

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