Hey shawty, it's my birthday

Let's talk about my birthday celebration.
Don't think I had ever blog about my birthday.
Last 2 years, Natalie planned a surprise party that made me cry a river.
I was broken and depressed at that time because.. I got my heart broken badly, lol.
(Glad I made it this far, looking back at my heart break depression, meh~ not worth it )
Last year, Jane threw me a Dior party, I was surprised but I didn't cry because
I wasn't that depressed anymore, lol x2.

So, I don't really care about planning birthday celebration but I have awesome friends,
they will always remind/encourage to plan a celebration.
The birthday girl gets to eat for free, friends will all chip in for the bill.
That's how we do it every year.

I want to emphasize on this :
Sometimes we get sponsorship but MOST of the time we pay our own bill.
*in case you think "bloggers" like to eat for free, well, at least not us.
I meant I won't mind eating for free but I won't force it.
We take it as a blessing if it's sponsored and we never go out looking for sponsorship.
Maybe I should touch on this to make people understand more.
I don't speak for all the social media influencers/bloggers but I speak for myself.
I****o Malaysia emailed me about a birthday gift.
I think most of my followers know that I'm a huge supporter of I****o Malaysia.
I eat I****o Malaysia so often that my friends are so sick of me and sometimes,
they don't want to dine with me because I always want to go to I****o Malaysia.
Tbh, I am a genuine fan, so I thought why not right?
I replied saying that I'll have 8 friends over, my usual girl gang.
The marketing manager told me I'm entitled to complimentary ramen + dessert + 
side dishes that she'll arrange.
So, I asked if it's going to be enough to cater 9 of us.
She said "of course, I****o Malaysia is good for sharing."

I told my friends beforehand no balloons, I don't need balloons.
In the end, Natalie still got me two big balloons from Looney Bloons.
I****o Malaysia marketing manager also got the room decorated with balloons.
She texted me and asked me to tag the balloon sponsor on my picture.
I was like............
1. I didn't ask for the balloons.
2. I know it's a nice gesture surprising me with balloons but not this way,
expecting me to tag the balloon sponsor.
It's my birthday but why make it complicated when I just want it simple?
3. Looney Bloons got me balloons.

Man, this is getting too long.
So yea, in the end, she called me and asked me to pay the bill.
They took out one ramen ( which was mine) and one side dish off the bill.
I was like...........
I paid it without hesitating though, cuz if I fight back,
people might have the misconception of "bloggers eating for free".
I should've asked to pay my ramen and that one side dish because
you know what? I didn't need the sponsorship but man, this is such a marketing failure.
My friends were furious about it, LOL.
It's not about the money, they actually wanted to bring me somewhere else and
host my birthday dinner somewhere else cuz they know I love western food too
 but I thought I****o Malaysia was being so nice, sorry guys!
Brian was the one who replied messages for me, he got so pissed, lol lol lol.
It all comes back to, I just wanna say that I'm not cheapskate.
I was thinking it's a nice gesture from I****o Malaysia
I wanted a low-key birthday, I didn't want my friends to spend and I love I****o Malaysia.
I went with it. It's not about the money, yall get what I meant?
It's about the "mental stress" I was put through.
My dress code was high school, colourful, kindergarten, t-shirt vibe.
Ok it's confusing but it's something casual.
I should've celebrated at A&W, that'd be cool, lol, why didn't I think of that?!
I didn't like the fact that some clients just assume that they can get us to tag whatever
or we have obligations just cuz they are sponsoring but I'm sorry not sorry.
One ramen + one dessert + one side dish they were offering for my influence power.
They took pictures of us for advertiesment purpose too.
What? Why would I do that? I'd rather pay for my ramen.
Unnecessary stress, people who get me will get it.
*I hope my bf doesn't read this because I didn't tell him about it, lol.
He would nag me so bad.

Anyway, yall must have seen the video of my ugly cry when
my friends surprised me with a pair of Roger Vivier, lol.
You know, with all the family issue going on, I didn't have the mood to celebrate.
I told them no balloons, small cake is enough cuz I still want to eat cake, cake is life.
They asked me what I wanted for birthday.
I said just buy milk powder for my dad because I don't need anything.
Jane objected to my idea saying that I should have something for myself.
It's once a year, they said.
I didn't ask for anything so I thought they'd buy me something after my birthday.
I was home that day, just to stay home with my parents because it was my birthday.
My dad kept making a fuss about getting a cake but I didn't want it.
It'd be sad because he can't eat ):
I was sad because he started feeling pain on his back.
Then, I still dressed up and got ready for my birthday dinner.
There was a mix feeling, I don't know why I cried.
I was happy, I was touched, I was emotional, I was unstable and...
the Roger Vivier heels are expensive, lol.
I love Roger Vivier.

I'm so glad to have friends like them.
They are amazeballs.
Thanks to my bf who brought me to have my favourite Oribe sushi.
Thanks to Jane, Ashley, Brian, Natalie, Liza, Leng Leng, Nana, Lisa for the love.
Thanks to Isabelle and Valerie for having the heart to join in the surprise. 
Thanks Ron and Fai for the crazy booze.
Thanks to Ivan for dinner at Flint and gifts.
Thanks to Abbie for the birthday dinner, I still owe you one. 
Thanks to 528 KX for the company.
Thank every single one of you who wished me.
ok, i'm sleepy, I'll insert pictures tomorrow, lol.


  1. I****o wrote to our event company and ask for sponsorship for the decoration of your party, and in the email they stated in return there would be many famous blogger will mentioned our company's name in their social media. Our company has rejected it as we think that based on the refenrce picture that ippudo sent to us, the cost is way beyond the value by just mention the name in ig. And we thought that the request was from you, which left a very bad impression and has become the gossip topic among our colleagues. Glad that we found out from your post what's the real story behind 😅


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