Botanist Review

My review for Botanist hair products is finally here.

Y’all got impatient sending me messages and asking about it when I teased it on my instastory.

I had to use it before writing this review, haha.

I tried the shampoo and treatment for 3 weeks now. 

First thing that got my attention is for it being Japanese-made.

I love Japanese-made products because Japanese-made products are known for their great quality.

What's more impressive? I subsequently find that they are botanical-based hair care products.

It's eco-friendly and biodegradable, meaning it's friendly to Earth.

Botanist products are made out of 90% water and natural plant-based ingredients

that is gentle to the hair and scalp and also silicone-free.

It works well for dry and itchy scalp, dandruff and odour.

My hair is damaged from all the colouring work I did.

I also bleached my hair thrice which is bad for my hair and scalp.

Just what a need, hair products that are gentle yet effective.

I'm a sucker for minimalist packaging.
The packaging of the products is so clean and sleek.
They can be fine decorative items to the bathroom.

The unique double fragrance is a nice refreshing combination!
The shampoo I'm trying is green apple + rose.
The apple + berry treatment that I'm trying is a sweeter blend to me.

 Shampoo's texture is more watery and runny but adequate amount is enough.
Small and smooth bubbles.
It cleanses and nourishes your hair without stripping necessary oil.

Almost dried.
Hair feeling nourished but light and airy at the same time.

Didn’t even have too comb it through while drying.

You can get Botanist products at all Malaysia’s Sephora stores / Sephora online.
Shampoos and treatments are RM78.00 each.
There are two ranges : Smooth and Moist.
More information on Botanist at their official site here!

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