Music Talk : ➗ Ed Sheeran's "Divide"

As you know that Ed Sheeran just dropped his new album, "Divide".
I'm such a fan girl when it comes to Ed Sheeran, lol.
Still, Imma write a very honest review, some Sheerios might get offended, sorry not sorry.

This album is going to sell, sell more, sell the most, breaking his record,
but his first album is still unbeatable thus far.
"Castle On The Hill" is not the usual genre of music he makes.
 first thought that it was about his home, Suffolk.
Then, I found that it is about his hometown, Framlingham which I'd never heard of before this.
Never been there, can't relate but it's his story, his childhood memory.
This song is so "country", definitely not the American country but British country.
I expected a lot more after "Castle On The Hill".

Then, "Shape Of You".
I know, it's catchy, I love it too, can't stop singing to it but when I first heard it,
I thought to myself "what happened?"
I remember I sang to Jane when we were getting our nails done.
I said "hey, check this, Ed Sheeran's new song, it's meant for Rihanna but still,
I don't think I like the lyrics HE's singing.
I sang to Jane "grab on my waist and put that body on me.
Come on now, follow my lead, come, come on now, follow my lead."
This was my facial expression to Jane : "Ed Sheeran is singing about putting that body on him."

Jane hit me back with a...


If you REALLY listen to Ed Sheeran, you should somehow feel that
"Shape Of You" is too shallow for Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran writes songs for other artistes too, he had Rihanna in mind when he wrote this song.
I feel like the Rihanna fans are going to kick me in the butt, let me finish...
I have to put a disclaimer that I love Rihanna a lot too, I would spend a lot to watch her concert.
I was upset because I missed her concert on the last trip to London.
I'm not saying that Rihanna is shallow for singing "putting that body on me".
Rihanna is fun, Rihanna is all about the great times, she a badass,
as you know she's known as badgalriri.
Her music is super upbeat, dance hip hop, club hits ++
I know she does good R&B, soul pop too, like "Unfaithful", "Love On The Brain", "Stay"+
but you see, she's more known for songs like "Work", "We Found Love", "Umbrella"+
It's just different genre and different style of music.
Ed Sheeran is known for writing love songs/songs about life with lotsa personal sentiments.
I would say that his music is deeper.

Every musician, every artiste is greedy.
Ed Sheeran wants to make different types of music.
He doesn't want to be restricted/categorized/constricted as the sentimental music maker.
You can already see the change through his second album "Multiply".
 I waited till midnight for the first single "Sing" featuring Pharrell Williams.
It's a good track, it's catchy, he wants people to get on the grooves.
"Sing" is the first single that he actually performed with a band.
Before that, it was just him on the stage.
Well, change is not all bad.
I told myself that we need to open our heart for changes.
(Btw, he replied to my message on facebook two years ago.
I commented that I'm from Malaysia and it's 3am I'm waiting for the track.
He was online replying to fans, he replied
"thanks for the dedication, daphne"
Waaaaaaa, I was so happy I couldn't sleep.)

Brit Awards is important for the Brit artistes.
He took the stage alone with just his guitar and a loop pedal at the 2015 award show.
For the new readers who haven't read my post about Ed Sheeran before.
What is a loop pedal?
Loop pedal records the sound of your instrument/your vocal.
Whatever you want to record, you press buttons with your foot.
Then, the recorded sound will replay on a beat/rhythm you set.
So, to be able to sing and record on the beat for a live performance is extremely difficult.
You need to mind on your vocal, the instrument you're playing, the lyrics, the rhythm,
different panels of the loop pedal to step on +++
Some artistes do this too but Ed Sheeran made loop pedal one of his "trademarks".
I admire him so much because I think he does wonders, he's too talented.

He played his guitar so passionately, his energy on stage was so raw and powerful.
Drum, vocal, guitar, bass, back up vocals, they were all done by him alone.
I was afraid that he would break the guitar.
That's the Ed Sheeran I'm super in love with.
Bloodstream is a complicated song, it's written with Rudimental.
It's a lot of drum and bass, a little bit of EDM, strong beat that is.
Ed Sheeran does it with just a guitar, how amazing.
Whether you know this song or not, watch this.

This year, he went on stage with a band, back up vocalists and he brought Stormzy.
 ( You guys should check Stormzy out if you love rap music.
My boyfriend played me a Stormzy track the other day and said he loves it.
I told him that I know about him because Ed Sheeran brought him on stage at the Brits. )
I'm trying to show you that Ed Sheeran changed.
Well, it's not a bad change but there is a significant change.
I thought to myself, imagine you're at an award show,
you'd want to get people grooving and dancing sometimes.
A song like "Shape Of You" can get people moving and
I guess it would be too dry if it was just him and his guitar again.
So, he tried something new with band, with some rap.
It's not the first time but he's making a bigger statement that
he's not just a love song writer.

 I know it's the same song but Imma stick with "Shape Of You" to make you love Ed Sheeran more.
Watch how he works the loop pedal if you still don't know how a loop pedal works.
Check Stormzy's performance too, I love his accent, pronunciation and the thickness of his voice.

If I'm a real musician, a real artiste, I won't be able to stick to just one genre.
I'm greedy too.
I love indie music, I love sentimental R&B, I love hip hop.
I also love rap music, I love to rap, you know?
Not to forget trap music, electro pop, a little bit of EDM.
Whatever it is, soul, folk, pop rock, a lot more.
I think I watched an interview about Ed Sheeran saying that
he wants to try making different genres of music.
"Divide" has different style of music.
Every song has a different style.
Some are so surprising, songs like "Bibia Be Ye Ye", "Barcelona", "Nancy Mulligan"
are something that Ed Sheeran hadn't tried before this.
Some songs you hear similarities.
"Eraser" has the taste of "You Need Me, I Don't Need You", "The Man".
"Supermarket Flowers" is so "Wake Me Up"-ish to me.
"What Do I Know?" is a little "Drunk"-ish.
"Perfect" is more "Thinking Out Loud" to me.

If I were to pick my favourite from this album, I'd do "Dive".
Or... "Save Myself"? "Perfect"? I can't pick.

I like to grow with artistes.
Hopefully, I'll still be able to relate to Ed Sheeran.
To relate to your favourite musician is important.
Every songwriter has stories to tell.
In the first album, he used to talk about teen heart break.
He talked about the struggle of taking the road to fame, the struggle before he got famous.
"You Need Me, I Don't Need You".
"A Team" was so deeeeeeeeeep.
He talked about wanting love. - "Give Me Love"
He talked about his friends losing a baby. - "Small Bump"
Forever my most favourite song in the whole wide world, super romantic. - "Kiss Me"

Second album.
He talked about his rumoured ex-girlfriend, Nina Nesbitt.
( Btw, Nina Nesbitt sings well, check her duet with Kodaline, dope. )
He named the song "Nina".
He wrote about cheating - "Don't"
He wrote romantic songs, more mature ones. - "Thinking Out Loud", "One", "Photograph"

Third album.
He's famous, he's successful, he has been on the road, he missed home.
He wrote so many songs about his hometown, his family, his lover during his one year break.
I can't really relate because I haven't been to "Barcelona", I didn't grow up in the UK.
"Castle On The Hill", there's no castle near my house, lol.
I don't know how it's like, I had an Asian upbringing, haha.
He is in a stable relationship with his girlfriend (what a lucky girl).
I think he wrote a lot about his current girlfriend in this album.
Especially the song "Hearts Don't Break Around Here".
I think it's meant for her, I think she healed his broken heart.
Somehow I feel that "Happier" is written with Ellie Goulding or his ex girlfriend in mind, lol.
"Happier" sounds extremely sad to me.

All of the above is my personal opinion and personal feelings about this album.
They are not based on any reports or interviews at all.
I just wrote it as a fan, as how I perceived the songs.
So, listen to the album yourself and judge for yourself.

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  1. Couldn't agree more on this statement.
    If you REALLY listen to Ed Sheeran, you should somehow feel that
    "Shape Of You" is too shallow for Ed Sheeran. Btw, it is still a great song


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