CNY 2017

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Give me all the money, thanks!

Chinese New Year is slightly different this year.
My family doesn't really do much on Chinese New Year.
This year is even more casual.
Reunion dinner is a must but my dad is sick.
He was home but he didn't join us for reunion dinner for the very first time
which is pretty upsetting.
Look at the bright side, I'm still glad that he was home with us.

First day of Chinese New Year, we used to go to my grandpa's (father's father) place.
He passed last year, so we didn't have anything to do
as my popo (mother's mum) was coming over to stay for the night.
My dad went to church in the morning, then I brought my family for a movie.
Then, I went to my boyfriend's place to wish his parents a happy new year.
Went to Jane's place at night (as usual), lol, I do this every year.
Guess what? We went to the club on the first day of CNY.
I haven't stepped into Zouk for so long, so so so long.

It's a lot of hospital trips on weekdays.
I spend my weekends with my boyfriend and friends but I haven't been drinking,
I haven't been going to Zouk.
Still, it's not that bad......
Sometimes we chill with friends, sometimes we just watch a movie,
sometimes we just hit the gym.
Not all bad but clubbing, once in a while, it's exciting.

I learnt the real meaning of reunion dinner.
A whole new level of learning, experience, comprehension and apperception of reunion dinner.
I always thought that I just have to be there for reunion dinner on CNY eve because
I have to be there, I cannot miss it because it's treadition.
Reunion dinner is more than that.
It makes me realize how lucky I am to have the whole family at the table.
It is a tradition but it is more than just a tradition.
It is a reminder for us to appreciate being lucky.

Having the presence of family members and loved ones.
Having food on the table.
We are all very lucky.

Still think it's nothing very special to feel lucky about?
 I thought of how to write this post but I can't put it into words now.
My dad can smell the food but he can't eat any solid food, imagine how hard is it.
He had to be away from a table of food just to suppress his craving for solid food.
Having the presence of family members and loved ones.
Having food on the table.
We are all very lucky.
 Do you get it better now?

God bless all of us.


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  2. Hi Daphne, probably you don't know about me but I really like your post! Especially when you are truthfully sharing to us about music or books! Love your sharing and tell you what, you are one of the reason I started to get to know Ed Sheeran more and his music. And love his album since the 1st till now. Thank you so much! xoxo Carson


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