Skinartesse at Rachel Chew Clinic

I want to talk about Rachel Chew clinic today.
I've been with this aesthetic clinic for two years now.
Rachel Chew clinic is known for their aesthetic treatment, skin laser, Cinderella facial+
To be honest, I only want and I only focus on Skinartesse treatment (aesthetic).
For other services, I only tried skin laser once at the clinic.
*touchwood* to say my skin is quite ok, it's just a little dry.
 I think I should start going for facial because I'm getting old.

What is Skinartesse treatment again?
Skinartesse treatment enhances your face as a whole/in overall.
What do I mean by as a whole?
Doctor Rachel will suggest and discuss with you what you need and what you don't.
She will give you the best advises but you get to decide after all.
Say, if I want to get my chin enhanced (my biggest concern has always been my chin).
If my chin doesn't need a lot of filler, doctor will suggest to fill up somewhere else,
like my nose, my lips or my temples.
So, the whole face, the overall look will be enhanced.
It makes your natural features stand out more, more 3D-like.
It's not a total face change but
an enhancement of your original look.
You just need to worry about the brand/the quality of the filler, just make sure it's good stuff.
There are so many fake fillers in the market.
Some are even mixed with cement-like substances.
Some clinics practice aesthetic service unethically by injecting filler with terrible quality.
 Be very careful on picking your aesthetic clinic.

Anyway, I do the full face Skinartesse once a year.
Some fillers last for 6months, some last for 12months.
Depending on your body, your tissue, your collagen too, some fillers last even longer.
The first time I did a full face fix was last year.
I have a sunken face because I'm very skinny.
The big fix was my chin because I needed a lot for the 3D shape.
Doctor pumped up my temples, my cheeks, my chin, my nose.
That was the first big fix to enhance my face features, a little here and there.

 Second big fix was a year after.
So when people say it's expensive to maintain when you start aesthetic treatment and
some people get addicted to it. 
I beg to differ.
To maintain it once a year, I think it's reasonable.
It's the price to pay for being prettier, there's a price to pay for beauty.
About getting addicted, it's personal choice to me.
Still, if you're not satisfied, you want more, that's your personal choice.
I don't think it's wrong to work hard to make yourself feel beautiful.
Of course, don't go too overboard with it, don't lose yourself.
I do go back to Rachel Chew clinic in between for touch ups and reviews too.

This year, my chin is maintained as usual.
I like the apple on the chin.
 As much as I don't want to be influenced by Kylie Jenner but I am, haha!
So, I got my lips pumped up for the first time.
It makes me feel sexy, haha!
I'm very happy with the result, still happy with it.
My lips look good with different shades of lip colour now.

Side profile.

The pictures are provided by Rachel Chew clinic over 2 years.

I dropped colour lens over the years, not completely because
sometimes I wear the daily ones when I feel like it.
Still, thanks for the confidence.
My lips don't look different here but trust me, they are significantly thicker in real life, haha!

My chin though.
The biggest enhancement and improvement of my whole face.

I really hated my chin 2 years ago.
It has the length but it didn't have a shape and it was slanted inwards.
It made me look like I didn't have a chin. 
Still, I was born like this and I think the dentist did more damage when I had my braces.
The dentist messed up my jaw.

  Don't get what I meant by my chin is slanted inwards, check the first picture.
Look at my chin, it's like I'm constantly biting on something and I can't close my mouth properly.
I need major surgery to completely fix my jaw which I will not do it.
Hence, aesthetic procedure is my saviour.
To be exact, Doctor Rachel is my saviour.

Not to forget my nose.
The bridge between my eyes and the nose tip, doctor pumped them a little higher.
Never go overboard with your nose, this is what Doctor Rachel always tells me.
Well, I got no objections because I'm very happy with her point of view.
I do not want to go overboard and lose myself.

 Chinese New Year is around the corner.
It's time! It's time!

D3-G4-8 . Publika, Solaris Dutamas 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1. 50480
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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