Only positivity

Hi, I know a lot of you are concerned about me.
I know I keep saying this but I'm going to say it again. 
Life still has to go on.
I'm holding up ok, positive.
I'm doing everything I can to make my dad better.
Been juggling between hospital trips, family, friends and work.
I wish to work more though cause I need money, the more the merrier.
It's true that money can't buy everything or can't buy happiness.
It's contradicting, money can do a lot.
Money can buy expertise, knowledge, skill.
Money can buy temporary happiness.
Sometimes, temporary is better than nothing.
When you're desperate, this is what you'll settle for.

I'm not going to write emotional stuff for a while.
I really need to keep the positive energy going.
Not gonna lie to myself, I'm not the most positive person in the world.
Still, I live to spread positivity and be the best influencer that I can be.
So, I'm going to keep writing.
Music is my therapy, I always say, music heals people.
Other than music, writing helps me a lot.
That's why I love writing about music, it's like a combination of my favourite things.
My friends never knew that I like writing.
Brian was shocked to hear that I'm writing a novel.
He's shocked about me wanting to be an author, he said he never knew that.
Jane knows better, Jane knows whatever I wanted, I want to do, I tell her everything anyway.
This mishap made me feel like my writing, my novel is a piece of shit.
The world suddenly shrunk, the things around me become so small and insignificant.
I felt like deleting all my manuscripts.
Everything feels shallow, what is a heartbreak when there's sickness, death.
It was so hard for me to accept life. I'm getting there.
Still, I want to emphasize that love is the fundamental thing of all.
I'm a good lover, I thought the boys taught me how to love but
my parents are the ones who taught how to love better, they made me a good lover because
I know how to love even better now.

The ring on his ring finger.

I don't produce the best literature but I will try to put my thoughts in my words.
I'm laying it all bare for people to see and perhaps, learn or gain something out of it.
I haven't been continuing writing my book but I'll keep blogging, staying true to the roots.
Let's write about happy stuff now.
I want to thank the people around.
I want to thank my mum for being such a great wife.
She showed me the true meaning of matrimony, "for better for worse".
Tbh, I feel drained, so drained, I barely get any sleep, I drive a lot, I use my brain a lot.
Especially when you're the alpha among the kids, 
relatives want to talk to you, family friends want to talk to you to know more.
I don't know how many times I had to repeat my painful experience.
My mother and I have been waking up early to do stuff.
If I say I barely get any sleep, I'd say that my mum doesn't get any sleep.
She's a superwoman.
She can still pack breakfast and lunch for me, she's God.
Keeping the house clean and all, she still does it well, I wonder how.
Dad loves Christmas, I woke up this morning, the Christmas tree is already there.
My mother, you're our saviour. 

 I want to thank my sister.
She's a very simple girl, she has a simple job, simple life.
She helps out whenever she's available (still needs the bread and butter, you know?).
She is the positive energy at home now.
Whenever she sees me with red eyes, she makes me laugh.
 She did not shed one tear in front of the family which is impressive.
The girls at home are all crybabies, we were all born like that.

I want to thank Jane.
Jane has been sensitive about the situation.
What I love about her is that she won't see me as fragile, she won't but
it doesn't mean she doesn't acknowledge my struggles.
She's there to just listen.
She gets me out of the house too but she won't force it.
She lets me still be Daphne.

 I want to thank every single follower/reader on Facebook, Instagram, my blog.
A lot have shared useful information, a lot. Very useful.
I even got referrals, I'm keeping them just in case I need to use them.
You guys are wonderful people, God bless all of you!
Thanks to all my friends who texted me, I'm sorry if I didn't reply or
sometimes I just stopped replying.
I get carried away with errands and sometimes, I just don't feel like talking.
Don't you worry, I read every email and I thank all of you sincerely.

I want to thank my man.
He has been extremely supportive.
Sometimes, I feel that he sees me more fragile now.
Ahhhhh, not really, he still teases me a lot.
Don't care if he reads this or not, doesn't matter.
I told him anyway, I told him not to look at me differently.
I might be slightly broken now but I'm not fragile.


  1. Stay strong Daphne...My mum is a stage 4 ovarian cancer patient..she is still fighting now...keep the positivity surround you...your love and support means a lot to ur daddy now..Will keep him in my prayer..nothing is impossible in God..hugs..

  2. Stay strong, I had gone through what you are going through now. But mine is worst, my cousin brother was diagnose with cancer at the age 30 and just left us within a month. A year before my sister met an accident and pass away in the year 2015 leaving a nephew and niece for us. I have to fly back from London to home and accept everything. I only manage to see her face last time in the coffin. It is really sad, but I learn to accept the reality. I learn to live my life to the fullest, I make sure my family are happy now and do whatever they wish to. Be positive about life, sometimes things will get better. Have faith. Cheer up.

  3. Stay strong Daphne...Hope your father get well soon! You're stronger than you know, Gambateh!!!

  4. Stay strong Daphne, you might look fragile but you aren't. You are stronger than anyone else. Just appreciate what you have right now. Earning money is important but the best way is to stay positive and spend more time with love one. Being human is part of our life but at least we live with no regrets. Do what you need to do!! Jia you!!

  5. Daphne, I know you feel better now, stronger than before, one things that i want to tell you is I am excited get to know you are writing novel, little fans must support goddess. I love your quote,"I might be slightly broken now but I'm not fragile." Wish to meet you in the future, your blog is fantastic.


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