MJ passed 7 years ago

I should be producing pieces but I haven’t been.
I guess I am just lazy, my bad.
There’s one new thing about me though.
I’m writing a book.
I like to tell stories, people always tell me that I should write a book.
I love reading novels, I like fictional stuff.
I used to read self-help stuff but I don’t anymore, I still prefer love stories, teen stuff.
Too much love to give, you see.
I’m excited about it, it’s just at the “experimental” stage now.
I don’t know if I’ll ever get published but I’m just going to do it anyway.
First, I gotta have the book, will only think about all that shit later on.
Please buy my book if I ever get published, lolllllllllllllllllll.
I'll be sure to not do fancy hard cover and price it as low as possible, like RM40? Lol.
I guess I'm no in a place where I can make decision, 
I don't even know what's the cost, the cut publishers get and all. 
The books I read are always priced at RM35-RM60.
If I succeed, I can finally be a true writer, an author that tells heart-wrenching stories.
That's the most important thing of all.
Thinking about it makes me feel good.
Don't want to give myself high hopes but some motivation will do.


I've been partying, I don't want to not do anything on weekends anymore.
To be honest, I feel old, I feel time is passing too fast.
This is random but Michael Jackson passed for 7 years.
It felt like he just passed last year.
Where did the 7 years go? Time is passing disgustingly fast.
It's slipping away, slipping faster than you even realize.
It might be a silly and childish thinking but I want to have all the fun.
I want to have all the fun, man, I'm at the quarter life crisis now.

I can be so random sometimes.
Look at my title man, I got inspired because MJ passed 7 years ago, like whut?
I was just telling Brian, Jane and Ashley about all this.
Where did my seven years go? Where did they go? I don't want to grow anymore.
Time is slipping away so fast, it's moving, involuntarily.
It creepily fast forwards and you don't realize it.
I don't understand why people don't settle for shit, they think they got plenty of time.
They are arrogant because they think they got time.
They think they can do it after. 
No, my friend, you just don't realize and you're wasting it away.

Now I'm telling them that I sometimes sit in the car for nothing.
It's deep, son, it's deep and hypocritically wasting time too, lol.

Gotta write hard and party hard.
Reminder : stop wasting time like I did.


  1. Please do it! Will purchase your book definitely. Like your positive and mature thinking! Looking forward!

  2. Definitely will buy it!


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