Confirming it is cancer at Columbia Asia Hospital

Like father like daughter.

First of all, thanks for all your love, care and support.
Thanks for the kind words, encouragements and motivation.
Thanks for the recommendations, suggestions and help.
I'm holding up ok.

My dad isn't an expressive person.
My family members aren't, I'm the only expressive one at home.
I didn't know that my dad is cool with me talking about his sickness online.
Moreover, he really wants me to blog about his doctor because he thinks
the doctor in Columbia Asia is amazing and he deserves to be written about.
So, here I am to try to write a review about a doctor, lol.

It was the toughest week for me.
The process of finding out, from places to places.
After running a few tests, seeing different specialists,
it is confirmed that my dad got cancer on Wednesday, a severe, advanced, bad bad cancer.
He first did his CT scan at Columbia Asia Hospital in JB.
They found something on the CT scan, my dad came home right away that day.
As ignorant, naive, unconscious as we were, we thought it was just a growth.
Thank goodness, I didn't wait.
The next morning, I brought him to the hospital near my house and saw different specialists.
From ENT(Ear, Nose, Throat) to general to colon, we saw different doctors,
there wasn't any result, there was no answer.
It was rather stressful for me because I've been making the decisions for my dad.
In the end of the day, the doctor asked if I want to be referred to Sunway Medical Centre
or Columbia Asia in Kota Kemuning.
My dad looked at me, seemed like he was seeking for an answer from me.
I was under pressure, trying to make the best decision possible. 
We'd never had much major medical problem in the family.
The most major case was my second sister breaking her leg.
We went with SJMC years ago but I personally think SJMC is a blood sucker.
With all the thoughts racing in my mind, I thought Sunway Medic would be the best choice.
It sounds reputable and to be honest, I hadn't heard of Columbia Asia before this.
I don't know what ticked in me, I saw the envelope of my dad's CT scans.
It's a Columbia Asia envelope.
So, I thought, let's just do the same hospital since he did his CT scan there.
I just blurted out "Columbia Asia".

I went home and I talked to my eldest sister, she's in Australia.
She told me that I should've chosen Sunway Medic because it's reputable.
I panicked and I couldn't sleep for the night.
I did try to call Sunway Medic the next morning but my guts told me to
proceed with Columbia Asia's appointment at 9am.

Dad was the first patient to see
Dr. Dharmendran Ratnasingam
He's an upper gastrointestinal consultant and a general surgeon.
Very tall man, well-spoken, serious, extremely intelligent-I assume cuz he a doctor yo.
He was the first one who broke it, broke the news, to us.
The doctors before kept telling me that the CT scans were too small to judge, bla bla.
The doctors before said it's not their specialty, bla bla bla.
Dr. Dharmendran said looking at the scans, it's cancer.
I lost it and I broke down right away.

Then, we got into the real talk.
Dad had to do an endoscopy.
I learnt about all of this the night before, reading online, internet is an amazing invention.
The doctor has to insert an endoscope into my dad's throat, into his oesophagus.
Then, the doctor will scrape the wall of the organs or the tumour, I'm not sure
to extract some tissues for examination.
The examination is to determine what type of cancer it is.
He told me he needed another CT scan from dad's throat to his bowel.
This is the third CT scan he has done, so I had my doubts, why so many scans.
The doctor's thoughtful and concerned, not commercial at all.
What do I mean by commercial?
I've seen a few commercial doctors before.
Commercial doctors just want to make money.
They squeeze and suck you dry, spend unnecessary money.
I asked him if it's necessary, he gave me a firm yes.
Then, I told him to proceed.

I know I'm supposed to tell the full story but I guess
I'm still not very comfortable about going too detailed, sorry.
I don't even want to talk about how he had to fast and go through the scope and scan processes.
It's just hard for a daughter.

2 days after, we went back to get the result.
I think we were supposed to pay for consultation but
Dr. Dharmendran didn't charge us for it.
I guess I just want to give this hospital a good review.
The staffs and nurses are very friendly.
The canteen food is so good, breakfast, lunch, tea time, the food are all good.
My dad can't take solid food now.
They cook delicious fish porridge.
Ahhh, I don't know what more to write about.
It's a hospital afterall, just making the best out of the unfortunate.

Medical fee wise......
It is expensive because it's a private hospital but I think the fee is pretty reasonable.
 I just want to give thanks to Dr. Dharmendran for being ethical and professional.

 We are not in Columbia Asia now.
There are too many complications, dad's condition is not good, not optimistic but
life has to go on and we need to fight this fight.
We are off to see another upper GI surgeon to be scheduled to see an oncologist.
I just know that there's no time to waste, I don't have the time.
I don't want him to go through this, I really hate it but I don't have a choice.
I have to put him through all the processes for him to get better.
Life, still goes on, I still have to work and do what I do.

This is a shit review.
My dad would be disappointed to read this, haha, I hope he doesn't read this.
Anyway, thanks, Dr. Dharmendran.
Glad I chose Columbia Asia because it was a good decision.


  1. Be tough daph, gbu and your father. Jia you!

  2. Stay strong daphne ! Yr dad will get well soon!

  3. Stay strong Daphne, your dad's gonna be fine :) God bless.

  4. Just by reading your post makes my heart aches. Yet, you wrote it. Both you and your dad are great and strong. I pray for only the best however it may unfold. Take care daph and papa daph. *pray*

  5. Try to give him Reserve supplement. A lot testimonials about rescued from cancer but doesn't know is it help your dad. But I think should give a try.

  6. Please avoid any scans, only do it if it's really necessary. if not the more your dad scan, your dad will be weaker and weaker. I'm telling the truth, my dad got stage 4 colon cancer, and I would like to share some experience to you. Please stay strong and most important is give positive thoughts to your dad.

  7. Stay strong daphne! Hope your papi gets better and well soon! We are here for you! Always!

  8. I did not know how I stumbled upon this blog post of yours because I was never a follower but I thought I would like to drop a positive message. The whole thing must be exhausting both physically and mentally for you. Hospital can do that to a person. Just try to make the best out of the situation. At the end of the day, what ought to happen will happen, so why sulk over it =) My best wishes for you and your family.

  9. Stay strong Daphne.. and you know God will always be with you n family. You all is going to break through all the obstacles. Amen!

  10. It really takes courage to share this experience. I wish that your dad is opmistic and stay strong Daphne :) May god bless you and your family members.

  11. head to Beacon hospital,
    it's a cancer specialist hospital.

  12. he is a good doctor. very experienced and gentle. i worked with him before in hospital Seremban. should be the same doctor since i google him and his face pops up.

    Hope your daddy win the fight. all the prayers and luck to you and your family

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