Festival No.6, Wales

Finally had the time to blog about my trip to Wales.
Am going to write the realest personal opinion about my first time going to
a music festival in a Western country, far far away from where I live.
Just expressing my thoughts from a Malaysian Chinese perspective.

I stayed 3 days in Wales for Festival No.6.
I knew nothing about Wales before this.
If you ask me what I know about Wales before this, I'd probably say the Prince of Wales.
That was all I know, lol.
So what's Festival No.6?
Festival No.6 is a trendy, boutique festival that offers a broad art and music programme.
One of the most authentic experience on British music scene for me.
 The festival is set at the picturesque Italiante village of Portmeirion.

We left Manchester early in the morning to get to Wales.
It was raining cats and dogs all the way.
I thought I dressed warm enough but the weather was colder than I expected.
Our guide suggested us to get Wellington boots because "we were getting muddy".
Change of plan, change of plan.
I planned a denim outfit with the coolest tee shirt but I didn't get to wear it. 
To be honest, I was a little worried because I had never been to any festival like this.
Get muddy? How? Is it going to be very dirty?
We don't have this in Malaysia, plus it's summer all year long in Malaysia.
It's like I gotta dress warm enough but I need to be prepared to get dirty.
Yet, I didn't want my pretty clothes to get dirty.
I was so torn in between, hahaha!
It was my first British music festival, I cared a lot about looking good, lol.
In the end, I wore t-shirts and sweatpants, pulled on a thick and long cotton jacket to keep warm.
Advices : 1.Dress nice but don't wear anything new.
2.Wellington boots are life savers, Wellingtons are how you do festivals!

Let me tell you about the landscape and the environment in Wales.
Every scenery is like a delicate painting.
Every corner is a beautiful backdrop that makes me want to have a photoshoot.
The air smells and feels 100x fresher.
It makes you feel so close to nature, God's creation at its finest!
This place is so well-preserved. 

We first arrived at the Walled town of Conwy.
The Castle and the town, a World Heritage Site.
 Fantastic place to wander and walk around.
The town walls are almost fully intact, nearly a mile long.
Conwy Castle.
It was hard to get great shots because of the rain, I tried my best.

Checked in to the hotel and got ready for the festival.
Festival No.6 is a 4-day long festival, I only went for 2 full days.
Portmeirion comes alive with intimate readings and talks,
exclusive film screenings with live soundtracks, stand-up comedy
art trails through the woods, storytelling in the clearings, master classes and art installations.
The coolest headliner was Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.
I got to watch Hot Chip but I missed Bastille.

 This is my photo log of the festival.

 The biggest events I'd been to before this were Future Music Festival Asia, Zoukout, Goodvibes.
The first two were rave parties.
Good Vibes festival was probably the most British music-ish I had experienced before No.6.
I got to see Ellie Goulding, the 1975, Two Doors Cinema Club ++
The Westerners dress super funky for festivals.
I was so astounded, amazed and intrigued.
Asian, Malaysian, we (I) only play dress up on Halloween.
I didn't know that people dress up for festivals.

This is so thrift shop-ish.
Macklemore's Thrift Shop popped in my head when I saw this man here.
Another thing. How? How do people wear shorts under the cold weather?
I don't get it, I don't understand how they take the cold, haha!
Ahhhhhh, so new to me.

 Some even dressed their babies!
How cool?!

Spot the disco ball, haha!

Babies. Yes.
Kids. Yes.
A festival that allows kids and babies.
 Will we ever have this in Malaysia?
The amazement is too high.
Ain't it awesome? Delightful bonding time for families and friends.
The culture is so different in Western countires, I'm so glad that I experienced this.

Check how carefree the kids were, are.
They just get down to it, they get dirty, they have fun, they get so close to nature.
If it was me here, probably gotten some spanking from my mother.
I envy the kids.

I swear that Welsh are the nicest people or the people in Portmeirion are the nicest.
They are helpful and friendly.
They are not shy at offering help.
They offer to take picture for you, they offer to help you on directions when you seem lost.
Polite invitation to drink together, dance together, nothing impudent.
Faith in humanity restored +100 right here.

What I meant by "Wellingtons are life savers!"

My mates.
Representing South Africa, USA, Malaysia and Australia!

Still was raining on day two but the weather was a lot better.
Explored other parts of the festival.
This festival is so huge, it takes 30minutes to walk to the main stage.

It was like a treasure hunt in the woods.

We got into another world.
Check this out, this is magnificent!
It was also my first time witnessing 3 men going skinny dipping in the cold, haha!

Tried so hard to get a nice shot of this couple without slipping to death, lol.
So romantic!

 Back to a lot of wine, dancing, enjoyment and amusement.

Not sure about other Asian countries but in Malaysia, alcohol is always
more expensive at a festival.
My friends and I often pre drink before a festival.
In here, it's different.
They sell alcohol at usual price, 4-5pounds (disregard the exchange rate).

What a joy having to watch Frances perform live again.
I stood first row at main stage, also braved the rain.
I know every word to her songs.
So so so pleased with her performance.

I missed Lucy Rose's show for dinner at Cloughs.
A bespoke long table banquet from one of the UK’s most sought after Michelin starred chefs.
A distinctive culinary experience made especially for Festival No.6
located on the White Horses Promenade.

This was one of the best part of the whole Festival No.6.
Great food, great wine, great company.
I met amazing people here.
VisitBritain team, VisitWales team, amazing amazing people.
They shared their festival experiences, their culture, their life, their job.
I want their job!!!
I thought Festival No.6 was huge enough, they told me that Glastonbury is 5 times bigger.
Great Britain is really great, wish I could live there forever.
They have everything that I'm interested in, I'm enthusiastic about.
The culture, the people, the food, the alcohol (lol), the MUSIC, the party, everything.

 Classy fine dining at a festival? Sure. Why not?
Nothing is impossible here.

 Then, Hannah, Ben and I went on an "adventure".
I fell in the mud, hahaha!
Worth the fall though...

Hot Chip on the first night.

Long awaited, long anticipated!
Once in a lifetime!
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Beddgelert, Wales.
Best rum and raisin gelato I've ever had in my life.

Thanks for the great times, Wales.
Thanks for opening my Asian eyes, hahaha!
Hope to be back!

Next stop, Liverpool.
Good bye, Wales.

Bidding farewell with rainbow (:


  1. awesome pictures!

  2. Hey Daphne, just wondering why you didn't talk about Space moving or closing? My friends and I were wondering why it says closed on the FB account. I know the cafe means a lot to you and you put a lot of heart and soul into the place, so it was peculiar that you never touched on the subject. Have a good one.

  3. hi daphne, i was hoping you would blog about liverpool :(


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