Happy Merdeka!

The first thing is to apologize for not updating.
Hope you guys are still reading.
I think I'm going to get a proper notebook because
my Mac is dying and it's too heavy to carry around, super inconvenient.
I'm at the airport, waiting to board, I'm going to Manchester, everybody.
Making all my dreams come true, ticking off things to do on my bucket list.

Today is Merdeka Day.
Happy birthday, Malaysia.
I love you, I love you for the people...but not some retards though.
Excuse me on this but some people are really retarded, I can't (especially those who make racist slurs)
I read news and I normally skip retarded parts like these.
We can live harmoniously and some people hate harmony so much that they want to spoil it.

Well, can't deny that the crime rate in Malaysia is on the rise, 
the citizens often feel helpless and insecure.
It's the insecurity, the insecurity that breaks everything apart.
The insecurity that breaks trust among people.
We don't trust each other, we care, we worry so much about ourselves.
For example, I saw a car breaking down by the road.
I really wanted to get down to help but I didn't have the courage to get out of the car.
I was worried that I would get robbed.
Even if I was the one who have my car broken down and someone tried to help,
I would be skeptical too. 
That dilemma though...
Malaysians. Insecure Malaysians.

Perhaps, we are waiting for a hero.
I don't know.
Everyone, do good in your life, do good for your country.
Remember, don't litter.
This is really something I want to mention.
Malaysians like to litter.
Learn from the Japanese, find a bin or take it with you first, chuck it afterwards.

The patriotism spirit is roaring loud lately.
After the olympics and it's our independence day.
To be honest, thank Dato Lee Chong Wei for this.
He made a name for Malaysia and he's a progressive that
stimulated the growth and drastic improvement of the badminton scene in Malaysia.
We've gotten two more silver medals now.
They were all so close, so so so close.
I can talk badminton all day but maybe not today, haha.

I often strike up conversations with elderly.
I don't know why.
Maybe I'm always doing things alone and travelling alone.
I never had a hot guy who sat next to me on the plane, ahaha.
I hope I get one on my flight tonight, hahaha, or maybe I get a crying baby, haha.
My flight from Aussie back to Malaysia, I met an Aussie man, he told me his story.
I blogged about it long time ago.
My flight to Manila, I met a lady who works as a helped in Malaysia.
I blogged about it too but I linked it up with an advertisement.
A lot of people thought I made the story up but nope.
My ads are genuine too, that one was Acer ad,
I really needed a notebook, you see I still want one now, lol.
 My flight to London, I met a British man who has a handicapped daughter.
My flight to Sydney, I met a China lady who doesn't speak English.
Bla bla bla+++

That night I was alone again.
Jane asked me to have dinner together, I didn't want to thirdwheel and I wanted to watch
LCW vs Lin Dan.
So, I was alone, streaming the match on my phone at KLCC.
I had no one to share my excitement with when LCW won the match.
I just jumped off my seat and the whole KLCC cheered for the win.
 There were two Malay men who sat next to me.
They asked me who won.
I screamed LCW BEAT LIN DAN!!!!! 

Then, we started talking, talking, talking.
Syed and Tengku, I remember the names.
Syed was the more talkative one.
We talked about coffee, talked about Malaysia, talked about Paris.
He talked about his daughter who is 24, she works for Petronas and she's getting married.
I'm just like sitting there, "hello".
24, am still not getting my shit together, haha.
He kept saying that he's a Malaysian spy.
I don't think so, I think he's a writer, like me but a professional one, a columnist maybe.
I like to call myself a writer, hahaha but I didn't share about my blog.
I don't want him to be reading my blog and thinking
what are youngsters doing nowadays, writing all these bullshit.
Now you see, I'm actually doing something quite amazing.

We talked for two hours?
Syed told me that he never thought that he could converse with a 24-year-old.
His daughter is 24 but he said he never talked to a 24-year-old like that before.
I want to share more about what we talked about but I don't think I should, haha!
It was a great experience.
We just shook hands and let each other know that it was such a pleasure talking to a stranger, lol.

I got to go now, got a plane to catch.



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  1. safe flight, Daphne.
    it's sad that i wont be able to see you at Tiger Jams Centerstage.
    hope you enjoy your Manchester vacation.


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