Tokyo with Atre ( part one )

Although I'm still a little groggy from jet lag but all is good in Tokyo.
I was supposed to be home 2 days before my Tokyo trip but
I got stranded in Abu Dhabi for more than 8 hours before getting to board a plane.
I only had a day to settle things and to repack my luggage for my awesome trip.
The jet lag was real, haha but I'm so glad that I'm in Tokyo, Japan now.
I travelled here by invitation from Atre Japan.

Day one
I landed at night, grabbed some dinner from 7-11 and rested.

Day two
I first visited the headquarter of Atre at Ebisu where I learnt about Atre.
I thought Atre is a new mall but in fact, Atre has been established since 26years+ ago.
Atre is one of the most dominant shopping centre developers in Japan.
They aim to enrich neighbourhoods by building shopping malls within/conected to train stations.
Atre now has 43 stores across the nation.
Then, I found that their parent company is JR East Group.
What is JR East? JR East is basically Tokyo's railway service.
The train you take in Tokyo is called JR, you see it everywhere.
I reckon that makes it a lot easier for Atre to build malls around.
They don't only provide transportation service to the public but intend to enrich neighbourhoods by
improving their quality of life and giving public the convenience going through daily life.
Most of the Japanese take the train to work, to school, to travel from one place to another.
By having malls direct connected to railway stations makes life easier.
You can buy groceries on your way back from work.
You can shop around while waiting for your friends/family.
You can just have lunch on the way back from school, etc.

(This is what I learnt through the presentation by Atre headquarter.
It is all in my head, no brief was given.
I mentioned before that I love working with Japanese clients.
They don't give restrictions on what to write and what not to.
Best thing is that they hired a translator to make me understand better, what a sincere gesture!
They just want me to experience and have fun here, I truly appreciate that. )

Then, my day began with visiting Atre Ebisu.
Obvious enough, it is located just next to Ebisu railway station.
The food choices are crazzzzzzyyyyyyyy right here.
I want to eat everything.
Japanese bakeries and pastries are so well made.
They don't only taste good, they look ultra attractive too!

The quiches look insanely mouth-watering.

Moving on to fashion and cosmetics shopping.
There are plenty of local Japanese clothing brands.

This is one of the highlights, a very famous sleepwear brand in Japan, haha.
Gelato Pique

One of my favourite things to shop for - sneakers.
I thought London has the great varieties but not until I came here.
More importantly, it's an Asian country, they have sizes that feet my small feet!
I went bonkers in here.

Wellness Studio by Emmi
Look at these pretty white sneakers.

Can't find your ideal pair of Teva in Malaysia?
Well, here you go.

Cosmetics shopping in Japan is crucial to femininity, lol!
They have international brands that are not accessible/unattainable in Malaysia's retail.
Isetan Mirror

Lip section is where I will be!
Look at these pretty Givenchy lipsticks!

This is where I get my indecisive-syndrome from.

Lunch time at Shirononiwa.
A seafood restaurant with a rooftop bar.
Guacamole and freshly baked breads as starters.

Salmon steak for me, of course.
I'm in Japan, I need to have some fresh seafood here!

I love how a storage space is provided for your bag in Japan, how thoughtful!

We left for Atre Meguro after filling our stomach up.
Atre Meguro is separated into two parts, 1 and 2.
Atre Meguro 1 has mart, boutiques, beauty stores whereas
Atre Meguro 2 is more a food heaven.

The Garden Jiyugaoka
It's a supermarket with huge varieties of groceries.

Isn't it easy to live in Japan?
Good food is so accessible and you won't run out of ideas on what to eat. Lol.

Organic fresh fruits for you?

 Sake shopping?

It's really cool that Atre Ebisu makes their own sake!

This is a "must-buy" beauty product in Japan because it's cheaper here.
Shiseido eyelashes curler!
I'm using this!

Dalloyau Macarons at Atre Meguro!

Continued my journey to Atre Shinagawa.
Atre Shinagawa aims to create a district reminiscence of New York.
Felt like a New Yorker walking on the streets of Atre Shinagawa.
The environment and interior design are modern and westernized.

This Mexican restaurant is the most impressive of all to me.
El Caliente

Doesn't this improve your appetite?
A smile makes my meal experience better.

Just couldn't stop taking pictures of food!
Dean and Deluca

Weather was pretty good.
Love it when the wind blows, got a "poser" picture!
( Look, Atre Shinagawa is built right at Shinagawa railway station. )

Went back to Atre Ebisu for Shake Shack.
I literally screamed when I saw Shake Shack on the directory.
I always wanted to try Shake Shack burgers because they are highly recommended by my friends.
I missed my chance when I was in Las Vegas, couldn't believe that it came to Japan.
I googled it and apparently, Japan is the first country in Asia to have Shake Shack.
Mission unlocked, it's located at Atre Ebisu, be sure to try it here!

Long queue? Yes!

Yes, the burgers taste amazing.
Worth the wait!!!

Let me end day two with a selfie with Snapchat dog filter, lol.
You can follow me on Snapchat too : @daphnecharice (:

Day three
My first stop was Atre Kichijoji.
Had coffee at Tully's Coffee before starting my eventful day.
I was told that Tully's Coffee is a famous coffee chain in Japan, a great hangout spot.
I chilled for a while with the Japanese clients because we were all early that time.
( I love being on time or even earlier and I love how Japanese clients are always on time too. )
It really is convenient to have places to hang out before my appointment.
I would've had to loiter at the train station or on the streets if there weren't malls like Atre.
I believe that Atre has achieved the purpose on enriching neighbourhoods.
Efficiency of life is improved and no time is wasted.
That chill out moment was the start of my bonding session with Japanese people.
Client or not, same nationality or not, we share about where we come from.
We also share about our culture, I appreciate that a lot.

So, what appointment do I have?
Lucky me, I get a makeover session, haha!
Hair make and make up at Atelier Haruka.

Didn't give up on my Beyonce curls.
I "invented" this term - Beyonce curls, I don't know why, this hairstyle makes me feel so flyyyyyy~
Loved the Japanese hair makeover so much!

 I loved her for being so patient with my hair.
She complimented that I have thick and smooth hair.
I was all flattered, dawhhhh, you staphhhhh~

Chose to go with smokey eyes today!

Then, it was time for lunch.
Ishigamaya hamburger

The long queue caught my eyes.
 It's a restaurant that specializes in Hamburg Steak made from black beef.
They grill patties in a traditional stone oven.
Can you see the patties on the counter?

Japan's customer service is top one for me.
The server cut patties for us, provided napkin and got us to hold it up,
so that oil won't stain our clothes.
Napkins were given to cover our bags too.
An hourglass is used to determine the doneness of the meat, haha!

I had steak, of course!
The sauce goes very well with my steak.

Added an egg.
The doneness of the egg was so on point!

Shopping time!
Atre Kichijoji is massive.
It's the second biggest out of the 43 stores.
It has everything you need to carry on with life, lol.
 The lowest floor has all of the Japanese fashion.

Love how minimalistic Japanese fashion can be.
It can be daring-Harajuku kind, it can also be conservative-minimalist-like.

This Japanese brand, Shiro, got my attention again.
Minimalist, clean concept.

Found an amazing thing in Shiro.
Yuzu scented or Yuzu made lip balm.

Yuzu body lotion.
I tried some one and I smelled like Japanese Yuzu.
I love the scent of Yuzu, very refreshing!

I want to come back to this shop if I ever visit Tokyo again.

Brought me to the right place.
Baking ingredients and baking equipments.

Different sizes of piping nozzles.

Where you get everything cute, stationery, cosmetics, beauty products +++
Found the nail polish that Kylie Jenner collaborated with!

Japan has this Cosme ranking for cosmetics.
It's a chart that features best-selling/best-rated products.
I don't know about this but it got rated as number one.
I reckon it's a great product, lol.

Then, I went to the floor with the most types of food I've ever seen in my life.
The whole floor, whole, is filled with different types of food.
I have to only choose a few from my photo album because I took too many pictures.
It was amusing, hahaha!
What do I mean by different types of food?
Embrace yourself, here we go, everything you can think of.

 Seafood market.

You can buy Wagyu beef off the rack.
Something new to me.

Vegetables and fruits.
Organic products are also available.

Lazy to cook your soup or curry?

Cakes, pastries, breads, croissants.

 Can't get over how they can make baking so uniform too, lol.
Look at the icing/cream cheese, it's all uniform.

My favourite part of all.
The tempuras and tonkatsus.

I feel like salad today.
I'll just go with salad.
Madam, which type though?

There are also biscuits, cookies, candies, chocolates, ice cream, sushis, bentos,
tea, coffee beans (Yes, i'm serious), jello, kimchi and more.
I'm not talking about a mart with everything in it.
I'm talking about a floor with designated stall/partition for each category mentioned above.

Thanks for amusing me, Atre Kichijoji.
Flowers for you.

Atre Kichijoji has a green concept.
Found a leaf-wall for picture purpose, haha!

Atre Akihabara was up next.
So good to be back, Akihabara!

As I explained, Atre and JR are literally conjoined.

Who's up for tea time?
I was drooling all over this patisserie's baked goods and I never stopped talking about it.
It is everywhere in Tokyo.
So, my Japanese friends brought me here.
It was a long wait because it was a Saturday.
The Atre outlets were packed! Very packed!

A La Campagne

The pastries didn't disappoint me.
They don't only look consistently great but they also taste wonderful.

I think we spent hours here chatting.
Good times, good times, that I'll never forget!

Atre Akihabara isn't very big in mass wise but packed with goods.
Suica is like "Touch N Go" to the Japanese.
They use the card to pay for goods and transport.
They sell the merchandise here.
 Atre is organizing an event at Pavilion on the 14th of July.
I was told that Suica, A La Campagne, Atelier Haruka and more will have booths over.
Do check it out!

 Found a great spot for picture, haha!

The comic addicts will lose their breath here, haha.

Dinner was amazing.
I got to have some sushi and tempura in Japan.
It won't make sense if I didn't have any.
The aburi otoro were gold!

Sake to end the evening!

I'll stop right here and stay tuned for day 4 in the next post!

To be continued...


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