Smell like vanilla


Tzia and me, at the Kleenex Vanilla Scented Tissue launch (:

Kleenex proudly introduces a new product to their scented range of facial tissue -
Kleenex Vanilla Scented Tissue
 Let me just be captain obvious right here, the scented tissue smells like vanilla, haha.
Vanilla to me, is a familiar scent, we all grow up with it.
The vanilla scent is also favoured by many, by kids, by adults, by everyone.
 Kleenex believes that a sweet vanilla scent helps us rekindle plenty of our sweet memories.
 So, let us all celebrate those happy moments with the favourable scent of
 Kleenex Vanilla Scented Tissue during this Raya season.

A short introduction on the scented range of facial tissues, they are designed and made to
uplift through the amazing power of scent.
Kleenex firstly introduced the fresh Cherry Blossom scent.
My family uses Cherry Blossom scented tissues at home because we love the floral rose scent.
I meant who doesn't love things that smell good.
Moreover, my sister loves pink colour, so the packaging is perfect for our home.
To be very honest, Kleenex makes really good tissues.
They don't tear easily and they are thick enough to absorb liquid well.

Anyway, this Vanilla Scented tissue is new and also a limited edition.
I somehow feel relaxed smelling to scented tissue.
Imagine you're sad and crying, this scented tissues might be a little bit of comfort at sad times.
Softness is also a crucial point, you need soft tissuea when you cry or when you have flu,
so they don't damage your skin while using or rubbing on our face, haha.

I'm so happy about promoting Kleenex's new range of scented tissue
because I finally get to join #competitiveaunties.
I always see Careen, Audrey, Bobo, Wei Zhi use the hashtag of competitive aunties.
I really want to be one of them, haha, Tzia and I became part of them that day.
I'm not a parent, I'm not a wife but I "aunty" my nephew, haha.

Look at our outfits, matching colours though.

How we smell vanilla, lol.

Too bad that Cik Epal didn't bring Seketul Han that day.
Seketul Han is her son and I always "kidnap" him when I see him at events because I love babies.
This vanilla scented tissue is perfect for Han because he always drools, lol lol lol.
He will smell good like vanilla instead of smelling like saliva, haha.

We had fun filming about our sweetest memories too.
I said that the vanilla scented tissue reminds me of my mum because she does all the house chores.
I hope people don't get it wrong.
We grow up with vanilla scent.
Vanilla cake, vanilla bread, vanilla ice cream, vanilla air freshener and more.
Vanilla feels like home, something that's warm, homie, soft and that's
We have the best memories together, 24 years so far.
We will have more in the future.

For more information, log on to

Thanks Kleenex for having me at this launch!
ps: my mum and I love the goodie bag!


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