"Today" is what you learnt

Fake cheesy tattoo but true, heh.

I haven't been blogging.
Nothing around me inspires me anymore?
Do I need to find a new direction?
You need to me inspired to live, that gives life new meanings.
Lost for words.
Lost for thoughts.
I have plenty of time to think lately, more than before.
 It came to mind that one of the hardest things to do in life is to learn to shut up.
Day by day, bit by bit, I learn to shut up.

I like to make things clear, I always make things clear even when it's unnecessary.
I like to explain because I don't like any hard feelings.
I never understood "some things are not meant to be clear".
I used to think that we do not live in movies.
我们没有 剧情里的 “伟大”
It's not like in the movies.
I think it's stupid when people say that you don't say some things because it's good for someone.
We are not that kind and generous in real life, sometimes we don't say things, it's probably cause
we have given up, anything at all, there is no point.
Dafuq am I talking about? Dafuq.
When you stop saying something isn't because it's good for someone but good for yourself.
I did learn that some things you don't say because you know what's best for yourself.
You don't need to explain because people who know you, know.

Everyday is a learning day.
You don't get good at something in just one day.
I often read my own blog to remind myself, to reassure myself when I lose faith over little things.

Write yourself something.
Something this short.
Read it back a month later.
"Today" is what you learnt when you look back at "today" a month later.

Today's "song of the day" is a Chinese song.
I was humming to "就算宇宙爆炸 海水都蒸發" but I couldn't recall the name of this song.
Found it, some old school sweet song by Tank.

I also like this line very much (:
"便利商店裡 誰也買不到
我們最想要的東西 只握在喜歡的人手上"

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  1. Hi...Daphne,
    I'm same like u, I always like to explain, until they thk I'm too much of excuses, but I just want to say the truth.I like ur sentence,"some things are not meant to be clear". But I did learned some lesson, just ppl are just don't like to be too clear,don't want to explain too much sometimes cause of their pride..
    This is my first time comments on a blog, cheer up, jia you.. support you!!


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