I've been busy moving to new apartment lately.
There's no internet at the new place.
So, I'm out, sitting at a cafe.
Just finished writing my draft and kinda wanna say something.
It seems like I only blog when I'm feeling emotional.
Emotional 屁啦 down就down吧
It seems like I only blog when I'm feeling (more towards) down.
It seems like I do not spread happiness anymore.
However, my love for music does show though.
Whenever I'm not blogging about my thoughts, I'm blogging about music.

I always thought I'm the only one who can't get my shit together but
what I find today is that everyone doesn't have their shit together.
They are too, trying as hard as I am trying.
I thought that things always fall apart for me.
Dayum, things do fall apart for people around me too.

Are they stronger? Are they better at managing?
Or are they just good at concealing their feelings?
But how though?
If you're good at concealing feelings which means you're good at managing.
So, I've been failing at managing my emotions.
Yeh, probably right.
But how though? Is there a class for it?
I'll go for that class, lol.

Perhaps, life is that class.

So uncomfortable blogging outside because everyone near me could see my laptop screen.
Til I get my internet back, byeeeeeeeee.

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