Music Talk : Mind of Mine

Goodness, he's so hot.

Hi, haven't been blogging. Sorray!
Music talk!
I want to talk about Zayn Malik today.
I love Zayn because I'm a Directioner.
Yes, I am a fan of One Direction, lol.
I like Zayn because I love his voice.
It's so... thick... it's manly yet soulful.
I too like Zayn because of his love to Perrie Edwards.
Well, at least, from what I see on the internet.
They started dating before One Direction even went that famous.
Zayn stayed loyal and of course, Perrie too, they were only 17/18?
Then, Zayn proposed to Perrie years later.

Anyway, cut the crap.
They broke up, it broke Perrie's heart so bad.
I watched a video of her singing and suddenly cried, lol.
Am I mean? Sharing this video of her crying? Yeh, mean.
ps : Little Mix's singing and talent are no joke.

This is my new shower song.
I don't sing this song, I "scream" this song in my shower, the high key is "inhuman", lol.
You might have heard it on the radio, it's called "Secret Love Song".
It's Little Mix's latest song featuring Jason Derulo.
Warning: it's addictive.

Back to Zayn.
Ya, he's dating Gigi Hadid now.
Ya, such a perfect couple.
Wait, nothing is perfect, I used to think that Zayn and Perrie were perfect.
Everything is so public, kinda feel bad for Perrie.

Nice Vogue pictures though...


Ok, let's just focus on their music.

Zayn left One Direction because he felt restricted.
He wanted to make his style of music.
One Direction's music is pop, teenage pop, catchy tune.
"One Direction" is young, not just their age but their music, vibrant and young.
I think what Zayn wants to do is R&B, I hear a lot of electronic and soft rock too.
Beat is strong, lotsa falsetto, he's good at falsetto.

Zayn's music is bold.
Sensitive and mature at the same time.
The first song he debuted was "Pillow Talk", 24/7 on the radio.
This is the second song I heard when he went on to perform on a talk show.
"iT's YoU"

His live performance sounds as perfect as his record.

The album is called "Mind of Mine".
It really is the mind of Zayn Malik's.
This album is sexy but I hear a little anger in it.
Ok maybe not anger but a lot of his lost emotions.
His dissatisfaction about the music industry, raw feelings, everything uncensored.
It's a total change, like Justin Bieber's transformation. Raw.

Maybe it's not a transformation.
It's originality, it's being able to make the music you love. Impressive.
They got guts to step out of their zone.

I also want to talk about Yuna.
Yuna, Malaysian singer.
You might not know her but she's making it in UK and US.
She played Coachella, does anybody know that?
I think I blogged about her years back or shared it on Facebook.
I too can't wait for her new album.
Dafuq, she collaborated with Usher.
I must say that the song is great on its own.
I was surprised when I first heard that song, it played at the chorus.
I was like... what a song, who is this?
Then, it went into second verse, I was shiet, this is definitely Usher.
I shazamed it and it was Yuna, poooooof, mind blown.
I shared it on Instagram, snapchat and with my friends too, everyone loves it.
Have a listen here:
The full audio is finally up on Youtube.


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