Candies for you?

I was thrilled knowing that I'll be writing a review for candy.
What candy? Lot 100 Salt Flavoured Candy.
Yeh, I love my job.
Btw, you read it right, salt flavoured candy.
The newly launched product comes in 4 different flavours -
Sour Plum, Orange, Lemon and Coffee.

I was delighted and hesitant at the same time when I heard that it is salty.
I like my food with heavy flavour and heavy taste, especially saltiness.
Sweetness comes after saltiness.
Sourness comes third and bitterness comes last.
So when I heard it is salty, I was impressed but wait, salt flavoured candy?
It's like a reflex, when you think about candy, it's sweet...or sour.
Salty, worth a try.

Cocoaland Industry manufactures mainly fruity gummy, hard candy, chocolate pie,
cookies, chocolates, wafers, snacks and beverages.
Hmmmm, sounds like Daphne's favourite confectionery factory, lol.

My brother-in-law works in Japan.
He often gets candies back from Japan because my mum loves it.
She loves orange and lemon taste.
Now, she don’t have to wait for my brother-in-law to come back.
 I can easily can get them in Malaysia at a super reasonable price.
Lot 100 Salt Flavoured Candy…..
A Japanese Style Packaging
A Taste of Japan

Lemon, Orange, and Sour Plum has a fruity taste.
I love the taste of sour plum.
A combination of sweet, sour and salty.
Great to stay awake throughout classes, especially long lectures.

Check my candy pouch, haha!
 I do share my candies (:

I have a lot to talk when it comes to coffee flavour because I'm a barista,
I also own a coffee house.
I mentioned that bitterness is my least favourite.
Even the coffee I make at my cafe tastes more acidic.
Our coffee beans are medium-roast, some people like it dark-roast which is more bitter.
I like my milk frothed sweet… no sugar in my coffee please.

Two days back when I was enjoying my favourite coffee, Jane ask me…
"What flavour of candy goes well with coffee?"
I said "duh, coffee flavour", lol.

I had it with my coffee and this candy is really addictive to me.
I had meetings earlier on that day and I was practically snacking on it the whole day.
I think it's perfect for working adults during meetings.
Plus it's hard candy, so you don't have to munch or chew on it.
You won't appear to be rude throughout the meeting.
Nobody knows you're having candy.

Not just the coffee flavour, lemon, orange and sour plum salt candies are "stimulating" too.
The saltiness makes it like an "awake" candy, keeps you refreshed and "stimulated".
I am sure you will keep wanting for more!


It's fairly new, you can find it at Tesco and Watsons for now, but soon at other hypermarkets.
They hand out testers to customers too.
I got these packs from Tesco.
Starting from 2nd April 2016 till 29th May 2016, Lot100 will be running exciting contests in
Tesco Mutiara Damansara, Cheras Extra and IOI City Mall
You can win attractive daily prizes like Self Balance Scooter.
A Grand Prize Samsung S6 Edge Plus awaits you when you purchase two packs of
Lot 100 Salt Flavoured Candy!

For the wrap, check out their Facebook.

Good luck!


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