I'm finally back from the USA.
Also realized that I can't live without mobile internet.
Not only about social media but running a business.
I check on CCTV quite often (now my staffs know that I watch them a lot, lol).
Another thing is that I'm having a long distance relationship.
The only communication that we have is through our mobile (:

I'm always subscribed to the highest data plan.
I still pay to top up on my data almost every month because I always overuse.
To be honest, I spend more than RM100 every month for my data plan excluding data top up.
My phone bill goes up to RM200 every month.
Ya, frustrating sometimes.

I have two phones.
I'm constantly trying out new telco company.
Just found out about the new XOX mobile.
What I like most about XOX mobile is their 4G LTE speed.
I cannot tolerate slow internet speed.
I don't only use internet on my phone, sometimes I tether to my laptop to do work.
Internet must be stable and fast for me,
so I can speed through websites and get lightning-quick downloads.

XOX mobile’s high speed mobile internet monthly packages go as low as RM18.
It's fast and affordable.
Designed for the casual surfers to extreme internet and for the data hungry mobile user.
You can check the mobile internet plans right here.

Using the XOX mobile Prepaid Plus sim pack, love it, no commitment.
It also has the longest prepaid validity of 28MONTHS.

Let's talk about Season Pass data.
A shareable plan where users are able to share their Data, minutes, and SMS.
Data, minutes, and SMS will never expire and will be kept in the Season Pass counter.
Weekly promos are up for grabs every week during Season Pass Happy Hour!

To extract Season Pass data, Send to 23388
You can check your balance and access the Season Pass counter when you dial *132#.
More details on Season Pass: http://www.xox.com.my/season-pass

I used to use my mum's phone to send credit to my mobile years back.
It’s the other way round now
I’m always on the internet, even when I make calls.
I use WeChat or Whatsapp to call.
So, I have plenty of minutes to give away.
Who always runs out of minute?
Nummber one talking on the phone with her sister, lol.
With XOX Mobile Season Pass, my minutes won’t go to waste.

Also can’t believe that we can share data now.
I always hear Jane complaining that she runs out of data almost at the end of the month.
She gotta purchase data on top but when you go for a few hundred MB, the validity is short.
It’s about 5 days?
But when you purchase 1GB on top, it’s too much.
You can’t even finish it before your data refreshes.
There you go, money waste, not a wise spender, lol!
What I suggest is that we can both share data and help each other out.
This is what friends are for, haha.

Try XOX mobile if you're looking for fast and affordable mobile network!

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