Petronas Coffee Break!

I was invited to PETRONAS' Chinese New Year event last Wednesday.
 The highlight of the day was PETRONAS' Coffee Break campaign for Chinese New Year.
It was also the premiere day of PETRONAS' Chinese New Year TV Commercial -
Rubber Boy.
In short, PETRONAS had this event to celebrate Chinese New Year with us, the bloggers
and the friends from media.

First thing first, what is PETRONAS Coffee Break?
It is PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad's flagship road safety campaign held twice yearly
in conjunction with Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Motorists, drivers are encouraged to refuel at PETRONAS stations and
enjoy freshly brewed coffee and snacks for FREEEEEE.
There are 142 participating stations across the country.

I didn't know about this campaign before that day.
I was surprised to find that it is actually 
the 17th consecutive year PETRONAS is holding this campaign.
PETRONAS Coffee Break aims to promote road safety and the importance of staying alert
on our journey back to our hometown.
PETRONAS also teams up with PETRONAS LubeXperts and Protons Holdings to provide
safety checks at selected stations.
What an amazing campaign to reward customers and to give back to the society.  

This campaign runs from the 6th - 7th February and from the 13th - 14th February 2016.
Have a safe journey home and redeem your refreshments for free on your way home!

PETRONAS always does the greatest Chinese New Year commercials, lol.
The commercials always make miss my family more and remind me of the importance of family.
The social message game is strong right here.
 This year, they made another touching Chinese New Year commercial - Rubber Boy.
It got me teary, every time, every single time.

Too shy to sob next to Tianchad, lol.

Watch it here if you haven't, it has garnered 2 million views in a week.
Know your blessings and stay blessed, everyone! (:

Moving on to the calligraphy session.
It was interesting to watch the VIPs writing in Chinese.
I can't even do that well.

PBD Head of Retail Business Division, Shahruddin Muhammad Sidek wishes us
a safe and smooth journey.
PDB Managing Director and CEO, Mohd Ibramhimnuddin Mohn Yunus wishes us
a safe arrival.
PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications,
Zahariah Abdul Rahman wishes us
 happiness, good fortune and prosperity.

(I don't know if this part is appropriate, just doing it the "lifestyle" way, do remove if inappropriate)
*They are friendly and down-to-Earth people.
They care about what we think of PETRONAS campaigns and always asking for feedbacks.
They listen.
I got the opportunity to sit down with the CEO once to talk about customers' reward.
Lol, I'm like a girl that knows nothing but it is good in a way because I said I want more rewards.
I'm doing it for all of us, you're welcome, haha.

Lion dance - traditional dance in Chinese culture.

Not to miss Yee Sang session out.
Malaysia HUAT!!!
Everybody HUAT!!! 
Just unleashing the "Chinese" in me.

Just when I thought this event couldn't get any more traditional...
I was impressed that they had Lion Dance,
even had "Fortune God" or "God of Wealth" and the "Monkey King".
Chinese believe that they are legends.

Most importantly, they represent the good.
So, I got a picture with them, ONG LAI for me.
(Ong lai means fortune, prosperity, good things come, haha)

Thank you PETRONAS for having us.
Keep doing what you're doing!
Thanks for celebrating Chinese New Year with us.

May you be blessed with great health and great wealth!

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