Me Before You

Haven't done a book review for so long.
Bad. I haven't been reading.
I finished 5 books last few months, I don't even know where I put them.

This one here, I lent it to my ex staff, Dan.
He and I used to share books with each other.
It's called "Me Before You".
One of the thickest books I've ever read ever since the "Twilight" series.
"Me Before You" is being made into a movie.
So many books that I read subsequently getting made into a movie. 

You might have seen the trailer because it has been "virally" shared on Facebook.
I showed the trailer to Brian yesterday, I told him that I love this book.
It made me weep like a weakling at 4 in the morning.
He was like are you serious, you cried reading a book?
I said this happens all the time, it's just like watching a movie.
It's a sad book, so I cried, lol.
Brian begged to differ, he said that there's a big difference between a book and a movie.
Reading a book, you need imagine things.
How is a book touching when it's just your imagination?
It's just word, they are just words, how do you feel emotions by just reading plain texts?
Movie is different, at least, actors in a movie can act the emotions all out for you to feel.
You are such a sentimental, sensitive person to cry reading a book.

What he said wasn't entirely wrong.
Texts, words seem to be boring, bland, plain and dull.
You see, different people feel different.
Different people interpret things differently.
Different people feel things differently.
He said that we need to try so hard to imagine characters, scenarios ++ to get in the mood.
That's the point of the whole thing about WORDS.
Words are full of imagination
Same goes to music.
You can't see it but you can feel it.

Ok, what a mess trying to explain, I suck as a writer.
Back to the book and the movie.
You sorta get the idea of the story by just watching the trailer.
Spoiler alert, don't read this if you're planning on reading the book.
I imagined Lou to be less attractive but Emilia Clarke played this role, ahhh, my gorgeous khaleesi.
I imagined Will to be buffer and tougher-looking, lol but pretty boy, Sam Claflin, who minds?
I imagined Lou's dad to be dodgier looking, lol, that's so mean.
Will's mother, just nice.

Damn it, when Ed Sheeran's song played.
Soundtrack soundtrack soundtrack, how many times have I mentioned that soundtracks are important.
"Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes..."
Hit my soft spot right away. 
"We keep this love in a photograph"
"Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul"
Super spot on.
Just like "The Fault In Our Stars", "Like Crazy", "Love, Rosie"+++
Awesome soundtracks that bring out the essence of certain scenes.

The story started as Will, a successful man, getting knocked down in an accident.
He's paralyzed from his neck to toe.
He doesn't want to live.
He wants to end his life in Switzerland *which is legal there* and then, he meets Lou.
Am I saying too much? Should I tell you about the ending?
Ok, maybe not, watch the movie if you're too lazy to read the book.
 I always marked down pages or quotes at the first page of the book.
Surprisingly, I only marked two pages down, lol.
I don't know why but I went through the pages.
I did make remarks between pages.
 "I don't know, Clark. Believe it or not, I rarely pack it myself."
He can't pack on his own because he's paralyzed, lol.
I must have laughed a lot at this part looking at the LOL in capital letters, haha.

Sad Will is sad :(

This is a cute one, I dirtied my book eating satay, lol.

Can't wait for the movie.
Please do not disappoint me.
Movies usually do disappoint because it can't beat 500 pages of goodness.


  1. Agree. Read a few books before but when I watched the movies. It's a little disappointing. Somehow feel that books touch my heart more.

  2. I also cry reading books, and sometimes I laugh too much. So I totally believe in the power of words, they are so beautiful. Need to get this book!


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