ImSold! Bazaar

I was super delighted to have had a ImSold! event at Project Space three weeks ago.
We had a bazaar at Space, a collaboration with ImSold! (formerly known as Shopping Kaki).
People who came just had to flash the ImSold! mobile app for entry.
Most of them got a ImSold! goodie bag, free cakes and free coffee.
(All sponsored by ImSold!, of course.)

It was my first time selling my pre-loved items.
I used to only donate to people but this time, I sold them for a good cause.
All the earnings go to charity.
I chose PAWS, I've volunteered at PAWS before.
If you don’t know yet – PAWS stands for Paws Animal Welfare Society
They are an animal shelter for abandoned dogs and cats.
They are not as big as SPCA, they need the money, they need our help.

My booth, teehee.

Most of my items are from Topshop, H&M, Forever21.
Some are brand new and some were only worn once or twice.
Too bad, a lot complained that they can't fit in my clothes because the size is too small, lol.
Ya, you see, you can find great deals and bargains on ImSold!.
What's even better?
You can buy pre-loved items from JaneChuck, Brian See and Freezeforshort, haha!
Plus, their stuffs are really nice, I even bought a dress from Jane, lol.

Jane, Brian and Freeze also agreed to donate to PAWS (thanks guys) and so we did.

How does ImSold! work?
ImSold! is a mobile app that makes shopping easier and more convenient.
It's innovative, interactive and fun.
It's for buying and selling pre-loved items among students (consumer to consumer).
 Upload picture(s) of your product(s).
Name it, describe it, the more detailed the better.
Put a price tag on and categorize it.
Simple and straight-forward.

To me, ImSold! is a fresh and fun platform for you to save money.
You know how student's spending power is not that high.
You also know how girls only wear their clothes once or twice.
We like to be fashionable.
Get something decent, wear, you're happy, keep it.
Get something decent, wear, you're unhappy, sell it off.

To me, it's about the bargains (as a buyer).
Like I bought this Topshop top for RM130, I sold it at RM30.
The buyer of my Topshop top saved RM100, not even joking.

Everyone wants to earn extra cash.
By doing so, students can earn their pocket money as a seller.
Some clothes are just sitting in your wardrobe and deep down inside,
you know, in your heart, that... you're not going to wear it again.
Just SELL lah, haha.
What’s more, it is so easy create a space and sell on this platform.
It literally will only take 3 minutes before you’re ready to sell.
Apart from that, you’re also contributing in saving the Earth in reducing the creation of waste.
Killing two birds with a stone. Isn’t it great?

Of course, while you can sign up to be a seller, you can also use the app as a user/buyer.
Items are classified into different categories for your convenience.

Ranging from Women’s Fashion to Gadgets; the choices are of varieties.

I’ve checked out the Fashion section, quite a number of the items there are a bargain. Perfect for those who are on a tight budget.
There are also interesting finds in the arts and design section – do check it out
Trust me; you’ll be surprised.

My favourite category is "BOOKS".
I saw people selling "The Fault In Our Stars" for only RM10.
It looks as good as new, still available, you guys should check it out.
Saw this seller selling new books for only RM1.
So stunned, all sold out, duh~
You can turn on the notification to receive latest deals on your mobile.

I haven't been doing book review, don't have the time, need to get back in the game soon.
Haven't been buying new books too, lost my Popular card for the second time.
I think I've already renewed 20 years, lol.
Browsed through the category and found this deal.
Jojo Moyes' One Plus One, always wanted to get it.
It's only going for RM15.
(I like the chat-to-buy function so you can contact the seller directly.
It's easy to communicate and this prevents us from buying the wrong items.)
*COD means Cash On Delivery.

Anyway, back to the bazaar.
We featured few other vendors too.

Cakes and tarts.

Jane, running the bar like a boss.

It was fun that day.
Though it started off rather slow, but I was glad that the pace picked up by the middle of the event.
I was really happy that crowd are happy when they were there;
and I was even more happier when they are really supportive of our cause in donating to PAWS.
We got to hang out with our friends and followers.
It felt great meeting new people.
Thanks to everyone who supported our bazaar.
Thanks for helping PAWS.
Last but not least, thanks ImSold! for making it awesome!


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