When they tell me about honest review

So yea, my previous post was about car care.
I'm sick of people demanding for HONEST REVIEW.
This is what I want to say:
 The coating company is owned by my best friend's boyfriend.
Yes, it's true, he's my friend.
Isn't he my friend? Best friend's boyfriend. Yes, he is my friend.
I said I was introduced by my friend.
Isn't he my friend? I was really introduced by him.
Introduced to his brand, to car coating.
Yeh, CarBuddy sounded like car wash service to me.
All I knew about CarBuddy was their car wash service.
Using some technology that only requires 2 litre of water to complete a car wash.
I was like oh cool bro, that's good, it saves water.

I got a new car, it's a big thing to me because I did it all on my own.
I feel a little proud and I really wanted to blog about it because I achieved my goal.
I always love cars, my friends know it.
I didn't blog much about it because I might appear to be a "show-off" to people.
Anyway, I shared it with my friend.
He was like you got your new car? Come do coating la, friend ma.
I was like what's coating?
*sorry about the "he was like and I was like", but you know, I'm telling you a story.
He explained how it's water repellent.
( At that time, we were at a friend's house, his car's coating was done at CarBuddy too *PAID*.
It was raining, he showed me how the rainwater flows away.)
I was like ohhhhhhhhh, that's coating, that's cool bro.
You ask me if there were so many 刚好(coincidence), there were really that many 刚好.

I'm a girl, I know no shit about car care.
Even with window tinting, my boyfriend was the one who called up for me.
You ask me about car models, I might be able to answer you because I like cars.
(Just the outlook, the design, the dashboard, I guess, lol.)
I watch Top Gear a lot years back, I only know how fast certain cars run but
 I don't know what's a V6 engine, what's a quad turbo charged engine.
I know quad turbo charged is powerful but I don't know how fast it is, prolly as fast as a Bugatti.
 Guys probably have heard about a BB cream but how many guys actually know
what does a BB cream do?
Wait, cuz I don't even know myself, lol.
It's like a foundation + concealer + sun screen.

Was on the phone with my boyfriend.
I was telling him that someone said I masked advertisement.
He was like ya you should have said your friend owns it.
1.I did say I was introduced by a friend, I even bracketed that it was sponsored.
2.Why do I need to tell the whole world my friend is the boss? He'd like his privacy too.
He wasn't even involved in this, he passed to his marketing manager.
I went through the process without him even being there.
Then, my boyfriend said he read my post and I didn't write it professionally.
 Now, here's the thing that ticked me off.

Honest review.
I was being honest.
I didn't write it professionally because I'm not a car magazine editor, I'm not a mechanic.
I'm here to write you a review as a female blogger, writing about my experience.
I don't know why I'm stereotyping myself as a female blogger, lol, but yes, this is my honest review.
I don't copy paste all the scientific facts like
The coating contains this crystal thingy, how many percent of this, does this and that.
(I did copy paste the package, even mentioned that I copied from 11street.)
I'm only writing about what I asked, what I understand, what I learnt, put it in simple English
(sorry, I only speak and write very simple English)
and try to make it more interesting for people to read, or at least my young readers to read.

Give you facts, boring.
Give you casual talking style, broken English.
 Give you my own thoughts, unprofessional.
Susah nyer.

My day went as how I typed in the previous post.
I left during the coating process too.
How is this not being honest?
The service looks fantastic, looks expensive.

X company says it has the fastest internet connection and buys a billboard saying
"X company, the fastest internet"
What are you gonna do about it?
Either buy it or not buy it.
 Is it honest?

Talk about basic ethics for bloggers.
Some say bloggers should specify it's and advertisement FIRST.
Does it mean that I can write a dishonest article or just write whatever I want
since I've already specified that it's an advertisement?
That's super easy, isn't it?
Hi, this is an ads, here are the facts.

Timothy Tiah, famous Malaysian blogger.
He wrote an advertisement about Shell fuel.
He wrote about how he grew up with Shell with his organic honest opinions.
Was he honest? Was he genuine?
Yes, I believe so.
Shell advertisement? He could have just copied and pasted facts for you to read.
He didn't, he talked about how he grew up with Shell.
I forgot how it went but I remember it was an excellent post, I loved it.
He wrote and he writes.

Not as good as him but I wrote and I still write.
I wrote one about Acer notebook.
Read it here
I swear to God that story is real.
When people know it's advertisement, they think it's fake.
I don't want to bore you with their specs, you don't want to read them but some people
do want to know what the specs are.
Specs are just extra information.

Say, you watch a touching Thai short video, in the end, it's some advertisement.
Do you feel deceived?
Maybe you do, maybe you don't.

What bloggers are trying to do, making reading more interesting, more relatable.
Trying out ourselves and write about our experiences.
Why do people do advertising?
You wouldn't have even heard about CarBuddy but now you do.
Maybe I don't do great like how the Thai advertisements touch hearts.
But I do it with my ethics and my beliefs.
Talk about "basic ethics for bloggers", this is my reply to you.
I'm not hating too.

Yes, bloggers write ads, sometimes we get paid to write ads, being creative.
Designers design, they get paid designing, being creative.
Artists draw, they get paid drawing, being creative and talented.
Singers sing, they get paid singing, being creative and talented.
Ads that you don't like to read, it's just not your type of ads.
( Newspaper is also an advertisement, a big advertisement that contains small advertisements.
Advertise about how great the government is, how great this politician is.
It's the other way round now because the headline is always bad stuff, lol. )
Swap to another medium.
Read the papers, something more professional. 
Music that you don't like listening to, maybe it's just not your type of music.
On piano, C chord, E chord, G chord are very common.
I love the sound of these chords.
Countless musicians and artistes write their music using these 3 chords.
They might sound familiar/similar to you, they might not but
it doesn't mean it's not original.
It only means some work excels and some work just doesn't.
But if you tell me that you don't like music, ok, shut it all down.
Music is just not your thing, go play sports.

Disclaimer : nobody is right about everything, I'm not right about everything,
everyone is entitled with their own opinion.

This is what I love about blogging.
It's 3:45am now, I gotta get up early tomorrow, I meant later.
Oh my.


  1. What is an honest review when you wrote "I found this new music app and I love it." in the Yonder Music sponsored post? Wow, you really found it???? Besides, Timothy told readers it was sponsored in the Shell blogpost, Xiaxue hashtag sponsoredpost in insta and put Advertorial label in her post, did you? Well, you probably did in previous blogpost, but did you bother to tell your reader on the other posts? Hmm...

  2. And I love you , and your writing, D.

  3. Daphne your makeup was so pretty when you went to... Enfin? Could you do makeup tutorials or something like that you're gorgeous 😍😍 Sorry bout this irrelevant comment! I did read your entire post ^__^

  4. I like the way you think and type it out hehe! But I agree with you, the anons in your previous post needs to chill hurhurhur


    always have, always will. preach, gurl!

  6. this is the reason i love your blog !
    i always believe every single blog you wrote are sincerity.
    no matter it is ads pay you or not, you still make a great effort .

  7. Those people just meant.. they just too free lol

  8. Interesting post, Daphne! A girl knows less about car care than a boy and it is natural. We all are acquainted with the different car models, but whenever it is about the maintenance and servicing, people lacks knowledge. No issues, as there are lots of info available in the web to make us aware of all about car maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is the optimum that you can do for your beloved car. I appreciate that you honestly rate your experience with your new car. Keep posting!


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