My First Car + Car Care

I always love cars.
I don't know why I grew up liking cars and watching football, probably got it from my dad.
My favourite cars are Range Rover Vogue and Mercedes G class (63 AMG), oh yums.
Goals? No, more like dreams, haha!

Anyway, I've always been independent.
I've been supporting myself ever since I graduated from high school.
I always wanted to get a car on my own but I always gave that thought up because
I have more responsibilities than this.
I can't just get a car because I like it, I want it.
After years of consideration and years of hard work.
I did it.
I got myself the biggest Christmas gift last December.
It's not my dream car but it's more than I expected, a practical one.

I'm new at taking care of a car, my own car.
I'm going to share about car window tinting and car coating in this post.
I genuinely want to share with you all about good deals and share about the things I learnt.
I think this will help girls a lot if you are as clueless as me on car care.
Guys reading this post must be like "pfffftt, girls~"

The car dealership gave me RM500 voucher on window tinting but
the service would cost me RM2500.
So, taking RM500 off, I still need to pay RM2000 for window tinting.
I consulted my boyfriend, as stereotype as it sounds, he's a guy, he really does know more about cars.
What he did was, he went on Groupon and looked at the deals and specs offered.
He told me not to buy it off Groupon but to just look at the price and specs.
What is the lowest they can go for certain specs.

1.Getting the darkest shade doesn't mean heat rejection is high
(you might even get summoned by JPJ)
2.UV Rays rejected is mostly 99% ( don't get fooled)
3.What you really have to look at is the Infrared heat rejection, mine is about 95+%
the higher it is, the more expensive it is.
4.I kept telling my boyfriend I want security film to prevent getting a smashed window easily
What is security film? It's just the thickness of the tinting film.
 2mil, 3mil, 4mil, 5mil, it depends on how thick you want to go.

I had zero knowledge about car coating and I was introduced by to Car Buddy by a friend.
He asked me if I'm interested in coating my car (sponsored) when after I collected it.
I was like what is car coating? Lol.
Little did I know that coating is a process of adding a layer of crystal coating on your car.
This prevents scratches on your car paint where crystal coating acts as a protective layer.
Here's what I learnt:
1. Anti-scratch - Scratch and stone chip resistant.
My car bonnet has already a couple of small stone chips before I sent my car for coating.
I’m used to travelling long distance and I probably got them on my way to Batu Pahat.
2. High gloss finish - Car looks super shiny, super bling.
3. Durable Protection – It prolongs intervals between car wash.
4. Anti-watermark and anti-fouling which prevents irritating dirt stains to stick on your car paint.
It does the self-cleaning magic, what I love most it when it drizzles or rains,
sometimes I don't even have to turn on the wipers because the water flows away really fast.
Water repelling windscreen and rear window.
5. It's anti corrosion and it's UV resistant which prolongs the lifespan of your car paint!
How do they do it?
You need to drop your car as early as possible; I dropped my car at 9 in the morning.
CarBuddy has an air conditioned waiting room and drinks are provided.
I actually fell asleep in the room before I uber-ed to work at 11am.

They started by thoroughly washing my car.
This I was told is to ensure that the surface is
cleared of any sort of contaminants (ie dusts, sand or dirt!).
Then, they continue by taping the gaps and windows edges of my car before polishing, I was
wondering why.
Now I realized that I asked so many questions but come on, I was really curious.
Car coating was something so new to me that I was so intrigued by this process.
They taped the gaps to prevent the rubber getting polished!

So, the next step is to start polishing my car.
In my mind, I just bought a new car so why does it require polishing? I asked again.
Polishing is to either remove surface paint defects or
to enhance surface gloss for sealant(coating) or wax protection.
Even cars fresh out of the factory will come with such defects.

I left before they started the coating process.
It needs about 4 hours to dry between layers of coating.

Look at my sexy.

Hahaha, sorry, too many pictures of my car but
I adore my car more now.
It's super bling.
This is what the Carbuddy package I got (I copied and pasted from 11street).
Got discount here, guys.
Carbuddy’s Premium Coating with 5 years warranty + 5x maintenance.
Package includes:
Paintwork : Swirl free polishing + Crystal Coating
Exterior Plastic Trim: Surface preparation + Coating
Glass: Polishing + Coating
Lights: Polishing + Coating
Full Interior Protection: Detailing + Protection
Engine Bay Protection: Detailing + Coating

CarBuddy’s Paint Coating Warranty: 5 years + 5x maintenance.
Carbuddy’s Plastic trim, glass, wheels & light coating warranty: 1 year.
Service was good, workmanship is top-notch.
Staffs are friendly and are happy to share information.
RM2411 for Carbuddy’s Premium Coating with 5 years warranty + 5x maintenance
at CarBuddy, Puchong Square.
I have 5 more times of maintenance to go.

Can't believe that I just blogged about car care, lol.
Hope it helps some people out there, especially first time car buyers, like me haha.


  1. Lol Jane's bf is one of the founders right, you should make it clear that its an ad(be it paid or unpaid), don't pretend like you really stumbled upon them yourself and deceiving your loyal readers into believing that these are your organic honest opinions... Not hating Daphne, just feel that masking ads is just not right yo #basicethicsforbloggers

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  2. AD:) Janechuck bf is one of the founders :)

  3. LOL! Bought yourself a car eh? u sure is not from someone else? LOL!

  4. Hey Daphne, your car is pretty cool and it seems like you are taking good care of it. Anyone having a look on your car once can be sure about the quality of maintenance you're performing. The interior or the engine can be taken care by the mechanic itself but the exterior can be included in DIY task. It was great getting through your guidance on above these. Thanks a lot for sharing. It is really useful for readers.


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