Music Talk : A Mix Tape

I'm supposed to go to bed now but uhm..
Feel like blogging.
I think that I go overseas at least once a month, averagely.
Tiring, really, it's just hard to blog frequently, sometimes.
Sometimes, I have a lot in mind, thoughts, that I want to share.
Usually I just don't note it down and just let it slip.

I think I was a superficial kid, maybe just not mature.
Having family issues since young makes me learn and makes me treasure some little things in life
that some/most people don't.
I don't know, maybe I'm still not very appreciative but I'm learning to be.

When I was younger, I couldn't understand what's so great about a mix tape.
A mix tape for me is a self-made, home-made compilation of songs.
Not self produced tracks but other people's track,
like a compilation of your favourite music by different favourite artists.
I always watch American drama series or American movies.
I don't get what's s great about the guy gifting a mix tape to a girl.
I would think that, hello? it's me. no I meant hello, it's just a mix tape gurl?
What's so sweet about it?
I think getting the album of her favourite artist would be sweet.
But a mix tape? You just go on the net and download songs, put them in a tape.
What's so great about it? It's lame.

I'm twenty-t-f... it's 2016 I'm aging, omg.
Happy New Year btw!
If someone ever makes me a mix, omg, I tell you.
I will... I will... Idk, play it for at least 100 times.
But of course, it has to be a good mix to touch my heart.
That's the thing, if the guy is daring enough to make you a mix.
It means that he knows what music you like or both of you just share the same sentiments.
Both of you share the same taste of music.
Music is sensitive, music is personal.
Some people enjoy certain genres, some people just don't.
People feel music differently.
Music helps people to express their feelings too.
A mix tape is something delicate, something subtle.

 Now I know what to ask for for my birthday or Christmas.

Experience, soul searching, soul grooming > material
 But sometimes some materials are satisfaction to people too.
Some are to me too.
The greed, the guilt, nobody's perfect I guess.

I always do music browsing at late nights.
I haven't done it in a while because I simply don't have the leisure.
Randomly found an old post about John Mayer on my wall.
I watched his live performance again, in fact, I just played his songs at Project Space this evening, lol.
"Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" guitar playing is for the pros.
The riffs, the chords, the notes are designed for the pros.
Not everyone can play that song.
Trust me, I tried asking people to play it, everyone tells me that it's tough.
When people tell me that they can play it and pull out an acoustic guitar.
No man, no, no no no, no man.
I know it's crazier to be able to play this song the acoustic way but man,
sorry, this song is meant for electric guitar.
You gotta play that riff that tune.

Every single time I watch live bands.
Some of the live bands are open for song requests.
I always, always, request for this song.
Hoping that someone could play it and sing it.
That would be fantastic!
I don't know what I get from that.
Just pure indulgence.
Pure enjoyment.

I know it's a sad song.
I'm not sad.
It's just crazy how much I enjoy this song.
It's a sad break up song but if my lover ever sings me this song.
That would be fucking romantic, seriously, fucking romantic.

I think I've shared this before on my blog but you can watch again, heh.

I've mentioned before that my dad used to play music.
He played acoustic guitar but he's a huge fan of electric guitar.
He used to listen to a lot of electric guitar.
I didn't think it was great when I was younger, I thought it was boyish and noisy.
I fell in love with electric guitar in recent years.

I also couldn't understand what is so great about John Mayer years back.
To me, he was just a playboy (lol, who am I to judge? lol lol)
But dayummmmm, I learnt that he's super talented.

This version is not as good as the one before because
the sound quality is not good but the solo is crazy, it's crazy.
Check 2:53min+ , 3:10min, 4:28min onwards, not even kidding you.
His skill... it's unbelievable.

Sometimes, I just don't understand how I can talk about a particular song for so long.
I just wrote an essay about a song.
What the hell.
I have an early meeting tomorrow!
Good night, xx.


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  1. I like it when you write something about music, thank you for sharing!


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