Hennessy Artistry Shanghai

Got the opportunity to travel to China for 2015 Hennessy Artistry Shanghai
with my friends and the MHD team last December.
One of the best media trips I've ever been on.
Ash, Jane, Brian, Cherrie, Cherry, Terrence, Kevin and me.
Ya, Cherrie and Cherry, lol.
8 of us, we slayed partying at Shanghai, we were the party, we STILL ARE the party, haha.

I had never been to China before this.
The MHD team gives me a very good impression of Shanghai because they made it so fun!
First thing first, I want to talk about our stay in Shanghai.
Park Hyatt Shanghai, 79th-93rd floor of the skyscraper Shanghai World Financial Centre.
5-star luxury high rise hotel.
The artistes were staying over at the same hotel too.
Coolest thing is that we bumped into Rita Ora and her crew while checking in.
I was super star struck, I just went like O_O

Night view.

Day view

Super sleek rooms.
Imagine waking up to this everyday.

First dinner at Maison de'l Hui.
Finely-prepared Chinese cuisine.
We chit-chatted over dinner, acoompanied with some Hennessy V.S.O.P. on the rocks.
Dinner was amazing.

As I just mentioned that we are the party!
We first went to the Bund Bar Rouge for a bottle of Hennessy.
Then, headed to MYST Club for our "cardio" session, lol.
We partied all out, sweated all out, we even went to the dance floor.
Brian is a world-class dancer, he's going to audition for a role in Magic Mike.
Just joking but who know, Asian style Magic Mike, haha.

 Shots shots shots shots shots shots!!!!

The next day before the show.
We got some time to go for sight-seeing and some xiao lung baos.
Our snapchat is hilarious.
Ash and I reenact a scene from "Fresh Off The Boat", lol.
I just made my snapchat public, do follow me at @daphnecharice but please don't screenshot, lol.

Then, it was time to interview Rita Ora.
I was super nervous meeting her.
(Thanks Hennessy Malaysia for hooking up!)
She has a strong personality, she's confident when she speaks.
Super down-to-Earth and easy going.
I started knowing her since "How We Do" blew up.
I saw her making a cameo in "Empire", I was so excited.
I did ask her about acting and she told me that there's more to come on acting.
Just can't wait for it and I can't wait for her next album, releasing soon.

We went back to the hotel to freshen up for the Star-Studed 2015 Hennessy Artistry.

Over a decade, Hennessy Artistry has been inviting dream-pursuing musicians to perform on stage.
Hennessy Artistry is a global music platform that takes place in more than 40 countries.
I've attended 2 Hennessy Artistry events in Malaysia before and I always have fun.
You know how much I love music and I get to see artistes that I admire.
Keep what you're doing, Hennessy Artistry!
This time in Shanghai, Hennessy Artistry features Rita Ora, Lucky J and Laure Shang.

The night kicked off with Lucky J taking to the stage with their popular hits “Can You Hear Me".
When cultures in the East and West meet, sparks fly.
Jessi's vocal skill is crazy and she's really hot, she's made for the stage!
 Enjoyed their Korean hip hop + R&B stage performance.
Oh, they sand "Battle Scars" by Guy Sebastian, I enjoyed it a lot.

Followed by Laure Shang Wenjie who pushed the energy levels of the
crowd further with her powerful vocals singing "Let's get started".

Her vocal was flawless, flaw-less.
She has got great moves too.
We were all jumping and singing out loud.
Loved it when she did the "

And yeah, we can't party without Hennessy VSOP ;)

 Then, we went Hai Di Lao for late dinner.
The party continued in the club.
Whatever happens in Shanghai, stays in Shanghai ;)

Shout out to Hennessy Malaysia for the awesome trip!

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