Vegas baby!

Everyone knows that I love music.
I'm always trying to keep up with the music scene.
I'm always on music apps, YouTube to discover latest/new music.
I also listen to random playlists to find "treasure", haha.

I found this new music app and I love it.
It's called Yonder Music.
Yonder Music is the digital music service that appeals to the 99% of human kind  '.
No subscription fee.
No advertisements/commercials.
No download data charges.

Yonder shifts the responsibility for paying for digital music from consumers to
device manufacturers and more particularly mobile network operators.
It benefits us as consumers.

Here's my review. 
After you listen to a track on Yonder Music, it will be automatically downloaded to your device.
Time saving, hassle free, convenient, easy.
You can listen to the tracks offline and online.
Before this, I had to download manually and add to my playlist. Or have to pay monthly subscription to get music offline feature.
With Yonder Music, you just have to search for the song, listen to it and
it will be progressively downloaded to your phone.
It is "Always On".

Play continuously, stream any songs you like, whenever wherever however you want!

As I mentioned, you can listen to the tracks offline and online.
Offline means no internet data will be used while playing the tracks. And you can play it even at places without wifi/mobile connection. i.e. if you are in the lift, on a plane, at a resort with NO internet (imagine the disaster!!)
I get very frustrated when I don't pay subscription fee for a music app,
they will tell me to go online and stream the music, it drains my data.

Anyway, you can check their website here.
Download and Activate Yonder Music on the App Store ( or 
Google Play Store (
and start playing your favourite music now.

Me, being in my zone.

Yonder is very user-friendly.
It lets me interact with my followers too.
Many of you always ask me for my playlist.
Now you can see my playlist on Yonder Music.

Jane and I are always sharing new and good music with each other.
So happy that we get to be on this Yonder Music campaign together!
Jane, Brian and me with the mystery truck.
I love this truck, I had to climb onto it.

Jane and I thought that we won't have our own daphchuck trip this year but
thanks to Yonder, it's happening!!!
It's one of the friendship goals we want to achieve.
We are going to Las Vegas to watch BRUNO MARS!

Last year, both of us went to Australia to see Lorde.
This year, Vegas baby, for Bruno Mars, I can't believe it!!!

You can be one of the 25 winners to win an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas!!!
What's even better? YOU CAN BRING YOUR FRIEND.

Activate your Yonder Music now and create a playlist with Bruno Mars' song in it.
Follow Yonder Music Malaysia on Facebook where winners will be announced there!
For details on contest, you can find it here:
Yonder Music is exclusive for Celcom subscribers,
No subscription fee and Zero Data Charges!!

Good luck, xx!!!

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