I'm moving out of www.daphnecharice.com

I can't believe that I let it happen again.
I first started blogging using daph-kisses.blogspot.com
Then I trusted some bastard to change to daphkisses.com
(who has been using my blog to earn money from Google
and did not pay me a single cent, he owns my daphkisses.com)
He didn't want to pay me or give it back to when I asked from him.

So I moved.
I, then, bought www.daphnecharice.com using my Aussie credit card.
Until last 2 weeks I received email from Google saying that I have to pay for renewal.
I kept trying to change my billing details but I just can't sign in.
Then, today I received an email saying that my account has been paid through godaddy.
I'm like wtf? I did not pay that shit.
Who paid that shit?
It means someone has been paying for my domain.
Godaddy must've auctioned it.
Omg, I'm so angry right now.
I let it happen again.

 Owning or not owning a website.
Omg, this is frustrating.
Although there is only 88 followers on my Google account now
because google just introduced this google + shit that not many youngsters are using in Malaysia
but my google account www.daphnecharice.com has garnered 30,172,256 views.

Views or not views.
I'm moving out of here.
 I now have to think of a new username.
If you have any suggestion, please do leave me a comment.
I'm so angry at myself because I don't know what to do.
I called godaddy they are so not helpful, OMG, keep asking me for 4 digit pin.
I asked if I can provide any other sort of verification, she just said no.
Wtf? I'm so angry at myself.
I write a long ass email to Google but I don't think they will help either.
Or maybe not in a short period of time.

Wanna kill that bugger who bought my domain. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I'm moving.



  1. That's so mean of whoever it is! But daphnecharice is you and you are daphnecharice =/

  2. i feel u..previously i also faced the same problem..now i just stick with former free blogspot domain.

  3. But when I surf www.daphnecharice.com, it still leads to your blog? Or is it that soon it will lead to another website? :O

    x NicoleYie.com

  4. Daphnie Charice? This username ok Daphne jie? Daphne how do you get so many views? And how to earn money from Nuffnang? I don't even know how to earn money from Nuffnang. :(

  5. not again? been following since daphkisses!
    really cant fix it?

  6. Hey I'm sorry to hear that.For the name suggestion,how about daphchuck? haha I just find that name really cute.

  7. What about deaftune.com hehe? But anyway you have to tell us where u moving to so that I could continue reading your blog! Love your blogposts/writing and I am gonna miss this space so muchh!


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