Random : Resting B*tch Face

Let's do the random things happening/random facts about me again.
I know some of you love this because... I can be very funny. Sometimes.

1. I had otak-otak and porridge for dinner.

2. I've been coughing for a week now, ever since I touched down in Malaysia.

3. Still singing though, pfft.

4. I don't know why is everyone picking on Drake's dance moves in "Hotline Bling".
I love dem moves, dat guy chillin' doug, lol.

5. Confession: I love Justin Bieber's new music, a lot.

6. A client told me that I have a resting bitch face (she wan't mean).
Well, my friends tell me that too, all the time (lol, so pathetic).
I was quite upset, I was always upset about my bitch face, loll.
The next day, I went to see doctor Rachel.
I was like "hi doctor, can you fix my bitch face?"
Maybe make my face fatter.
She did the "apple cheeks" thing (chinese direct translation game strong).
She pumped my cheeks up a bit.
Can't wait to see the good result days later.
I'll post it on instagram.
This is super random but yeah...

7. Oh, thought of one, something more random.
I was on a date with ma boy.
We were fooling around.
I was messing with his cap and he pushed me, I nearly flew (too skinny kot), lol.
We were laughing happily.
*Insert Korean drama cheesy unrealistic dating scenes*
Then, I went to the toilet.
I came out from my cubicle.
There were two very very pretty young girls (man, I feel old).
Girl one : "Congratulations!"
Me : "Wait. Whut? Wot? Huh? Congratzzzz.zzz..whutts?"
Girl one : "You seem very happy with him."
Ini macam korean drama, like I stole her boyfriend, no la, joking, hahaha.
Girl two : "Congratulations! Daphne! We're happy for you!"
Aiyo, how can you all be so cute, I cannot...
To the two cute girls, sorry if I looked awkward because I didn't know how to react.
Go congratulate ma boi cuz he lucky yo, lol.
Thanks for being so sweet to me, thank you ALL.

8. My goodness, I cannot stop listening to "Drunk in Love".

9. I do random singing on Periscope now.
It's fun, I'm new, I heard that followers can replay my live stream in 24hours.
Yes, I'm live streaming while typing this.

10. Currently listening to Chinese song, lol.

11. Finished editing a video filmed in Gold Coast and Brisbane.
Stay tuned!

12. My favourite snack now is Pepero!!!


  1. as a reader i really can feel that you are so happy recently hahahahha cos no more emo post. and Yes, i think most reader love this daphne. and congratz daphne!!!! MUAHAHA (being keypo

  2. may I know what camera is that? thank you...


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