Perfect Straight

So many of you always ask me what shampoo do I use.
I've been using Sunsilk Perfect Straight for a while now.
I did swap to Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable in between.
I'm back to Sunsilk Perfect Straight now because I really love the smell of the purple variant.
I also really have no time to straighten my hair,
so I just use Sunsilk Perfect Straight to keep my hair straight, it's easier to maintain.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight contains the Straight Lock™  technology
which helps ensure alignment of hair strands.
It is co-created by renowned straight hair expert, Yuko Yamashita.

My hair is at a very awkward length now.
If I curl it, I'll look old.
If I do a slight wave, my face will look chubby.
Hence, blow drying is enough.
Wash, conditioning, blow dry, DONE.
You get the beautifully straight hair but not flat.
You can actually leave your hair to dry naturally, you'll still have the straight hair.
When I have time to chill at home, I leave it to dry naturally.
When I need to get ready to go out, I usually blow dry my hair.

Another thing I realized is that Sunsilk Perfect Straight helps improve straightness
until the next wash depending on users' activity, wash frequency,
styling and hair care products used, exposure to different environment, etc.

Sometimes, I still have straight hair the next morning I wake up, haha.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight also helps prevent from frizzy looking hair as hair dries after wash.
I like to tie my hair up when I'm working on something.
Making coffee, doing dishes, blogging, driving ++
I like how my hair still stays straight after being tied and let go.
Most importantly, my hair won't go frizzy-looking.

Besides having straight hair, Sunsilk Perfect Straight improves manageability of hair
for beautifully neat appearance to help reinforce one's confidence.
Nothing is better than a good hair day!
Start having good hair days (:

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