Everyone knows that I love music.
Music is a form of art.
As you know, I always share about the music I love, the art I love.
Brit music, Irish music, local art and photography, everything amazing.
We recently approached local photographer TTFGA to do his exhibition at Project Space too.
I have a strong passion for art.
I always try to encourage people, especially youngsters to appreciate art, all forms of art.
The art scene is Malaysia is not bad but not too good, still picking up.
I'll keep doing what I do, spreading good music, great art.
Thanks Petrosains for appreciating my passion for art.
Thanks for inviting me to the launch of the ILLUSION exhibition.
It's a mind blowing exhibition from Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.
 ILLUSION exhibition is a fusion of science, art and psychology.
You know how science can be boring even though it's very interesting.
What this exhibition does is, it joins magic with psychology, optical illusions with
scientific reasoning and confusion with clarity.

Welcome remarks by Chief Executive Officer of Petrosains Sdn. Bhd.-
Yang Mulia Tengku Nasariah Tengku Syed Ibrahim.

Followed with a speech by Irish Ambassador to Malaysia -
His Excellency Ambassador Designate Eamon Hickey.

(His accent reminds me so much of my favourite band, Kodaline.
Duh, of course, they are Irish, lol.)

Not to forget the performance by "The Young KL Singers".
They gave Yuyu and me serious goosebumps.

Then, it was time to tour "ILLUSION: Nothing Is As It Seems" Exhibiton.

ILLUSION explores the myriad of ways the mind is tricked through sensory deception.
It helps us investigate how perception underpins the way we see, feel, think and understand.

Can you see me on the screen?

This one here has got a touch sensor.
It's so interesting.
You can catch these virtual bugs and they will travel to your body.
They were crawling on my skin.

Bottle Magic.
The question is...
how did they put the converse shoes into the jar?

 Watch the world distort before your eyes.

It is the first time that Petrosains is hosting an exhibition with such popular youth appeal and
a cross genre between science, art and illusion.
Petrosains hopes to attract a more sophisticated audience from the youths.
I was surely hooked, you guys should really check this exhibition out.
 It's only a 4-month-long exhibition, starting from 4th September 2015 to the 10th of January 2016.

One of the most impressive - the Counter by Anthony Murphy
It's a video-mapped structure.
Very tricky, it forges relationships between the digital and the physical elements of the piece.
Let me show you.

This is the cube.

Now, see how it changed but it really didn't.
Your mind tricked you.

It's amazing how art ignites interest and cultivates passion in people.
I walked into this room, I was so blown away.
It's beautiful.

I call this the strings of stars.

Saw a figure sitting inside?
It's just illusion.
It's a floating figure in a constellation of quartz crystal stars.
Absolutely alluring and stunning!

This exhibition recently showcased in Charlotte, North Carolina and San Diego, California.
Now in their first venue in Asia, Petrosains, Kuala Lumpur,
it really is a MUST-VISIT MUST-SEE exhibition.
For more information on opening hours, visit

Jessica and yours truly (:
We had so much fun at the exhibition.

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, is a non-profit set-up established by Petronas
to extend its commitment in the pillar of education by
providing a rich and stimulating environment to enhance science literacy.
I think what they are doing is very admirable.
Do support such a meaningful movement, be sure to catch this exhibition soon!

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  1. what a great u know how long it will be held there? any specific period?
    i love ur pictures with the string of stars! so amazing :)


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