Gold Coast and Brisbane 1

It was my first time travelling to Queensland.
I love Australia, I used to study in Perth.
I've visited Sydney before and I love Sydney.
My friends and I got the chance to go around Gold Coast and Brisbane last month.

View of the beach from our hotel, Surfers Paradise.

It was such a great trip, schedule-packed, exciting and memorable.
It was to celebrate Ben's birthday (Ben is Natalie's boyfriend).
They are like dad and mum to Jane, Ashley and me, haha.

Check the night view of Brisbane city, so amazing.

Jane and I have not only a concert-to-go list but a bucket list.
We always always always wanted to go for skydiving and we made it!
Jane, Ash and I were keen to experience skydiving.
Ben is afraid of heights, hahaha but we made him go for the SkyPoint Climb.
He was shaking, hahaha, I'll elaborate more in the next post.
We made Natalie join us for skydiving, she was so scared but she loves it now
after jumping off a plane 12000feet above.

We are still working on our travel vlog.
I made a short video here.
This is how I annoy Jane and Ash all the time.
They are very good at rolling their eyes.
I thought it was funny, so I filmed it whenever I sang to them.

We went for a hot air balloon ride.
It was fantastic, TWO COUPLES PROPOSED.
It was wonderful and romantic.
I'll compile all the pictures and write a detailed blog post about the trip, stay tuned.
We are best friends but our bond grew stronger after this trip.
Queensland is such a nice place to travel too.
There are so many things to do there, so many activities we'd never tried before and now we have.
The rainforest land, I'll never forget how I was chased by a turkey, lol.
The beach, the feeling stepping on soft sand, soaking up the sun while paddle boarding.
Enjoy the breeze and fresh air in the skies of the outback.
We did so many things together and we look out for each other throughout the trip.

Friend4eva, mates (:


  1. hooray for your friendship!! I laughed so hard when I was watching the video. I love to annoy my BFF like this! hahaha

  2. do you mind sharing what camera are you using?


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