PETRONAS Kad Mesra Movie

Ash and I got invited to the "PETRONAS Kad Mesra Movie" event last week.
That's what you get being a PETRONAS user.
Rewards, rewards and rewards...
PETRONAS always finds ways to reward their customers.
Kad Mesra is a loyalty card for PETRONAS users.
Just swipe your Kad Mesra before pumping fuel.
You get to collect points and then, redeem premium prizes.

Just like this event, we get to watch the movie PAN for freeeeeeeeee.
Petronas booth at TGV cinema in 1 Utama.

It really was a 5-star event because we also had buffet dinner at Indulge TGV!

It was like a gathering, got to see my friends.
Every time I see Cik Epal's son, gerammmmmmm... (in a nice way)
Got to carry him and I didn't want to let go, hahaha.
He doesn't cry, he doesn't make noise, not even a single pout, a very good boy.
Steady, always steady at events.
I justwant to bring him home, haha!

So nice that they get to spend family time at events, like this movie night.
I saw families at the event, enjoying good food and good company.
Such a great way to reward customers.

It's a blur picture because I took the picture without focusing to avoid the flashlight hurting his eyes.
So thoughtful, I know, haha!
*cubit cubit*

Representative from PETRONAS was telling us more about
Kad Mesra's limited edition redemption.
This promotion will be implemented at over 795 PETRONAS stations
(with Kedai Mesra) nationwide.
It is a nationwide promotion to reward PETRONAS customers for their constant support,
presenting them with values beyond just fuel.

Redemption items are well made with great quality.
Customers will need to full up a simple form to indicate that they receive the items in good condition.
Don't you worry about poor quality or faulty defects.
PETRONAS got it under control!

Moving on to the redemption items, they include
Backpack Bag, Duffle Bag and Flat Brim Cap.
I am team Duffle Bag, I like it the most.
They are all cotton lining and come with the PETRONAS PRIMAX Championship Logo.
Ya, these merchandises will make you look as cool as Lewis Hamilton, haha.
You get to redeem these merchandises with less Mesra points during promotion period
15 September to 15 November.
Backpack Bag at 5000 points, now 4000
Duffle Bag at 4500, now 3500
Flat Brim Cap at 3500, now 2500

Had such a pleasure to speak to the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Director of
PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd, Mr. Ibrahimnuddin.
A down-to-Earth, friendly man.
Keep up your good work with PETRONAS, sir!
Malaysia Boleh!!!

Remember to get your Kad Mesra soon!
For more info, please visit:


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