Music Talk : Queen Beyonce

Haven't done music talk for quite a while now.
Today's artiste will be Beyonce.
Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter
I'm not a crazy fan of hers, I do not qualify to be, lol.
Still, I'm a fan.
When people ask me, who I want to be in my next life.
My answer will always be Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce.
She can sing, she can dance, she can act, she can write songs, she produces tracks,
she has got a pretty face, pretty body,
great personality, great business mind, strong mind.
I know nobody is perfect but she seems perfect to me, at least, closest to perfection.

Think about the power couples, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Now the new Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.
Ahhh, no one beats Beyonce and Jay-Z.
Although we only see the surface of everything but Beyonce and Jay-Z are so.. solid.
I don't know why I choose the word solid.

Married to Jay-Z, mother a daughter, Blue Ivy.

I know about Beyonce since the Destiny's Child.
If you don't know about Destiny's Child, it was one of the most famous girl groups 10-20years ago.
The very first solo I heard from Beyonce was "Crazy in Love".
I still remember that they play it on the tv almost every evening.
I was about 10-11, I would wait for the evening show to finish, so they would play that music video.

The first memory that I have of a music video is definitely No Doubt's "Don't Speak", I was four.
Lol, this is random, but yea, it played on the tv every evening for a period of time.
I love that song, I loved it, I used to wait in front of the tv for that song to play.

There's also vague memory of Eagles' live performance of "Hotel California".
Can't find a clear version of the visual, this is the closest I can get.
It's the exact same video I watched over and over again because my dad played it almost every night.
I loved the drum playing with bare hands, I used to imitate it, lol.

Lol, back to Beyonce.
"Crazy in Love" made me fall so in love with Beyonce.
That was when Jay-Z and Beyonce started dating, I don't know if it's true but that's what I read, lol.
Who wouldn't fall for her?

I find that Beyonce is the only one who looks gorgeous since debut, since birth, since day one lol.
There was no bad picture, bad make up.
None, pretty face all the way, hot body all the way.

One of the most iconic dance moves.

She is a modern day feminist.
Her songs are mostly about love, relationships and female empowerment.
From what I read, she runs world tours with an all-female band, all-female dance crew.

Pretty sure she went through vocal training but she was born with the talent.
Her voice, her vocal, nobody can sing "Listen" better than her, no-bo-dy.

1:43min she hit it
but I wish she sang the original note at 1:55min

Her choreographed performance, her tough dance moves, her energetic stage presence.
No matter how hard she dances on stage, she never leave her vocal out.
She can still every high note perfectly.
I wonder how she does it.
It's like you're singing and performing while you're running in a treadmill.

Don't shit yourself watching this live performance.
Nobody does a better Super Bowl performance than Beyonce, no-bo-dy.
1:06min that falsetto.
1:20min that walk that stance, homg.
2:20min that energy.
3:55min I really love that move, haha.
8:11min if you didn't know about Destiny's Child as I mentioned above, here, a reunion.
10:11min I LOVE HER T_T

Talk about a performance, normally a duration of 3-5minutes.
This is a 15-minute long performance.
I don't think I can run on the treadmill at such speed for 15minutes, lol.

I can't imagine the hard work she went through/she has to go through to be this perfect.
I don't know how much practice, how much training she went through, goes through.
She's named one of the best entertainers in the world.
I think she and Michael Jackson stand together as the best entertainers.
I can't think of anybody else, tho I love Ed Sheeran so much.
His performance was the best to me so far.
I guess it's just different genre of music and difference type of performance.
The worst thing is that I HAVE NOT WATCHED BEYONCE LIVE.
She has always been number two on my list, after Ed Sheeran.
I have now seen Ed Sheeran live, Beyonce is first on the list now.

Love this acoustic cover of "Drunk in Love".
Ed Sheeran x Beyonce, how incredible.

Nonetheless, no cover beats her stage performance again.
This is my favourite live performance video of Beyonce.
I like this song so much, I like to rap to this all the time.
It can't be embedded, so watch here,


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