So Compact

Today's topic is kinda awkward but I don't mind talking about this.
I'm very open about this because I feel that there's nothing to be ashamed of or
to be embarrassed about.
Yeap – I am going to talk about the “week of the month”.

As I said, menstruation is nothing to be ashamed of.
This is funny but my staffs have the period app installed and they have my "date" recorded.
They said they need to take caution to not step on my foot when I have my PMS.
PMS means PreMenstruation Syndrome.
Symptoms include acne, bloating, extreme MOOD CHANGE, lol.

While I am comfortable with my staff knowing my “week of the month” and
doesn’t really matter taking out my pad in front of them, it sometimes still feels kinda awkward.
But we have no choice but to bring them anyway, right?
That’s when the geniuses from Sofy come to rescue.
Recently, I was told that Sofy had launched Malaysia’s first compact napkin.
What's napkin? Yes, it is sanitary pad.
What's Sofy? Sofy is a Japanese sanitary napkin product brand.
Not biased at all but I really like everything Japanese, lol.

Back to the latest product, compact napkin.
They really are very compact.
Believe it or not, it is 1/2 the size of a palm.
You know, napkins normally look very "napkins-like", lol.
White plastic and quite bulky.
Sometimes girls have to really squash it to hide it while holding it to avoid embarrassment.
Sofy Compact is so compact that you can just casually hold it.

I travel a lot for concerts.
This just happened a while ago.
I was in Singapore for a concert, I travelled with these Sofy napkins.
The yellow-orange ones are the smallest Sofy Compact.
It's pocket magic and it really comes in handy.
I also got to avoid unnecessary awkwardness and embarrassment.
Just slide them in the pocket of your tote bag.
When you need it, take it out and walk like a fashionista... to the washroom, lol.
Yes, I want to look stylish all the time, even my sanitary pads have to look cool.

The day after I got back from Singapore and I hung out with a friend.
Well, I had to go to the washroom to do my thing.
My friend asked what is it that I'm holding?
I told him to guess.
Guess what he said? Lol.
Hahahahahahaha, it's sanitary napkins.
"Are you serious? They don't look like pads!!!"
Yup, Sofy Compact packaging wins big time right here!

Plus I just got back from a concert.
He thought that I bought different colours of bandanas, lol.
They actually do look super slick and dapper.

It's available in 3 sizes.
Day use 21cm and 24cm, night use 30cm.

My goodness, look at the packaging.
How are Japanese so good at packaging.
Nobody would know what this is, really, no one knows.

People always tell me that I'm boring because I like almost everything black and white.
Sometimes, I feel that my life lacks colours, lol.
This napkin adds colour to my life.
So chic, smaller than my iPhone.

Initially I was skeptical when I had my hands on these napkins.
Ashley and I were discussing.
"Sure or not? So small! Can absorb?"
I was thinking it would overflow easily and it would feel too wet and uncomfortable.
Surprisingly, sur-pri-sing-ly, for a size like this,
the center absorption core is extraordinarily and unexpectedly powerful.
 It absorbs liquid to the bottom during day and night.
I don't know if it's Japanese technology, I assume it is, very impressive absorption.

This blue night use Sofy Compact is so stylish that it actually fits my outfit, lol.
All blue for the night!

Sofy Compact adds colour to my monochrome life, lol.
Thanks for making menstruation easier!
You girls do try it out and experience the magic.
More info here : Sofy Website
                      : Sofy FB link


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