Project Space Coffee, SS15, Subang Jaya

A lot of people tell me that everything is easy for me because
I'm sorta popular on social media IN MALAYSIA and that
my best friend is one of the most famous Chinese social media influencers in Malaysia.
Yes, Jane Chuck and I have been friends for about 9 years now.
We have a lot in common, we so happen to have a same dream too.
We've achieved it since January 2015 with our partners, Redford and Ronald.
Project Space was born, yes, born.

Honestly, nothing comes easy.
Why didn't I blog about Space earlier?
I didn't want to use the social media "popularity" to be the attraction.
I want Space to attract people for its good coffee and distinct style.
Today, I feel the need to blog about Project Space because I want to say something.
I have passion for coffee, for pastries, for art, for music.
Project Space is a combination of these elements.

Yet, I feel frustrated that people do not appreciate it.
I know that the attraction of Project Space is Jane Chuck.
We all know that, I'm not jealous, she's my partner, my BFF.
The more the merrier come for Jane, I'm happy, WE are all happy, haha.
She tries very hard to lay low because she wants people to appreciate Space for Space.
Not to come see her but of course, if you ever see her in the store.
Ask for a picture, ask all you want, she's nice.
 We want people to come chill, to come enjoy a nice cup of coffee, 
to feel at home, at ease, enjoy the sunray in an air conditioned room.
We want to push and encourage coffee culture in Malaysia.
When I worked in Aussie, I made like 462019283cups of take away coffee in the morning.
People appreciate coffee for coffee but in Malaysia, people only appreciate
instagrammable-nice-coffee-art coffee.
We thought about that, yup, we give it to you.
We created a pretty instagrammable place for pictures because we are instagrammers too.
Look at Space's every corner, it's instagrammable and Pinterest-like.
Sorry, getting a little too proud right here, sorry!

Ok, back to it.
Why named it Space?
Do you think about outer space or distance space?
Now, that's the thing, it's up to you, it's up to your imagination.
I wanted it to be cool.
Like when your friend calls you and asks you where you are.
You be like "I'm in Space!"
He/she be like "What?"
"I'm in Space!"
"What Space?"
"Space Coffee, lol."
This happened a few times when I was serving customers.
I felt so good inside, I was like yes, that was what I wanted.

I forked up all my savings to have Project Space, when I said all, it was all.
I worked hard when I was studying in Aussie.
The exchange rate was good and so I had my lifelong savings and the Aussie dollars.
I'm inexperienced, although I'm a hospitality field graduate but running a business is totally new.
I ordered the coffee machine, grinder, chiller, I was and I am very hands on.
I designed the bar, it was too narrow. 
I also didn't do well on planning the pipings.
 I'm like a lost small girl wanting to do something big, I tried so hard.
 I rushed the contractor like I knew anything at all, I didn't and I still don't, haha.
Thank God for Redford, he's like our leader.

I love to be outdoor, I like to enjoy my coffee outdoor.
Most of my friends don't because it's really hot and humid in Malaysia.
 I was thinking why not have both?
So, we decided to break half of the wall down and put glasses on, despite the high cost.
Now you have the sun in an air conditioned room.
Take as many pictures as you want.

I'm sorry that I'm in all the pictures, just bear with me, lol.

At the mean time, we went to coffee classes.
Our sifu is the famous Joey Mah, the owner of Artisan Roastery and Three Little Birds Coffee.
 We learnt the basics, we learnt tasting, we learnt how to make coffee.
We also learnt a little about bean roasting.

Moving on to the coffee bean we use.
We use coffee bean from Artisan Roastery, direct trading, medium roast.
We like it more acidic than bitter, more fruity.
We have our own Space blend, we also change coffee bean from time to time.
Sometimes single origin, sometimes blend.
Columbian, Brazilian, Indonesian +++
They are all high quality coffee beans, roasted with love and care, great taste too. 
I want people to know that you cant define or judge/decide a nice cup of coffee.
It's personal preference.
Some people like it bitter, some like it weak, some like it acidic.
What do you like?

The first three months, I worked almost everyday.
I think my skin is permanently damaged from all the dish washing, lol lol lol.
I worked non stop until at some point, I had to let go and let my baristas take over.
So, I have time to do other things, like singing, blogging and going for concerts.
(Some dumbfck thinks I only worked 3 months in Space, yes really, I opened my business,
I worked only three months, then I totally just left it and never went back, yes, he's right! ,,l,,)

My nose bled many times while I worked, probably cause of the hot bar.
Btw, that's my partner, Redford, pretending to care about me when he does not at all, haha!

Staffing, I love my staffs.
I know that people come and go.
I appreciate every single one of them and they know it.
I love my staffs and I know that my staffs love me too.
Working at Space, we share books, we share our music playlists.
We share about everything, they really are very helpful.

Talk about music.
Danial and Alisya like the rap music.
I like the emo ones.
TK and Vins listen to everything.
CK likes dem Click Fives and American Rejects.
I don't know what Jon and Kimbo really like, probably chill EDM.
We always share new and nice music.

There's this girl.
She comes to Project Space almost everyday now.
She's always studying, we wondered why Space everyday.
She said we play good music, the drinks are good and it's so cozy that she can study here.
I was like awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so much love to her.
That's how I want people to feel.

We insist on using black and white with a lot of grey tone.
Very minimalist concept, also fits our name, spacious, no cluttery.

Logo designed by my partner, Ronald.

For our chocolate drinks, we use 70.5% Belgian Dark Chocolate buttons.
We mix with Valrhona cocoa powder.
We do not use artificial syrup at all.
Jane and I insist so much that we don't want to use any syrup or premix.
We used to get complaints about the chocolate not being sweet.
Again, it's personal preference, I really like dark chocolate.
We started adding a small spoon of sugar just to fit the crowd's preference.
Happy to do it for our customers.

This is how thick the chocolate is.
We melt and stir it until it gives a shine, bling bling.

Jane wants Project Space to be a creativity hub.
It really is one.
We do exhibitions, we do bazaar, sometimes I have my mini singing session here, lol. 
We designed totes and we sold totes, well actually Ashley designed the totes.
She's very talented and she baristas at Space sometimes too.
It really is one creativity hub, look at our instagram to find out.
You guys are awesome, look at dem beautiful pictures.

We were featured on Elle Malaysia for the Accessories Story exhibition by TTFGA.

What triggered or inspired me to blog about this is that...
You know, Jane and I are no dumb girls.
Jane is a DJ, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a photographer, a personality and she's an ARTIST.
Appreciate her work of art, she's so talented, I want everyone to see that side of her.
I'm not successful but hey, at least I'm trying?
Some think that we only flaunt our outfits, our bags, our good food, our nice life.
Everyone is working so hard for their life, NOT JUST YOU.
You might see the glorious side of our life but you don't see what's beneath.
It seems like we are always working so hard to prove a statement.
I don't like it when people say that Space is something solely because Jane is the owner.
(Well, of course, my baby is awesome too.)
We put our heart and soul into it.
Space is good because it's Space.
Space is also good because Space's owners are damn good, thanks, lol.
Space is good because Space is art.


  1. Thank you for sharing your real feelings and thought.You got me change my view of you after reading this post☺ Just be the real you and don't have to care how other people say.
    I have never been to Project Space yet, am looking forward to go��

  2. Really hope that I can drop by there one day :) ❤

  3. Went Project Space before.
    A cafe which had a good environment for hangout with friends and work on projects.
    Keep it on Daph! :)

  4. I had pay a visit here last time during the space bazaar. I wonder how the cafe is look like that is own by famous personalities. And I wander how the food look like as well.

    For the chocolate drink, I felt like it taste so average like how every cafe taste like. Haha, you should have blog the behind the scene, hehe. many of us are wandering to see as well.

    I can feel the nice enironment music, even I dropped by there for only 1 time. The music here is so different from other cafe. Distinctly different.

  5. Definitely will drop by when I come to KL next time, hope to meet you there and wish i have the courage to say hi with you. Jia you !!

  6. But have you ever thought of this:
    If SPACE isn't owned by you and jane chuck, i am quite confident to say that it would be an infamous cafe until today! You can't deny that you and jane chuck actually use a lot of your personal fame to push this cafe up on the social media. So more than half of its success, comes from personal fame!

    Anyway i like you daphne, since the days you and jane were still very active in blogging. I like you way more than jane chuck. You are much sincere and real talented girl than she is. Keep it up! :)

  7. Happy international coffee day. Sending love from Penang. Let's build up the scene and culture in Malaysia. Cheers.

  8. Hey this is a really nice space that I would love to visit when I am back! That is if I do have the time before I fly again. It'll be interesting place for exhibition as well. There's one cafe in town that does this as well. Would love to collaborate one day! :)

  9. Hey Project Space!

    I may be a stranger. You don't know me, but somehow I felt there was a slight connection after reading your blog on this.

    It was all but fun reading your blog on the starting up of Project Space. True, nothing comes easy. Could never agree more with that statement. Everything comes with a price. Hard work, dedication and most of all, a whole lot of perseverance to make one's dream come alive.

    I happened to have a childhood friend since like God knows when. Since young (like really, really young), we had this one dream of actually starting up our very own coffee business, similar to what you're doing now. We had the passion. The love for it. Almost everything. Then things sorta got messed up. We lost contact for years. Until just recently, I got news of that friend of mine whom has already started her very own cafe in Melbourne.

    Well of course I'm happy for her, though we did planned to do this together. Your blog, well, kinda moved me. It's all the hard work that gets you here but I think most of all, the love is there for you to have kept pushing forward.

    Would definitely love to drop by some time soon to check the place out! Perhaps it will bring back 'em good old memories for me. A source of inspirations, I would say. Keep up the great work!

  10. Will definitely try out the chocolate drink. Love dark chocolate taste too. Anyway thanks for sharing your heart out, really is inspiring and encouraging for us who wants to live out our dreams :)

  11. Hey Daphne!

    I am a big fan of COFFEE. (Do you have any book about coffee that you recommend? )
    I understand what you are trying to say. Some people only love coffee because of the art on it. But what I realized is, sometimes a cup of coffee with pretty art on it does not taste better than without art. It's all about the taste. It's upsetting that nowadays not everyone like coffee because IT IS COFFEE.

    ANYWAY I am from Johor. I really can't wait to go and visit SPACE. I really do.

    Have a great day. Take care.

    Lots love,


  13. 462019283cups of take away coffee in the morning. let's say if one cup of coffee takes 1 minute to be ready if you are a pro. And if you divide 462019283 by 60 so you get 7700321.383 hours. divide 7700321.383 by 24 you get 320846.7243 days. divide 320846.7243 by 365 you get 879.032 years. do you even math?

    The business concept of Project Space is really bad if you wanna make profit. First of all how the fuck are you going to make profit when you have so much useless space in a cafe? If i own a cafe i would like my cafe to be out of space man. Space is good if you are planning to get a cup of flat white and hog on to the wifi the whole damn day. Look, people don't just care about instagrammable-nice-coffee-art coffee, i work as a barista, and the art doesn't do shit at all, the taste is the thing that bring the crowd. Besides, all your fancy art work and music is not even going to help your business at all. What you need to really think about is providing for the community around you. Oregi works because it provides to the community. The food is fairly reasonable, they have shisha which is a bonus, they have enough sits not 'space' and the boss is not even some instagram celeb man. Art is cool, i like art, love art, but it's not that practical sometimes, most of the time actually. i have been to project space, and it was empty as hell, there's like so much space for tables and chairs where people can like sit and eat. I have worked in cafes that were new and everyone worked their ass of not for 3 months but every fucking day. The key to a good cafe/restaurant is to prep from scratch, that is to buy fresh ingredients every fucking day and learn how to prep them with the right technique (based on science of course). Your fancy art is good, but rationally it's not going to bring any profit for sure.

    i would like to say joey mah is cocky as shit. I mean he knows his shit but he still is one cocky ass bastard. I know he has really complex taste buds and shit but he doesn't need to put on that fuck face when he enters someone else's cafe.

    Look, you guys are talented with art and shit, but i don't think it's going to help the business at all. It's not even practical really. And your aircon's gonna consume so much power because of all the heat from the sunlight. I am an engineer, trust me on this.

  14. I am writing because i am trying to help, i have worked in cafes with retarded bosses, and average cafes never last. (the engineer guy)

  15. its hard to find non sweet chocolate drink unless you do it yourself. Just do the way you like, people will see.

  16. It's so true about (most) people only loving the instagrammable coffee art and not the coffee itself because most of my friends are like that. xD It's cool how you are so passionate and how much you love the coffee culture. I really can't relate because I don't like coffee hahaha jiayou ohhhh!

  17. Frankly, never deny that most of the people go to Space coffee is a because of JANE CHUCK, everyone just want to go there and take picture with her (:

  18. @Anonymous hey do you even know what 462019283 cups meant in the first place? IT is just a representation of high number of cups, not just by using crap engineer formulas.

    Firstly you mentioned work as a barista then an engineer, so which is right or neither?

    Secondly, how the fuck you know they won't make profits after just in business for 10 months.

    Lastly, your use of vocab just reflect your stoop low mentality like to Ah Beng and Ah Lian. Learn to grow up!


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