Diary : 你的小幸運

So, I ate my words.
My friends were playing the new live stream app 17.
I was like pfftttt I'm never gonna download that sheet.

I did. Lol.
I downloaded it and I wanted the username daphnecharice but it was taken.
I was so upset that I didn't want to play but my friends were like
It's such a great app to interact with readers.
A few told me that I should update my blog more frequently.
I was just wondering do people still read blogs.
Although I don't update frequently but I'm not giving up on blogging.
Blogging is my root and I get to write, I like writing.
Ash was telling me just today that I should really write something.
I'm so greedy, I want to do so many things in this world.

Most of you on 17 keep asking me to listen to the song by Hebe.
Yesterday, I had a listen to the song on live stream.
I've heard it before on radio, I think it was my friend's car.
I don't listen to Chinese radio station, I either tune in to Hitz, Fly, Traxx or I listen to my albums.
I had a quick listen yesterday, it sounded great, sounded sweet, like a cute high school love song.
Catchy, I could already sorta sing the chorus.

Today, I had a careful listen.
What the heck?
This song is sad.
This is why I love music.
Everyone interprets things differently, everyone feels differently.
What do you guys think about this song? How do you feel it?
Is it the same as me?
This song is sad to me.
 I read the lyrics.
我以為是個 開花結果 的小情歌 可是它不是誒

I feel this song more because there was this guy.
He recently dedicated this song to me.
I didn't know what this song was.
 I know the chorus was與你相遇 好幸運
Well, I thought it was sweet?
Lol lol lol.
I was like nawhhhhhhhhhh then now I'm like......
Ok, that was what he meant, lol.

愛上你的時候 還不懂感情
離別了 才覺得刻骨銘心 (wth?)
為什麼沒有發現 遇見了你 是生命最好的事情 (nawhhhh...)

忙著微笑和哭泣 忙著追逐天空中的流星
是誰風裡 雨裡 一直默默守護在原地

原來你是 我最想留住的幸運
原來我們 和愛情曾經靠得那麼近 ( wtf? so sad...)
那為我對抗世界的決定 那陪我淋的雨
一幕幕都是你 一塵不染的真心

與你相遇 好幸運
可我也失去 為你淚流滿面的權利 (I like this line the most)
但願在我看不到的天際 你張開了雙翼
遇見你的註定 她會有多幸運 (NOOOOOO, saddest line)

This song is saying that... this girl meets boy.
Girl likes boy.
Boy likes girl.
Girl doesn't know what love is.
Boy never left.
Girl missed boy.
They missed each other.
Girl thinks that the destine girl the boy meets is the luckiest girl.
The thing is they were in love but they didn't end up together.

Now I know what this boy meant when he dedicated this song to me.
Need to digest for a bit.


  1. Hey babe,

    I still love reading blogs! :) I'm sure there are people out there that still read blogs too! Don't fret and keep blogging! Blogging/writing is a platform to express what we cannot express when we speak.

    And thanks for the song too! I finally got to listen to it and so much feellllsss...

    Cheers! :)

  2. Love the way you express yourself daphne.

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  4. Hi Daphne, I still enjoy reading blog! By the way, that is a great song, hope you can do a cover of it! Cheers :D

  5. 如果可以的话,希望有一天你会自己作出一本书,写出一本书,相信你表达的方式,写出的内容一定可以媲美其他作家。 =)

  6. I still read! =D keep writing whenever you can please =))

  7. Pls keep writing! This is where I know you Daphne!

  8. argh . never really listen to the lyrics . always thought it is a lovely song , until today ......

  9. Please keep writing Daph! This is the only space that readers get to understand you more. I am one of those who consistently typing daphnecharice.com in Google to look for any new update! So please keep writing! :)


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