Diary : Time

How y'all doing?
Lol lol lol...
Y'all miss me?
Lol, I've been... occupied.

-one hour had passed and I only typed four lines-

I was gonna do my drafts but I figured that I'm too lazy to.
Then, I wanted to blog about August.
I stumbled across my old pictures and questioned myself..
What happened to me? Lol.
In a good way.

I had really long hair.
Blonde or black, really long.
Then, I kept cutting my hair because my hair was very damaged from all the bleaching.
My brows are epic man, the arch was so harsh, lol lol.

Anyway, I wonder what happened.

I'm aging.
I'm not old but I'm aging, I'm growing so fast.
I don't like it, haha.
Passed 10 months were pretty tough.
I'm always harsh to myself, I was harsher for the passed 10 months.
I keep forcing myself to forget, to get over things.
The hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself.
I couldn't forgive myself for letting people in and messed me up, again and again.
I always let it happen and I know I shouldn't have let it happen, I couldn't forgive my mistake.
It was just a tiny little heartbreak and I wasn't able to move on, I don't know why.
I can't understand why can't I move on, hence the self blaming didn't stop.
People say that's how you grow.
Uh, thinking about it gives me chills...
The process was dreadful, I really don't want to go through that pain again.
Thinking back at it, I want to buy flowers for Jane.
I don't know how she did it, putting up with my negativity and tears.
Friends are so important when it comes to this.
They are so important.
I was always scared of my friends giving up on me.
So, I pressured myself more, to get over, to get over, not worth it, get over it.
All is important, they are all important but nothing beats TIME.
Time has the power.
Some people take weeks, months, the unlucky ones take years.
Thank goodness, I'm over it.
Thank you, Jesus.

Don't force yourself.
Just keep doing what you do.
I know when someone gets their heart broken,
they can't focus on work, they can't do anything.
They need their friends but friends can only do that much.
Family can only do that much.
It's you battling yourself.
Whatever it is, just keep doing what you do.
Keep doing what you need to do.
Work, work all you want.
Get things done.

One day.
One day...
You'll meet someone.
Not necessarily someone but something.
Something good will come.
Something good is going to come.

I don't know what is this but...
find some motivation in here, please.
Lol, xx.


  1. Really?yeah, your words are true..one day I will be able to forget him, I am moving on.I hope that one day I'll be able to be like you and just embrace everything

  2. Hope you are feeling better. Enjoy life, the freedom and being single in your 20s coz you will miss it later - words from an old woman :p All the best babe!

  3. TIME does not have the power. It's how we want to live our lives. WE can choose to dwell on it and never move on. WE can choose to let it go and stop all the self-blaming and "what ifs". Its terrible and hurting to not only ourselves, its also hurting our family, our friends.

    TIME to love ourselves and be GREAT to ourselves!!! Life goes on and stop all these negative things!!! cheers


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