If I was a New Zealander

My friends and I were talking about studying abroad and travelling the other day.
Everyone was sharing experiences, I envy them.
I really really really wish to go somewhere alone but I still do not have the courage to.
My friend was like "you want to be a lone traveller?"
I said I haven't decided on when and where, I'm still a girl after all, I'm worried for my own safety.
My friends love big cities but I like somewhere quiet and GREEN or BLUE.
Something close to nature, I also like ancient architecture.
He travelled to New Zealand alone just a while ago.
He said New Zealand is the place for me and New Zealand is really safe.
(I googled, New Zealand is the 4th most peaceful country in the world.)
Another friend went like "yes, she loves to read, go lie down on the grass and read."
He then go about talking how vibrant the cities are.
Like how the city of Auckland will lit up beautiful lights in the night in the CBD
With the Britomart’s City Farmers’ Market to visit on Saturdays
Like how you can visit the Container City in Christchurch
While happily roaming around the brightly coloured shipping container
Like how you can check out the famous Cuba Street in Wellington
Where you can have a taste of their indie and uniqueness of art and creative soul.

It keeps me thinking that
WHAT IF... I was a student in New Zealand.
New Zealand isn't only the ultimate destination for adventure lovers but
a place where life is for living.

First thing first, just as my friend said about reading...
No, not even a park, I want a hill.
I want to climb onto a hill, lie down on soft green grass and READ.
Read with a clear mind, gain more knowledge and also spending some spiritual me-time. 
Such pristine natural environment is good for self meditation.

If I was a student in New Zealand,
I would eat Zespri Kiwifruit and full cream fresh milk everyday.
Fresh, so fresh.

According to the above, If I was a student in New Zealand,
I would be ten times healthier, lol.

If I was a student in New Zealand,
I would graduate with internationally recognized qualification.
I'm really ambitious, sometimes I think I'm greedy.
I want to do so many things in life.
When I was small, I wanted to be a pop star, then a fashion designer, then a dentist.
The list goes on and on.
I'm thinking if I was a student in New Zealand, I would graduate as an engineer.
Yup, an engineer, bet you didn't think that I'd want to be an engineer, right?

I would get to wear one of these (:

If I was a student in New Zealand,
I would have so many chances to visit all the dynamic cities I’ve mentioned before.
Perfect for all the indie gigs.

I would have tried skydiving too in Queenstown!

If I was a student in New Zealand,
I would get to watch so many of my favourite artists and bands.
I love British music a lot and I love Lorde.
Lorde is from New Zealand, do you know that?
So many great artists and bands, they don't come to Malaysia.
I don't get a chance to watch them perform live.
I really want to see Lorde performing live again.
Last I checked, Maroon 5 is going to New Zealand.
Boyz II Men, Lifehouse, Florence and The Machine, Fleetwood Mac and Angus & Julia Stone...
I can't even......
There are also plenty of music festivals going on in Auckland.
I might also bump into Russell Crowe just walking on the streets, lol.

Here's a song to remind you of the awesomeness of Lifehouse.

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Feeling lost and don't know what to do after high school.
Yeh, I was like that and I didn't give a good thought to it.
I wasted almost two years of my TEEN life and wasted a lot of money.
Choose wisely, go to education fairs, go this this New Zealand Education Fair.
You don't have to enroll right away, go explore and get inspired.
Give a good thought to it, I hope this really helps you.


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