Diary : Volunteering

There are some highlights of the week.
There are no pictures.
So, this post might appear to be super boring.

I went to Genting Highlands yesterday.
I haven't been there for years.
Wait, I did, last year, I went around Gohtong Jaya for an event.
I think the last time I stepped into the theme park was 10 years ago.
I didn't even know the theme park is gone now and is closed for renovation.
I went into the casino for the first time in Genting.
Everything was so fresh to me.
 My friend wanted to play a game or two so we did.
I super fail at poker face because I kept smiling, lol, I don't know why.
It was so new and it was so thrilling to me.
The high was there, the adrenaline rush though... but I don't believe in gambling.
There's a Chinese saying : there's no free lunch in this world.
But yeh, there was free dinner, LOL.
We dined at Imperial Rama.
Omg, my childhood memories.
They didn't allow slippers back then.
My sister had a huge operation on her foot, she couldn't wear shoes.
They didn't allow her in at first because she was wearing slippers.
In the end, it was all good because she was excepted.
I was like "are slippers still not allowed at this restaurant?"
The staffs looked at me like "huh?" but they said no more rules like that.
I was like ok, "do you guys still have the waterchesnut?"
They don't do the waterchesnut anymore, my heart was crushed, lol.
This short trip was fantastic, super random but it gave me the "feels".
I'd like to share it with you (:

Another highlight is that I volunteered at the animal shelter.
I went to PAWS, near Citta Mall at Petaling Jaya.
The moment I walked in, I felt like crying.
I'm not a pet person, I would love to have a pet, LOVE to, but I know I can't take care of one.
My family used to have a British bulldog, we named him Popeye.
I regretted so much that I didn't love him enough because I was scared of him.
I regretted so much, my mum gave him away because we were not taking good care of him.
I let him go too because I want him to be happy.
I regretted so so so much, why would I be scared of a dog? I sucked.
Then, years after, my sister bought a poodle, his name is Bibo.
I only played with Bibo sometimes, brought him for grooming for a few times.
I know too well that I can't keep a pet.

I went with my friend, Denise.
She is a huge huge huge animal lover.
She wanted to stay longer but I had to leave for fitting.
I bathed 2 dogs and walked 3 dogs today.
There is this black dog that Denise walked.
She nearly cried because... (I think she's probably crying reading this, lol)
the black dog jumped the highest so he would be chosen to be walked.
So, the PAWS staff put a collar and leach on him then passed it to Denise.
The dog was so excited that he headed straight to the door.
He was jumping on Denise, all excited.
He went rolling on the grass and brushing himself on the grass.
He enjoyed it so much, he was rolling on the grass like he hasn't played outside for years.
(Denise is probably crying now, lol, sheet, I can feel the tears in my eyes too, lol.)
After a while, Denise walked him back to the caged area.
He went to the pipes and just stood there.
We wondered why, he wanted a bath, super cute.
So, I bathed him while Denise held him.
Omg, my heart melted.
I gave him a good scrub and a good rinse.
He tried to shake the water off and we were all wet, lol.
Dried him with a towel.
He was so well behaved that he sorta gave Denise a hug.
He headed to his own cage and stayed still so the staff could loosen his leach.
He was done, he was satisfied, he was so appreciative.
My goodness, that cute little dog.
I didn't take any pictures because I didn't have my phone and bag with me.
I knew I was going to get dirty or get wet.

The 3 dogs I walked were probably scared or abused before rescue, I don't know.
I touched them but they refused to be touched.
They backed off, two almost bit my hand.
Denise and I learnt that you gotta be patient.
First you reach out but don't touch them.
If they're ok with it, you then touch them.
If they're not ok, don't touch them, you might get bitten but don't stop trying.

The black dog melted my heart.
That poor little thing.

I've volunteered at orphanages before.
My church used to organize trips like these.
What I'm thinking is that I can never do old folks homes.
It's bad isn't it, I know but I just can't, I don't think I can.
I can't stand seeing old people sad or sick, I can't.
I want to love all of them and I want them to be loved.
I hope one day I'll do it.
Talking about this, I haven't seen my grandma in a while.
I'm a piece of sheet.

I know I shared this song before but I just feel like this again.
Brand New Day by Kodaline.
This is the duet version with Nina Nesbitt.
Love it.


  1. animals are amazing friends.
    this reminds me so much of my buddy, gulbi.
    so much love.

    everything magical


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