Catch Ariana Grande Live in Manila with me

Ok, haven't done "Music Talk" posting in a while.
Yeap, Ariana Grande for today.
The first ever song I've heard from Ariana Grande is The Way featuring Mac Miller on the radio.
I was thinking that this song is catchy and
I was so impressed with the dolphin sound at almost the end of the song. 
Mariah Carey did come across my mind.
I had to "shazam" it.
Me being me, I went home and started learning about the name Ariana Grande.
I watched plenty of her live performances on YouTube.
Dayum, thinking that she young she hot she talented.
This girl has got a very bright future ahead of her.

Everyone watched City of Bones yeh?
 Then, you must know of this song.
This song is a must-sing for me at the karaoke.
Nobody sings this song better than Ariana Grande.
Crazy high pitch, the range is so wide. 

A really romantic song!

Problem featuring Iggy Azalea got released.
Bang Bang, Break Free, One Last Time, big big big hits on the radio.
Let's talk about her latest album, "My Everything".
"My Everything" has been replayed for more than 100times in my car.
My favourite song from this album is Best Mistake featuring Big Sean.
 I follow Ariana Grande on Instagram.
She posted a tease of Best Mistake on her instagram before this album was released.
I was like "this song is gonna be so good".
As expected, it's such a great song.
I like to rap Big Sean's part.

Watch this live performance, so good, so gooooooooood...

Love Me Harder featuring The Weeknd is one of my favourites too.

Ariana Grande toured Asia before, she performed in Japan.
I actually planned a trip to go see her concert but I had work to do.
Super jelly of my friends because they were there, they said she's incredible.
Ariana Grande will be in Asia again.
This time, Manila.
Thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for appreciating my love for music.
Instead of bringing a plus one for myself, why not giving a chance to another fan of Ariana Grande?

It's the Honeymoon Tour, baby!

It's gonna be fun travelling with me, well, I highly believe so, hahaha!

An all-expense paid trip for ONE to catch Ariana Grande Live in Manila with Daphne.
(Expenses include return flight, 2D1N accommodation and concert ticket only)
Concert Details
Date : 23rd August 2015
Venue : Mall Of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines.
 All you have to do is:
Full information, click HERE.
1.Purchase Ariana Grande “My Everything” Deluxe on iTunes, HERE.
2.Go to, fill in your details
and answer one simple question.
3.Upload your iTunes receipt as proof of purchase.
*Winner will be notified by our friendly staff via phone call.


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  1. So romantic! Love to listen to it again and again. Thanks for giving me the songs.


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